Friday, January 08, 2010

favorite thing friday

Much to our happy surprise, Santa came to our house this year and one of the things that he brought was a fun game called Djubi.


St. Nick obviously knew that our family enjoys going to the park everyday and while we love to fly kites and chase balls, it's nice to have some variety.

The game, which is a mix between slingshot and lacrosse and catch, consists of two launchers/catchers and two rubber balls that have a band running through the middle of them. One player hooks one of the bands on the rubber ball to the hook on their paddle...


They pull the ball back and then, let it FLY through the air...


While the second player catches the ball in their net.


Santa brought us two Djubi sets, for a total of four launchers/catchers and four balls. Santa also brought an extra set of Djubi balls, in case the rubber bands on our balls snap. (Thus far, not an issue. Although successfully catching the ball sometimes is an issue. Oops Andy. Little late.)


Since Christmas, we've played Djubi at least five times. At the beach, at a few different parks and even at a rest stop on Interstate 5, during our 12 hour drive home from northern California. Because we are a wild and crazy bunch.


Usually, Charlie and I will play with two of the triplets and the third will run around collecting the balls that we've missed. Much like Wimbledon.


The kids are really getting good at catching balls that have been launched to them, but it takes some arm strength to hold the paddle and launch the ball. After about 15 minutes of playing Djubi with Charlie, my forearms were sore and my legs were tired from running around. So not only is it a fun game, it's a great workout that makes one appear very athletic and attractive.


Step back ... he's ALL mine.


Oh yes. This is the man I married...


Til death do us part.


  1. that looks very cool! i may have to get one. love your silly pics with it, too. :-)

  2. That looks like a great game! How fun!

  3. Is that a djubi ball in his cheek? [:P]

    now serious, the conductor of the São Paulo Symphony conducted with the tongue like that. It is a great thing you don't see his face while listening to the music, but it must be a hard job for the musicians.

  4. Looks like lots of fun. I look forward to your Favorite Thing Fridays -- it's always something I can use!

    We used your recommendations from last year's Santa gifts and my four year old twins are loving the Good Manners flash cards and Zingo game you recommended. Thanks!

  5. Megan - I always appreciate hearing about things that people have tried and enjoy - so it makes me happy to hear that you're enjoying some of the things we've recommended!

    Zingo and the Good Manner cards are definitely great for kids. Ours still love them...

  6. Oh yeah... I heard those vows with my own ears!
    (still no baby, yet. I think he might just hit 9.5 lbs if this doesn't happen in the next few days!)

  7. Oh, wow, Charlie is HOT. Pant. Pant. And he cooks. And he's patient. You better watch your back girlfriend.

  8. I'm glad I read the whole post because the pic of the game resembled an upside down bra of a post-nursing triplet Mom!! Yikes! It does look like fun! And excited to watch the Super Nanny in a few weeks. I know before Christmas there was another triplet family on. And since my biggest fear will be taking my walking trips to a park this Spring, I watched it. I was thinking....why is she letting them OUT of the stroller and why is she letting go of their leashes? My children will need therapy since I'm NEVER letting them out of the stroller! It will be fun to watch and see if your hubby makes it on air. And Kudos for the triplet 3-day team!(that's from an old post) Not sure if I'm up to it this year.