Wednesday, September 16, 2009

what's in you wednesday

My mother once told me that you never know when an accident might occur and you need to make a mad dash to the hospital. So for as long as I have been a mother, I have tried to make it part of my standard operating procedure that before I step foot out of our bedroom in the morning, I am dressed and ready to take on the day.

But this morning - things didn't go as well as planned.

While I was still in my pajamas and we were in the midst of breakfast - and I was home alone with the children because Charlie had run off to the dentist (and then needed to visit with his insurance agent and attorney) the doorbell rang. And as is customary around these parts, whenever the doorbell rings, the children charge the door because they believe that whomever is standing on our porch, is carrying with them a bag full of candy and toys.

It's important to note that I wasn't the only one who wasn't dressed for the day.

When the doorbell rang, William was wearing only a pajama top, Elizabeth was wearing her nightgown inside out (not sure how or why, since I know she had it on correctly when I put her to bed last night), Carolyn was wearing a gymnastics leotard, three sizes too small and Henry was (in fact still is) naked. Because I can't keep that child clothed to save my life.

At the door is a delivery man from Fed Ex.

In his hands, is a box.

I bring the box in the house and the children are so excited. "OPEN THE BOX!" they yell. "OPEN THE BOX!!" While I am looking for a pair of scissors, they are guessing the contents.

Alas, it is not a bicycle - nor a pony - nor a rocket ship - nor 500 ice cream cones.

Within the box are 1,000 silicone bracelets.

These are the silicone bracelets that I ordered thanks to all of your input.

These are the silicone bracelets that I will be selling in an effort to help our 3-Day Breast Cancer walking team achieve our fundraising goals. (Details on how to order will follow, soon.)

These are the silicone bracelets that will hopefully, subtly, inspire anyone who wears it.
Because on each of the 1,000 silicone bracelets there is the simple phrase, "BE AMAZING!"

(Which I thought sounded more upbeat than, "Don't Be A Sluggard!")

The children are so excited because there are bracelets in forest green - royal blue - and hot pink. But mostly in hot pink because I think more women than men will wear them - but also available in blue and green because I liked the colors and think that they are nice and macho.

There are bracelets in large sizes, medium sizes, and small sizes ordered especially for little children's wrists.

Each child claimed a bracelet in their favorite color.

Charlie came home from the dentist and claimed a bracelet in his favorite color, while drinking coffee and reflecting on the State of Our World.

And then, I put the box of 994 silicone bracelets up HIGH above my computer hutch so that they were not rapidly distributed throughout the house, garage, yard and car.

I felt so overcome with excitement at our new silicone bracelet supply, and the Pink Lemonade Project Stand / Bake Sale (where Charlie will be selling his homemade chocolate chip cookies) that we will be holding at the popular Seaport Village, this weekend.

I felt so overcome with excitement about the walk - the women on my team - and the GREATER purpose of what we are trying to accomplish. So I sat down to write a quick e-mail to my fellow triplet walking moms telling them that good gracious, 994 silicone bracelets is a lot!!

We will sell bracelets at our Lemonade Stand for The Cause!

We will sell bracelets to doctors and dentists and teachers and neighbors and coworkers to raise awareness for The Cause!

We will pass them out at church - and at the grocery store - and we'll have them dropped from airplanes as they fly over the city to raise awareness for The Cause!

While I was scheming all this ... while I was imagining a world free of cancer ... in the forty five seconds it took me to compose an e-mail to my friends (because I think faster than I type and I type lightening fast) Henry walked up and stood next to me.

And I felt something on my foot.

Something warm.

I looked down and Henry was holding in one hand, the receptacle for his potty chair. In that receptacle, was the most massive diarrhea blow out I have ever seen. My sweet boy had picked the receptacle up and brought it to me, to flush down the toilet. But in the process of doing so, as he walked from the back of the house to the front of the house, he spilled a substantial portion of .... you know what ... and created a river of .... you know what ... the entire way.

My eyes turned to the heavens, and I caught sight of the box of 994 silicone bracelets.


The fact that I didn't chuck up my breakfast makes me believe that I am. But the fact that I am still in my pajamas at noon makes me believe that I have room for improvement.


I have walked 30 miles this week. I have gone to the gym twice and walked right by the five-pound container of chocolate covered almonds at Costco without stopping.

How are you doing with your goals?

But wait - before you answer that, here's a comment from susieg, "Since Jan. my husband and I combined, have lost 224 pounds and we walk five miles a day."


(I think I may have found 10 of the pounds that you lost, but I'm working on it.)

OK. Now it's your turn.


  1. Hi there,

    I'm one of your reader stalkers and enjoy being the voyeur into your most interesting and amazing life.

    I also like the logo on your bracelets.

