Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what's in you wednesday

Earlier in the year, I crossed internet paths with Lani.

Lani has toddler triplets and she was questioning whether or not she could complete a marathon through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. The cause was so important to her, because several people in her life had been effected with blood cancers and she felt like she wanted to do something to honor them, and raise money to combat this brutal disease.

My advice to Lani was GO FOR IT!

She could definitely run a marathon - or at least walk it - and she could definitely do the fundraising. But I didn't know if she was convinced. So when I recently learned that Lani is registered to run the Walt Disney Marathon in January, with Team In Training, I was so happy and proud of this woman I had never actually met.

At the moment, Lani is in full-on fundraising mode for her run. Because she is involved with a number of different blogs, including the increasingly popular Multiples .... and More!

... and Who Knew Reviews, Lani is gaining a lot of publicity for some of the fun giveaways that she is hosting. She currently has a rocking blog party underway. Here's a link to the action:

For instance, if you are in the market for a new double stroller, you could have the chance to win this sweet ride. Not only would your children look awesome in this stroller - you would look awesome pushing it.

I just love it whenever I see people who have a passion to do something great for a cause near and dear to their heart. Like last month, when I was registering for the 3-Day Walk, I noticed that the top fundraisers are recognized on the main web page. Out of curiosity, I clicked over to see how much money the top fundraiser had managed to raise.

Her name is Barbara Jo Kirshbaum.

In the past 12 years, she has completed 100 long distance walks, which works out to 5,120 miles. That doesn't include any of the training walks that she probably put in, to prepare for the event walks that she has completed. Based on my own training regiment, I would suspect that in training, Barbara Jo has probably walked at least four times further than 5,120 miles. So it is quite possible that this one woman has walked a distance equivalent to one lap around the earth, and in the process, has raised over $1,026,000.00 for a cure to cancer.

Did I mention that Barbara Jo is 70 years old?

This year, she is planning to walk in 14 events, including five of the Breast Cancer 3 Days.

One woman, who didn't even start fundraising walks until she was 58-years old, has raised over one million dollars for cancer research, education and treatment. Barbara Jo walks because she cannot walk away and because she believes that research MUST stay ahead of this disease.

Now that is inspiration.

(Am I the only one with the chills?!)

Sorry Good Witch of the North, but you've got nothing on Barbara Jo Kirshbaum. I just figured out who I really want to be for Halloween.
And lucky for me, that should be a much easier costume to sew.


What do YOU hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

And if you haven't bought a silicone bracelet yet, why not?

I've got to catch up to Barbara Jo.

And to do that, I need to sell a mere 204,840 more.


  1. HI! I just wanted to say that your amazing! I read about you awhile back and then bought a BoB to run with my twins! I had to beg my husband to buy it, but now we use it everywhere and best of all I can get some of my runing in with my babies and that is the most fun of all!!Please stop by

  2. I am completely inspired by you......over the last couple of weeks I have worked out 3x/week. Today, just to mix things up, I rode my bike for four miles and then did my routine ab & leg work.

    It's people like Barbara Jo (and you) that I think of when I try to make every excuse to NOT go and exercise; just get out and DO IT. You ladies have done some fabulous work!