Friday, January 08, 2010

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I wrote a post at midnight about our fun new game, Djubi. Today, I received an e-mail to let me know Djubi Nation is now following me on Twitter. For the record, whenever I write about my "Favorite Things" I'm writing about them because it is an item that we purchased (or received as a gift from friends/family) - use - enjoy - and feel good about recommending.

If I was receiving these items as gifts from a company with a request that I write a review in exchange for compensation or what not, I would definitely divulge that bit of information. In this case, Djubi is clearly using some kind of search program that scans for any reference to their name on the web.

But let's just think about this for a moment.

How many millions (billions?) of things are being posted per day on the internet? And Djubi Nation found my one itty bitty little post about our fun time with their new game? My mind boggles at not only the power of the internet, but the brilliance behind it.

Of course it scares me a bit, too.

Have you ever heard of the band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? I'd never heard of them until my buddy Stacey sent me a link to their fan page on Facebook. Three weeks later, I'm still not sure if this picture makes me laugh - or creeps me out.

A little of both, maybe?

Of their 100,000++ fans, more than 1,300 gave the picture a thumbs up. But as for MY fans, William thinks it's hilarious but both Carolyn and Elizabeth are upset there's a beer bottle on their brother's head.

If I've got the date correct, Charlie is due to appear on Supernanny one week from today, Friday, January 15, 2010 on ABC at 8:00 PM (7:00 central). He said the filming lasted for approximately 45 minutes, so if he even makes it on to the show, he doubts he'll be on the air for more than two seconds.

If you're planning to watch it ... Don't blink.


  1. that is CRAZY!!!! i personally would be upset about the stolen santa photo...i have often wondered how many people have stolen my photos and u/s images, unfortunately.

  2. Seems like an invasion of personal space. Wonder what it would take for you to copyright your pics? or if you should start posting a legal disclaimer on every blog about not being able to use the photographs without permission?

    On a side note, I google my high net worth clients all the time (mostly their address). It is just so gosh darn helpful when I'm working on their tax return. For me is getting to know the client better (almost like preparing for a job interview).Many of the executives I prepare have full on work history,salary and educational background posted on
    It just gives me a full understanding of what type of person they are.

  3. Holly, last year after someone snagged my triplet birth story and claimed it as their own, I posted a copyright notice on my blog. From what I understand, what is posted here is my intellectual property (except where noted) and therefore, falls under copyright protection.

    Where's my lawyer sister?

    The cool kid in me says let the altered Santa photo slide. The not-so-cool-kid in me says TAKE IT DOWN. It hasn't bothered me too much, since I actually forgot about it until earlier today, when Djubi Nation referenced my Twitter picture - which is the original Santa photo.

    If I can haul myself up at the crack of dawn, maybe I'll see you tomorrow... :)

  4. I would be freaked out by someone using my picture-- but then again-- it is funny! ...and that is fantastic that your husband was able to partake in that show. Three chears for being able to GIVE the advice and not need to TAKE it.

  5. We're so excited to watch Guy on Supernanny! Even if it is just a little moment.

    It's crazy how well-known your blog is. Unfortunately that does increase the risk of stealing. I know in the web designing/resource world, there's a lot of copyright issues with designs and graphics. I wonder if you would be able to take legal action if you wanted to. Not sure how things like that work in the internet.

    I still can't believe I was there for that picture... Great moment.

  6. That photo kinda creeps me out. But, people use (steal?) photos from my blog all the time. I guess if they need it that badly, feel free to take it. (Even though I take photos for my job, I don't copyright them)

    Ah well, maybe I just don't know any better.

  7. WOW, that is so crazy! I mean, that is one of the funniest Santa Photos EVER (including Santa's face, so I can see why they'd want to use it)... and I guess blocking out your children's faces does sort of stop it from putting your children at risk (if anything, they've really just sent around this particular Santa's face without his permission)... but I don't know. It still has your personal photo as the base, so I can see why that'd feel really weird for you.

    I guess once things are online, people forget they belong to someone! I mean, I've seen plenty of photoshopped images and I haven't given a lot of thought to who the original photo might have belonged to! I guess that is something to think about it!

  8. I wrote that Campbell soup was disgusting and made me want to retch and 2 hours later I had an email asking me to review it and they'd send me a case of Spongebob soup. Then I threw up.

  9. Okay, I am laughing my head off over the Santa photo. I would not be mad if someone stole my picture and did that with it. That is actually funny and you can't see your kids at all.

    Everytime I write about something, I steal the pictures off Google images so I can't really complain.

  10. WOW! Instantly I recognized your photo. That is crazy! Initially it totally creeped me out, but after a few seconds I think it was harmless fun and a bit flattering that they are fans of yours too. So wild though. I also realized that I've been reading your blog forever and never realized we have the same last name and my son has the same name as your husband. Now the internet is starting to freak me out!

  11. Very strange! I'm not sure whether to laugh or be creeped out either. At first it rubbed me the wrong way, but they didn't leave in identifying features of your kids, so...

  12. So if Charlie is to be on the Supernanny show containing a family with triplets, it isn't next week. I checked the website, and next week is about a woman, 2 children, and her mother who raises them all! Can't wait till Charlie is (hopefully!) on it!

  13. Why oh why? That is just plain weird! IT is the greatest picture ever though!
    Did you comment! You should comment! Tell them where you bought the clothes:)

  14. Andrea - really??

    I'll need to go check the Supernanny website. I thought she told him Friday January 15. I never watch the show - but would be really bummed if we missed that particular episode!

  15. Andrea - you're right! I just checked the website and don't see it listed. Charlie said that he is going to write the producers and find out when it's scheduled to air.

    Tonight was our first night of pee-wee basketball and we missed it because we totally zoned out. I can just imagine the same thing happening with the show. I WILL forget. We definitely need to set our DVR!

  16. What, they altered the picture of the Trips? I have been telling you for years that you should send that one into someone because it is a great picture. Now will you listen to your Mother???
    Amazing that they tracked you so quickly with that game.
    I went to Zumba today and that is real fun.
    Be sure and tell me when Guy will be on supernanny.

  17. Hey, if I'm in town maybe we can watch it with you guys... We'll even get some good RED! That's if I'm in town...
    Debra ;o)

  18. Creepy. I don't know why. I see what everyone's saying about not seeing the kids. Still, I find it creepy.

  19. THAT IS SOOOOO CRAZY. I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but that creeps me out.

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  21. One of many cuzzins!1/11/10, 7:52 AM

    That picture....too weird. I don't like it at all. Who/What are the "Yeah, Yeah's" anyway? That is your property and if you have a copyright on your blog then it's hands off, baby. Get Beth onto this.

    And, speaking of the popularity of your blog....I met someone from Ohio last month and she mentioned her triplet grandchildren age 3. I told her about my cousin's awesome blog. And she said..."Oh my God, you actually KNOW Jen from Amazing Trips?" I said not only do I know her, we have the same blood running through our veins!! She was in awe and I thought, any minute now she's gonna start patting me. Now that was creepy!!! But, very, very funny. This lady is the grandmother and she said she reads your blog, as does her daughter, the mom of the trips in Ohio. So, if either of you see this comment, here's your proof, I really am 'one of many cuzzins' to the Amazing Trips family!!!

  22. Strange fact . . . my sister (the musician) played with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs recently (almost did their 2009 tour) . . . .

    Yours - J