Saturday, July 04, 2009


Two years ago tonight, early in the morning on July 4, I went to sleep on the couch. Which happened to be, the only place in the entire house where I could get comfortable.

When I woke up a few hours later, I couldn't stand without Charlie's strong arms helping me. And as I stood to walk around, I remember holding on to a wall when my back suddenly went in to a painful muscle spasm. Since I had never been in labor before, it was my mother who clued me in to the fact that I needed to go to the hospital. I had absolutely no idea what was happening and I was afraid.

Would I deliver naturally, as I had hoped, or would I have to have a repeat c-section? There were so many questions. So many fears.

But very quickly, all of my fears subsided and 16 hours after I had uncomfortably fallen asleep on our living room couch, I comfortably fell asleep in a hospital bed. Cradling to my chest, the most beautiful 10-pound newborn I had ever seen.

We didn't know what we would call our newest family member for several days. When his siblings came to meet him for the first time, we queried them.

"How do you like Robert... Robby? What about Edward... Eddie? How about Samuel... Sam? Maybe Sammy?"

But they didn't know any better than we did. They were only two-years-old, and all they wanted to do was climb on me, play with the remote control and telephone, and push random buttons on my hospital bed.

It took us five days to decide on his name.

It came to us, that final hour that we were in the hospital. As Charlie was loading my suitcase and essentials in to the car and confirming with hospital staff that the carseat was installed properly. And I laid in bed, cradling my newborn baby, exactly as I had done for the previous 96 hours. This little miracle child. The one whose life I pray will be filled with good health, laughter, tranquility and peace.

He will be Henry David.

These past two years have been, without a doubt, the most magnificent years of my entire life. That sounds so cliché. So trite.

But I never could have imagined that one single baby could bring so much joy, love and happiness in to a family.

But he has.

And then some.

It has been two years, today, since Henry David has joined our tribe.

It's difficult for me to fathom that my once fragile newborn is now climbing trees. Much to my surprise, he is able to keep up with his older siblings so much better than I anticipated. (or wanted.)

As he continues to grow, I pray that his life will continue to be filled with good health, laughter, tranquility and peace. I pray that he will stay safe. I pray that he always knows how much he was wanted and how much he is loved.

I pray that I will never forget how special these past two years have been for me.

And I hope that he understands that regardless of how big he may grow - or how independent he may become ... he will always be my baby.

Happy Birthday My Sweet, Sweet Love.


  1. Wow! Two!! Can't believe it!

    Happy Birthday Henry!

    The Mary's are next!!

  2. I have my own firecracker who turns 10 today. *sniffle*

    Beautiful post.

  3. This made me cry. My oldest just hit two major milestones and my baby is almost one. I am especially melancholy these days, so this sent me over the edge. Your baby is BEAUTIFUL! (as is the rest of your clan..!)

  4. Oh, what a beautiful post! And now I know the story of Henry, well, some of it, anyways : )

    The pics are wonderful. What a lucky little boy to have such a family, and what a lucky family have little Henry David.

    Have a fun 4th and Birthday celebration!!

    you pull off being 9 months pregnant with a 10 pounder so well, maybe you should have another one . . . .

  5. Jen,
    I usually don't read the links when you post them due to time constraints. But, this being the 4th of July, I've got all the time in the world to linger until the picnic at the park in Concord, MA. I noticed that you mentioned living there for your first years. How long and what schools did you go to? I was at Thoreau Elem, Peabody MS and CCHS. I think you're a bit younger than me so you probably went to school with my younger sibs. What a small world. I'll tell Concord that you say "Hi" today. I'll post pics of today later on my blog.

  6. I can't believe I teared up. Happy Birthday Henry! He is just as cute as cute can be. I didnt think you would already have this up, so kudos to you. He is a doll!

  7. oh and BTW, Happy Birthday Henry! Isn't it great that you get fireworks for your day?

  8. Don't tell Henry, but he's totally my favorite. Happy Birthday baby!

  9. How do you get such incredible photos of your kids? You have a gift with the camera. The children will treasure these posts when they're grown. Happy birthday, Henry.

