Monday, September 28, 2009

this decision is an easy one

I would love to start this post out by saying, "WOW, you all really helped me with the tough decision of going {or not going} on my upcoming business trip!" But did anyone take a look at those comments?

Could they have been any more evenly divided?!
Go on your business trip. Disneyland can wait- until next week.

I would go with the kids. They won't be little long.

It's the celebration and not the day that matters. Celebrate early or late.

Your job is just a job. The triplets will only turn 5 once.
Since I have 30 hours before I have to decide, I still haven't made up my mind. Infact, I doubt I'll actually make up my mind until 29 hours and 57 minutes from now. And then, I'll change my mind at least twice more in the remaining three minutes. If you've read this blog for any length of time, my inability to make a decision should come as no surprise.

Although, I think it's important to add that our children get in to Disney for FREE on their birthday. But the catch is - it has to be their actual birthday. Not the day after, not the day before. Birth certificates will be required. And since I'll be on a business trip the week AFTER their birthday, I couldn't go at that time. And since I'll be gone for the next two weeks, I couldn't go the week BEFORE their birthday, since I'll have a load of things to do before I leave. And only crazy people go to Disney on the weekends.

Instead of spending any more precious time worrying about what to do, I'm thinking I should just head out to the store and buy a few Powerball tickets. Did you know that the lotto is up to $170,000,000.00?

170 million.

That would definitely cover a few new pairs of shoes.

(AND plane tickets for the whole family to fly with me to Virginia.)

Too bad I don't believe in gambling.

Oh wait!

Yes I do!!

Look at what my children helped me to accomplish this weekend.

These are just some of the magnificent pictures that they colored for all of those wonderful people who bought a silicone bracelet for our fundraiser. (FYI: The whale does have two eyes. They are just on opposite sides of it's head. And that's not a sun in the sky. It's a red floating smiley face. Not creepy. Cute. Although, I have no idea what that brown thing is in the picture, above. A bug maybe? Definitely not a levitating poop. I hope.)

If you haven't yet entered that totally legal contest, there is still time.

(One week, to be exact.)

If you do decide to enter this contest, not only do you procure yourself an awesome new silicone bracelet, you stand a chance at winning a beautiful set of wooden blocks and ... this is quite possibly the best part ... you get a personalized drawing from our four-year-old artists.

In my humble opinion, there is nothing better in this world than four year old art.

Although, winning a $170 million dollar lottery might be close.


  1. Ha!! I'm just as excited about the drawing as I am for the bracelets. What a cute idea. Those trips may be amazing, but it's obvious that so's their mother (and father).

    Good luck on your decision.

  2. Tough decisions but at the end of the day only you can make it and live with it.
    I'd go to Disneyland's free on their birthday ...right !
    I hope you win the 170 million ...will you share ?
    Gorgeous artwork !

  3. I didn't get a chance to read your blog this past week so you may have already had to make your decision. My question would be- if you don't go to your mtg, does it put your job at risk now? Or does it just put future career advancement at risk? If it will put your immediate job at risk and you're the primary breadwinner- then my choice (although still a difficult one) would be to go to the meeting and do disney later. But if it's just future career potential, then it brings you back to the BIG question- work or stay at home. I'm facing the exact same thing- my hubby's starting his own business, I'm currently breadwinner, not sure I want to be anymore and have kids in daycare, but right now only financially viable option. So I feel your pain. But what we're currently doing is keeping our options open. IF his business takes off and IF we find an affordable independant health care option, THEN we'll make the BIG DECISION. BUT just in case either of those don't work out, I have to do what I need to to make sure I still HAVE a job in the meantime. I doubt that helps you decide at all, but I wanted to let you know you're not alone. So let me know what you decide and how it goes and maybe you'll make MY decision easier in the future! haha! Aren't I helpful?! :)
    Laurie G

  4. For the record, I'm with the camp that says if you really want to take your kids to Disneyland, it can wait until a time when you can truly enjoy it and when you aren't going to feel super guilty about missing work. You may be feeling guilty about not taking them ON their b-day (I know they get in free but you can afford tickets) but how many kids all over the world don't get fabulous things like Disneyland trips. They are well-loved and well-cared for children. They will have a special day just b/c you are all together. Even if it is that evening when you get off work.

    I didn't see your previous post until now... I don't really think anyone else's opinion matters. It seems like you know the answers to your own questions. You aren't the same person you were 5 years ago. That person could work 60+ hrs per week. This one can't. BUT it doesn't mean that you aren't still making great contributions to your company and that you aren't doing the best for your family. Most people have to work. Some have to work more than others. You'll find your balance.

  5. I love kids art it is large colorful and very imaginative, gives you a little peek into what is going on in their thoughts (if you are very good at interpretation that is). I was in a Dr.'s. office once that had reception and office room walls all covered with matted framed art done by his own children, it was great. You never know you may have a budding Rembrandt in your midst or even 3 of them!
    I would go on the trip and enjoy the birthday party before or later when you aren't stressed about missing an important business trip. It will be more fun that way. We never missed celebrating one of our kids birthdays but we did on occasion move the day of the party to suit our busy lives. The kids were OK with that.

  6. it seems like you have your mind made up already. You don't need to convince us that it's ok to go to Disneyland!!!!

  7. What about taking the family with you to the east coast and sneaking a couple days away to fly off to Disney World instead? Is it free there on their birthdays? At the cost of Disneyland I can see why you would wnat to go on their actual BirthDAY.

  8. I believe you will never regret all the time you spend with your children. You never want to look back and say "I shouldn't have worked as much."

    As for Disneyland I say Disneyland Schmisneyland. In the grand scheme of things when you go to Disneyland doesn't matter, but working full time means missing trips to Disneyland and other importand things. It is great that if you aren't with them, then Charlie is and when he isn't you are.

    Best wishes to your decision making.


  9. Hi Jen, is there an option to donate by Paypal? Good luck with your tough decision - I'd say go with your gut on this one. For practical reasons your job is really important, especially in these economic times, but your kids are only this little once. Tough choice!! Good luck!

  10. This decision is an easy one. GO TO DISNEYLAND!!!!!! You'll be so joyfully glad you did. It really is one of those Wow Life moments when you go with your children. ~Jeanmarie

  11. I love four year old art too. It's pretty awesome