Saturday, September 19, 2009

do you wish for an "A" cup or a "D" cup?

Charlie baked almost 400 chocolate chip cookies yesterday and we were up, late in to the night, individually wrapping those almost 400 cookies, in pretty little bags with bright pink ribbon.

This morning, we are taking off for Seaport Village, where we will rendezvous with my triplet walking moms, to have the most awesome lemonade stand, ever.

There will be bracelets. And cookies. And pink balloons.

ALL proceeds will go to our team's Breast Cancer 3-Day fundraising efforts.

(Did I mention that all of the links are now working on my post from yesterday regarding bracelet sales and the awesome giveaway? If you haven't had a chance to check that out - please do. Because if the giveaway ends up costing more than the donations received, it will be a very sad day indeed.)

If you live in San Diego, please come by today (or tomorrow) and say hello.

You won't miss us since the entire family will be dressed in pink.

We'd love to help fill up your cups.

(That's just a little breast humor for you on this beautiful Saturday morn.)


  1. So clever... LOVE it!
    Have a super day & I hope you somehow get some media coverage!

  2. ha ha ha... I love the idea for the cup sizes. That's hilarious