  10. Happy Birthday Henry! What a sweet boy :)

  11. Oh sure... make the preggo cry! Happy Birthday Henry David!

  12. Poppa and Grannie K7/4/09, 12:05 PM

    Happy Birthday, precious Henry!
    We are overwhelmed with joy remembering last month when we had you ALL TO OURSELVES,ALONE!
    Your giggle, your chubby little legs, your yummy smells and funny expressions and big, old words!
    We miss you and your siblings and can't wait to hold you all again.
    Love, Poppa Alex and Grannie K

  13. Such a sweet post. I think I started reading your blog just shortly before you found out you were pregnant with him. Time flies!!

  14. One of many cuzzins!7/4/09, 12:42 PM

    Happy Birthday Henry, little firecracker, little man!

    Beautiful thoughts Jen. Happy day to you and Charlie too. What an accomplishment for both of you; creating such an adorable and good little boy. You're wonderful parents and a great team. You inspire me.

    My baby boy turned 18 the other day and I just can't believe it!! How did the time pass so quickly? You're sentiments brought me back to my first days with him and all the hopes I had for him. As his life continues to unfold, I take comfort in knowing he is well equipped and I'm sending him out to the world with a solid foundation. He is so fortunate to have his health and be happy and at peace with where he is at this point in his life. He was always an adorable and good boy and now he's turned into a man...still good and adorable. I wish the same for Henry and know he'll continue to wow you!

    Happy 4th!

  15. What?! Two years old?! How can that be? Happy birthday to Henry!

  16. I can't believe that 2 years have passed so rapidly.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Henry! I know you bring great joy to your family, especially your loving, lucky mom.

    BTW 2 more movies: Strictly Ballroom and Muriel's Wedding both from Australia, both wonderful

  17. Happy Birthday, Henry. I love that he is your "firecracker". Of course, he is!!!!

  18. I will never forget the home coming when you brought Henry home and one by one the triplets got to hold him. They were babies themselves and they have done so well pushing over for their little brother. I also remember watching fireworks in the back yard with Jim and the Trips.
    Happy Birthday Henry,

  19. Happy, Happy Birthday, Henry. Can't wait to see birthday pictures!

  20. Happy, happy birthday, sweet Henry!!
    hugs mom.

    Annie W.

  21. I'm proud of myself for remembering all on my own this morning. It's hard to believe I've been 'stalking' you for over two years.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful Henry David!

  22. I started reading your blog almost a year ago. I must say that this is one of my favorite posts. My little one will turn 2 in August and I pray EVERYDAY for her safety, health, and happiness. I can totally relate.

  23. Congratulations to Henry and also to the family !!!!
    God bless you all .

  24. Happy Birthday Henry! (America's Baby). This post brought so many wonderful memories for me as well. We celebrated year 7 for Brian - new phase... just call him - "Mr. America".

    Reiner, as you know is from Germany and he was in complete awe of it all. However, the best part was the reaction from my Dad ... He was so excited.

    My Dad came into visit me in the hospital and he, Reiner and I along with our newest addition watched Fireworks from my hospital window. My Father laughed and kept saying "Ihis is great! Just great"

    Happy Birthday Henry! Your certainly a doll. Marg.

  25. happy birthday henry! my daughter, 6, says, "Was this in the olden days?"...she is not accustomed to black and white photography....

  26. Happy Birthday, Henry!!! You are absolutely ADORABLE!!!

  27. Happy 2nd birthday to Henry!!

  28. 10 POUNDS!!! Holy cow! Well done.

  29. Oh Henry! Happy Birthday...or Anivililuk Tuutin Igniin, in Eskimo.

    I pray that your mom will find a respectable and cheap hair dresser, and she will leave her scissors in the pouch!

    :) hehe... And Happy Fourth of July!

  30. Happy Birthday to beautiful, sweet Henry! He is adorable.

  31. This is such a beautiful blog...thank you now I am gonna go smooch my little two year old. Happy Birthday Henry David!

  32. happy birthday Henry! great post jen! and 10lbs... God bless you!

  33. Happy Birthday sweet Henry! Those photos were so beautiful! You are such a lucky boy, to have such a loving momma, and loving daddy, and three amazing siblings!

  34. So beautiful! Happy Birthday Henry!

  35. Happy Birthday Henry! What a great post. I love the black and whites. The duck picture will always be my favorite.