Monday, July 27, 2009

your vote is requested

When I first found out I was expecting triplets, I joined a "High Order Multiples" support group (i.e. triplets or more), here in San Diego. The last I heard, there were over 70 triplet (and quadruplet) families that claimed membership to The More The Merrier.

In the early days, this group was a wonderful source of support for me. But as our children have grown older, I have broken off from the larger group and formed much smaller connections with three other women who have similarly aged triplets.

I've been friends with these women for the past five years. We began getting together for play dates when our children were small babies and over the years, as our children have grown, we have developed a very good friendship and noted a lot of commonalities. For instance, aside from the fact that we all have triplets that were born within a few months of each other, all of us were married within a few months of each other, 15 years ago.

There's Jessica and her trio, plus one older brother (Jessica is gut splittingly funny).

There's Jeanmarie and her trio (Jeanmarie is totally awesome except she's a Yankee fan.)

There's Debbie and her trio (that recently returned from a year abroad in England).

And me (who is wondering what to wear to her 20-year high school reunion on Saturday.)

Between the four of us, we have 14 children aged six and under.

Here's a photo of our most recent family get together. While our husbands built bird houses...

Our children painted them ... and each other. (Thank you Auntie Beth for the smocks. Our paint party looked like the pediatric ward.)

This November, the four of us ... and hopefully other friends and triplet moms that live in San Diego that we can convince (i.e., Terrell and Heidi) ... are planning to participate in the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego. We'll be walking sixty miles (60) in three days. The primary purpose for completing this walk will be to raise awareness for breast cancer and money for breast cancer research. So yes - we will be reaching out to you.

And you.

And you.

With prizes such as this one-of-a-kind bird house, that will be up for auction.

(Oh come on. You know you want it!)

But before we do any of that important fundraising stuff, we need to come up with a snazzy name for our team. Charlie suggested, "Triplet Moms Have The Biggest Boobs" but this was vetoed by my group of fellow walkers because we may invite people to walk who AREN'T the mothers of triplets. Or, women, for that matter.

Besides that - and quite sadly I might add - my husband is totally delusional.

To the top left of this blog - you'll notice that I've started a poll that will end on Wednesday. Please cast a vote for what you think we should name our team ... or, leave a suggestion in the comments section on this post.

Me and "the girls" thank you for your input!!


  1. I voted but why not call your team;

    Me and "The Girls"?

  2. You guys are seriously awesome!

  3. How about Super(Triplet)Moms?

  4. Sadia - that's GREAT!!!

    We could be on a mission to save boobs by walking one mile at a time!!! :)

  5. I like Jacqui's suggestion....
    Me and "The Girls".....Straight and to the point....

  6. What about....

    The Bosom Brigade
    The Cleavage Crusaders
    Triplet Mammary Mamas

  7. Tres Leches

  8. Jen -
    Please check the Caringbridge site. We have lost our friend Deana.
    I also want to thank you for continuing on your crusade to fight cancer. As we all know too well how much it s*cks.

    Lorraine in NY
    (Carolyn's Boards)

  9. Give me the scoop on the 3-day. I would love to do it?!?!?!