Monday, February 08, 2010


This past weekend I had the children's hair cut. By professionals. Since I've acknowledged my inability to successfully trim anything other than finger- and toenails.


After much hemming and hawing, one of the stylists convinced me that since Elizabeth's bangs were so close to growing out, I should just let them be. Even though it drives me crazy that her hair is always in her face and she won't keep in any of the cute little bows and headbands that I carefully put in, each morning.

But after some careful consideration, it didn't seem to me that her bangs were really that close to growing out. And even when they do, they'll still be hanging in her face because she won't keep anything in her hair. So yesterday, as my little daughter is walking her lunch tray to the counter, and she's got peanut butter and jelly smeared across her cheek and she's stumbling and tripping and generally bumping in to everything in her path, I grabbed her, swung her up on the counter and before I could even process what I was doing - I snatched my kitchen shears and lopped off a handful of hair.

Charlie stared in shock and then gasped, "JEN! You just spent MONEY to have her hair cut! Now look what you've DONE!!" And I responded, "I know. I KNOW! But doesn't she look better?!"


"Children will mimic what they learn because they learn what they live."

Alrighty then. Would someone please remind me of this little incident when I can't figure out why my children lack impulse control?


  1. Hilarious! But I think it looks totally cute!!!!!

  2. Shades of Nana Coleman! I think I need my smelling salts.


  3. Fringes and little kids are a must!
    They always look better....Even If yours is alittle!
    (comming from a hairdresser of 14 years)

  4. Ohmygod is that her chopped-off-about-to-be-grown-out bang in her hand??? Luckily, she has a beautiful face and looks good no matter what, even with uneven bangs.....

  5. I think she looks great and you cut a lot straighter than I used to.

  6. Hey - at least you acknowledged your inability. I hear that's step 1. :) I still think you get a pass on the bangs. I can't cut bangs for anything and I still cut my 3-yr-olds bangs 2 or 3 times before I bring her in to be evened out. I refuse to pay $11 just to get her bangs trimmed - especially considering how quickly her bangs grow and that she needs them trimmed up every 3 weeks even if they're cut as short as possible.

    In other words - no judging here!!!

  7. LOL! Ahhh...I think I lack that self-control with my own bangs. I so relate.

    Loving her expression...what is she thinking???

  8. Yep - those are her bangs IN her hand. I chopped off about four inches.

    There's a beautician in me just waiting to BURST out.

  9. Too funny:) btw, I checked out the supernanny epidode via You were talking about how to link to it and I didn't know if you'd watched things on Hulu before. The only catch to watching things on Hulu is that you have to watch commercials but they're only 30 seconds every 15 min or so...

  10. Gracious! At least your children seem to sit still while you hack at their hair. I take my girl to the salon every few months to simply cut a strait line of her very long hair. It's an easy cut/trim but somehow I'm certain I'd miss her hair and cut HER as she suddenly turns her head to the left! I've watched her do it to the salon ladies and they don't even seem to notice. Ahh... you are a better woman then I!

  11. I have a picture of myself as a kid with a similar haircut. Unfortunately, I did it to myself. Back then, I thought I did such a great job. Now, it's just hilarious.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog....I love hopping around to random blogs too.

  12. I *LOVE* bangs! Why anybody would want to grow bangs out I'll never know! I'm glad they're still there! :)

    ~Cindy! :)

  13. I love it!!! I'm getting ready to hack Sarah's too.

  14. bravo! she does look better. much more stylish with trimmed bangs. too cute. thanks for sharing and take care.

  15. I have the same problem with scissors -- with my own hair and my daughters. But really, she looks so cute : )