    I know that Breast Cancer is an important issue that needs a cure. But I'm wondering if you might consider expanding just a little, as this is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I took notice especially of your lemonade stand for this weekend, as the lemondade stand was childhood cancer project orginally (

    I think both issues are important as I'd like to introduce you to a family who lost both mother and child to cancer within the same week.


  2. I want a bracelet!!! If I send a check can I have a blue one like Guy's? Angela may want one too!
    XXXX to the kids.

  3. I am so glad that I was dressed and ready to go when Jim had a stroke--very suddenly, and I was ready to go--in the ambulance with him.
    I do like to put clothes on first thing to be ready for ---anything.
    Braclets are beautiful---have fun with the sale.

  4. You continue to inspire me. I've only logged 8.2 miles so far this week, but I have walked 175 miles total this year with 114 of those in August and September. And the half marathon looms in just about 5 weeks.

    What's in me this Wed? The satisfaction of having walked 8.7 miles when a year ago I would have probably peed myself laughing if you had suggested it. And the gleeful anticipation that on my next long day, I'll do 10 miles or more - and apparently, if I can hit that benchmark, the half marathon is totally doable.

  5. Oh dear, your blog always makes me laugh... EVERY TIME! THANK you for that!

    Btw- I'm doing well on my goals, today I did an exercise video in front of the computer instead of spending an hour on myspace. LOL

  6. I baked a gluten free apple pie today. Then I ate it.

    I wish so much that I could walk with you. If I wasn't weak and anemic and unable to walk a mile, let alone 30, I would SO BE THERE.

    But I have a feeling we will need some of those amazing bracelets.

  7. I'm planning on doing my 3rd workout of the week tomorrow morning. So sore, BUT have to do it. When I think of you walking 20 miles for THREE DAYS it helps me get through my 2.5 :)

    THANKS for the motivation to BE AMAZING!

    You are amazing, my dear.

  8. At this point -- I'm exhausted. Strangely enough I was up talking to a "dear friend" and close cousin of mine. (maybe you know her?) She lives on the west coast. I live on the east coast...about a three hour difference we talked to about 2 am... my.time. Then my 6 year old wakes me up at 4 am to ask if he can get into bed. My husband got up at 5 am "quitely" getting ready for work. My brother Bill called me at 6 am to tell me he wouldn't be meeting for our workout routine and then at 6:20 I felt something "very warm" and wet. BUT thanks to my cousin and her AMAZING knack for cheering me up...and making me feel energized... I feel happy. ;-)

    I like the pink and the blue! I am so excited for your wonderful news. YES YOU ARE AMAZING JEN! (Get those numbers etc for me and I will make the contacts. Love being a member of your team!)

    Talk to you soon. Love, Marg.

  9. Here is someone really amazing who seems to not be getting as much publicity as this deserves, even over in England.

  10. And more info on him....he finished!

  11. PS I love that picture of Charlie. It's so - him. ;-) Marg.

  12. Very, Very Cool Jen

    The braclets not the the receptacle...

    There is nothing better then a 2 year old to keep you perfectly grounded :-)

    Suing ~ You and your husband are awesome!!!

  13. Thanks for the mention in your blog. I want to give most of the credit to my husband he has lost 196 pounds on a physician directed liquid shake diet. I have lost the rest by modifying meals and walking. We are truly committed to our new lifestyle. He hails from a family of larger people and until his promotion in April worked 24hour shifts on an ambulance, it isnt always easy to eat healthy. I am proud to say he has been promoted to asst. chief and is home every night. We leave Sat for a cruise to celebrate our lifestlye change victory and my 40th birthday, we will be continue to focus on life, and a healthier lifestyle for our 3 year old son and ourselves. Thank you for all always providing fun tales to read and your inspirational posts. I followed you from babysteps to your blog. We will be visiting San Diego next July for a conference and look forward exploring after reading all about your town thru your blogs. Please save me 3, (one for each of us) bracelets in case we are gone on our cruise by the time you begin the order process.

  14. I'm on week 2 of the couch to 5k running program.
    I've signed up for the jingle bell 5k run in Seattle on 12/13.
    I'm not stepping on the scale yet though.

  15. Can't wait to buy my bracelets!

  16. Can you repeat how we buy them?

  17. Wow, that's a lot of bracelets - I hope you sell them all! And wow what a disgusting mess to clean up - at least my son's are still contained (at least mostly) in his diaper! You are amazing. :)

    As far as weight, I have let mine get out of control, and now I am 7 months pregnant with a little girl, and I just found out I have gestational diabetes. So I'm going to have to make some major changes in my diet - can we say low-carb...and um, no more ice cream... and I'm supposed to be walking 30 mins. a day. SO. I'll check in at a later date & let you know how it's going. :)

  18. I live in San Diego and would be happy to share the Pink Lemonade Stand Project site on my Facebook wall. Is there a way to add a FB share link to the site?
    ~Rebecca in RHR