Thursday, July 09, 2009

what's in you wednesday

Did I mention our computer crashed again and it has been in the shop?

Well it did.

And it is.

So the reason I haven't been updating my blog for the past few days isn't because I have run out of things to write about ... like that could ever happen. Unfortunately, because I'm limited with what I can do with my laptop, I can't post any photos until my Macintosh is returned to us. Which, was supposed to be yesterday, but now might not be until sometime next week. And for what it's worth ... it physically pains me that I may not be able to post photos of our children from the Fourth ... until the Fourteenth.

For those curious how the kids handled their 5:00 PM bedtime on Monday night, I'd say they handled it quite well. Probably because they realized that if they so much as moved, I'd climb out of my skin. Of course none of them fell asleep until almost 9:00 PM, but they laid in bed and didn't make a peep. They definitely sensed mom was freaky.

In other news. As I'm writing this post, my husband is watching a Bender Ball video. Charlie came home with the Bender Ball a few weeks ago - and initially - I was quite annoyed that he spent $20.00 for a small rubber ball that he could have bought at Target for $2.00.

(Or, I see he could have purchased online for $9.99. Plus S&H.)

But Charlie convinced me that this was a high-end exercise ball that came with an instructional video, and this "program" would help strengthen his core muscles and subsequently, his lower back. Yet for the past several weeks, our children have been playing with Charlie's $20.00 Bender Ball, that he hadn't used. So tonight, after we both consumed hot fudge sundaes, Charlie broke out his Bender Ball and the instructional video that came with it. When he first turned on the video, he saw three middle-aged women and he asked, "Oh great. What's this? Is this a video for chicks or what??"

It's now been less than two minutes since the instruction started, and my husband is in agony.

Here I sit laughing.

But I'll bet Charlie will be laughing at me come Friday night. Because it seems that yesterday, when I was at my children's preschool gymnastics class, I started talking with the headcoach about how I have lost a lot of my upper body strength and flexibility. So she suggested that I join the "adults" gymnastics class that is scheduled to begin on Friday night.

And ... I did.

Beginning this Friday, I'll be taking a gymnastics class, alongside what I assume will be a number of women who are anxious to prove to themselves that they've still got it.

So help me, I will get myself in the kind of shape that is necessary to do a flip over on the bars (or rings) again. I might even re-learn how to do a back handspring. I'm so excited that tomorrow, I'm going shopping for a new leotard.

But thankfully, it's not looking good that I'll be able to to post photographic evidence on my blog.


  1. OMG, Jen. You joined geriatric gym? I'm hysterical. I'm still working on my cherry drop. So far, I can sit on the bar and while holding on, go barkwards,' and then flip off.

    It helps if you have two glasses of wine first. Drink before you get there.

  2. I can't decide what made me laugh harder, the post or Michele's comment. You go girl!

  3. That's awful about your computer! I have always loved my macs, and never had problems, but they've all been desktops, and I know that laptops seem to (generally) be more prone to problems. Still. That just stinks. I know how it feels to want to be able to post pictures and not be able to, and it's frustrating (like the TEN EURO per hour rate that the hotel in Berlin was charging- no thanks! I'll wait till I get to the free internet to do my posting!).

    And good for Charlie for attempting the Bender Ball thing! I have been seeing the commercials and have been curious, but it looks really hard (too hard for wimpy me!). I'm just sticking with running for the time being- one foot in front of the other, as fast or as slow as I can go. But that adult gymnastics class sounds like a heckuva lotta fun! If they had one here, I would totally give it a go.

  4. Smart kids you're raising there!

  5. Once while I was pregnant and in college, my friend convinced me to join a water gymnastics class, cause you know, the belly got in the way of a regular gymnastics class.

    Anyway, we showed up, me in my pretty preggers swimsuit, only to find a bunch of 60 and 70 year old women ready for their water aerobics class! (Notice...aerobics, NOT gymnastics)

    So, my friend, horrified, decided to quit. Me, being the ultimate competitor, decided that at 7 months pregnant, I could AT LEAST beat some of those old women at aerobics...and I did! So, it made me feel good!

    haha... geriatric gym...that's what my friend called it..."Maija, time for your geriatric Gym time!"

  6. Love that you joined a gymnastics class... totally out there and yet so in character!

  7. Haha. It sounds like you will be having a great time.

  8. Great, just like the old days. You can go and practice at the Y when yo visit.

  9. You are so funny!! (and Charlie - bender ball -I've wondered about that myself);-)

    Well, Good Luck! Can't wait to see the video of your accomplishments! Marg.

  10. I can't wait til your computer is fixed so Charlie can take pictures of you in your leotard! hehehe

  11. Is tonight the night you strut your stuff? Words of advice.

    Two buck chuck. You have no idea how limber you can get.