Friday, January 22, 2010

charlie's storm watch 2010

What you are about to read is a post written by Charlie. All of the pictures contained within the post were taken by Charlie. He says that if he's ever going to start posting his recipes here, he better figure out how blogging works. Amen! Says me. That only took four years!


So, here we are in sunny San Diego, and what do we see?


I thought that the roof was going to collapse and when we went to the front door we were greeted by this HUGE, LOUD hail storm.


According to my super sophisticated meteorological system (the kids' Shamu popcorn bucket), it's rained about five inches this week. Five inches this week?! That's typically what we have in a year!

No kids. You can't wear snow boots. OR make a snowman.


"The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.
So we sat in the house
All that cold, cold, wet day."


We're a simple people. This is the most entertainment we have had in a long time.

Now, what should we cook today?


  1. Perhaps a nice beef stew. Nice comfort food on a wet rainy day.

    Peg O.

  2. OhI love that photo!! So sweet. I have picture of my kids watching the weather too...

  3. I love that even with all that rain and hail coming down, Henry is still (apparently) buck naked (from what I can tell from the picture). Love it!!

  4. Love the picture of the kiddo's in front of the door. Great job on the post, you are equally talented.

  5. Charlie, I vote for something chocolate.

    Big surprise.


  6. Charlie loved your post especially the picture of the gang sitting in front of the window watching.
    Since you know Sonoma Co, we live west of Healdsburg on the old stage coach road to Cazadero, what doesn't fall in Caz falls here 9.6 inches since midnight Monday and 4 pm this afternoon. We had hail like that on Wednesday - WOW. Yes we're happy to share.

    RECIPES, oh yes RECIPES. Please, please, please.

  7. OMG!! It never rains in Southern California!! It just pours! Except of course when your flying in from SC. Man. Did it pour!

    Okay. Not really but I couldn't resist. But that's pretty cool.

    By the way, although I didn't read the post. BUT I will. ;-)

    Love, love, love the picture of Gracie peeking out to look at you during the kids gym class. She is so cute!

  8. I LOVE it! Welcome to Blogland, Charlie.

    I cannot believe the size of that hail. Did you have your car in the garage?

  9. No comment. About the snow I mean.

    My super advanced meteorological weather predicting device is my dog. If he won't go outside to run around, its too cold out.

    As a matter of fact, I just made him his very own caribou skin dog bed to lay on outside. Come on...its only fifteen blow today.

    (LOOOOOVE the photo. Awesome.)

  10. This is hilarious! Way to go Uncle Guy! Your poetry skill is astounding.

    It hailed here too but it sure was't that dark until the the power went out (I was in a library with creepy, yellow backup lights). I can't believe the storm hit Socal like that!

  11. Charlie, I like your style. I vote for big mounds of pasta with fresh vegetable marinara. It's raining here too. I think I'll make that.

  12. Your hail storm moved north. It hit up here about an hour and a half ago and was quite a spectacle. LOL.

  13. Welcome to blogging Charlie! Nice job on woring in a little Dr.Seuss too :)