Tuesday, July 21, 2009

this perfectly sums it up

Last night, as we were preparing for dinner, I happened to catch a sight of my children doing things that perfectly capture who they are, at this moment in time. Their personalities are so dynamic, yet I can see certain traits emerging that truly define them.

There was Carolyn, playing quietly on the computer. She will often steal herself away, and if we would allow it, play for hours and hours on word games through the PBS website. She is studious and thoroughly enjoys quiet time alone.

There was William, who was dressed in his eighth outfit of the day, standing alongside his father and chopping vegetables with his rounded butter knife. He was pretending to be a sous chef and was animatedly talking my husband's ear off. He is extremely imaginative and loves to discuss the world as he sees it.

There was Elizabeth, who had snuck outside and mischievously emptied a large portion of soil from our potted tomato plant. Adding just enough water for a massive mud puddle, she then set about covering herself from head to toe, moments before we sat down to dinner. She is fascinated with texture and touch and is hellbent on making the biggest disaster, ever.

Then there was Henry, who had stripped himself down to his birthday suit and was running around the backyard stuffing pebbles through the fence to our neighbor's dogs while yelling, "HIYA DOGGIE!!!"

I don't know what to say about this little guy, except that at two-years-old, he is fascinated with nudity. And rocks. And speaking very loudly. All those things, all the time.

Except for when he is sleeping.


  1. What PBS games do you recommend for 3 1/2 year olds?

  2. Each one perfect and beautiful and yours...(happy sigh!)

    xx Em

  3. Sounds like Henry is going to be a Geologist. Elizabeth a Massage therapist, William a cook, and Gracie, a explorer. They sound pure normal to me. What fun to play in a mud puddle.

  4. Nudity and rocks... hmmmm... uh-oh... LOL!

  5. Hi Jen, I don't know if you're still thinking about movies to Netflix, but every time I see one now I think of whether to recommend it. Just finished watching 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas' and am still crying. Would recommend it if you're still looking.

  6. This is a great post! How funny how they are all different but so the same! Playing in the mud is fun and also being in the nude is fun!

  7. We've had our share of nudity and toddlers too--it drove my husband crazy. One of our daughters stripped naked every single night in the winter and would wake up at 5 am freezing. Why?!!

    I think Carolyn looks exactly like you in the first pic! So cute.

  8. Every time I read your blog I think: dang, she's got her hands full.

    But it looks like you are doing an amazing job.