Monday, January 18, 2010

give me some sugar

Charlie and I haven't only been cutting sugar out of our diets, we've been cutting it out of the children's, too. While we haven't gone completely cold turkey, we've definitely reduced our daily sugar intake substantially over the past week.

Still, we believe it's important to treat ourselves every once and again, but in order to get a highly coveted piece of chocolate we need to work for it. Here are the kids doing push-ups before Charlie gives them each a one-inch by one-inch square of chocolate peppermint bark.


I can't remember. Maybe they're pleading.

Please Dad. Please. I beg of you...


Weaning yourself from sugar is tough and everyone is feeling a little desperate. If I didn't know better, I'd think the kids were taking it out on their toys.


There's nothing to be afraid of little Fischer Price play person.


But if you want to live...


You better DROP the ice cream, Sally.



  1. Thanks so much for explaining plate tectonics in a way that makes sense for a non-science person! Also, your stories, photos, and links are excellent.

    By coincidence, my book club just finished reading "Mountains Beyond Mountains" about the work of Dr. Paul Farmer in Haiti.

    For decades, his Partners in Health nonprofit has run a hospital and rural services. They employ indigenous people, know the language, and have an established infrastructure to deliver services. Google "Partners in Health" to check it out. Warmest wishes, Susan

  2. *laughs hysterically* Pooooooorrr Sally!

  3. i was JUST going to write a post about this for my skinny tuesday tomorrow. i SO need to drop sugar from my diet. Like right now...sugar AND white flour. I feel like the only way I get through some days is a mixture of sugar and caffeine. Ugh!

  4. That is hilarious...what a hoot! Good luck with ditching the sugar.

    Cheers Em

  5. What? Cutting sugar?? Are you nuts? It's totally un-Coleman!! and NOT NORMAL!!!!!!
    Love, Marg. ;-)

  6. haha :) Darling. We have that little person. My boys call her Dora.

  7. like this log entry. It made me laugh after a hard day.

  8. This is hilarious. Push ups for chocolate would definitely be worth it.
    You always have to wonder what goes through a child's head when they surround a smiling doll with a swarm of angry dinosaurs....

  9. OH, Chocolate Pepermint bark--yum.
    I know what it tasts like and it is hard to bite into an apple and get the same sensation. Once I start something sweet, schools out. I want the whole bag.
    I have not bought any chocolate, and Jim just made me a cup of Hot chocolate.

  10. Did Sally make it? Or was she consumed by a triceratops?