Sunday, June 07, 2009

where to begin?

With the marathon now behind us, I'm excited to focus on some of the topics that I've been jotting down on a note pad next to my computer. Unfortunately, my mind is a flutter and I have no idea where to begin. So please, chime in with your suggestions.

Let's see. We have:

1) To School or Not To School: How a simple message outside a local elementary school has caused me a great deal of angst and made me thankful for the night guard that protects my teeth from grinding off.

2) Knitting Part 6: What better time than summer to finish that wool scarf?

3) Clothes organization: How do six people function with only three closets?

4) Soul Food: A summary of some profound church services.

5) Driving 101: Tips I've learned to stay safe on the road. Alternate title, "Why my husband no longer likes to drive with me."

6) Chez Charlie: Taking the kitchen by storm. Alternate title, "My man can COOK."

7) The next athletic challenge and cancer fundraiser > we have three events planned between now and the end of the year.

8) The Annual Cowbell Awards: A vote on the craziest family from the Airing of our Grievances post, three months later.

9) Keeping The Romance Alive: Alternate title, "Baby, pass me the remote."

10) Will Weaning Ever Happen? Alternate title, "Hurry up Henry, you're going to be late for work."

Of course there are no guarantees that I'll actually write in any particular order about any of these things. I might surprise you and throw in a post about Henry and how he thinks he's Buzz Lightyear. I probably should do that, seeing as I received an e-mail from someone today who thinks that poor Henry must feel overshadowed by his triplet siblings since I never post any pictures of just him.

Something tells me, I'll never win.


  1. I vote for Driving 101. Unfortunately I inherited my mothers driving skills, which is NOT a good thing. At least I can admit it, that is the first step, right?


  2. Oh Please write a post about closest organization, I'll even take notes : ) We have two closets for 4 people, so I feel your pain. And I'm always open for new ideas . . . I do love photos of your kids though, can you still work those in with a closet post??

  3. About a month and a half ago I found your blog through someone else's (can't remember who now). And since then I have gone back and read every single post. I don't usually get hooked on a blog like that of someone I don't know, and I almost never leave a comment, but your blog is so refreshingly real I can't stop reading it. I don't have any kids (I'm 21 and in college so that's a good thing) but I do have a 3 year old nephew so I love reading about life with little kids.

    I also wanted to say that I admire your fundraising for Cancer research. My mom has been an oncology nurse for over 30 years and I've been raising money for the American Cancer Society since I was very little. I've seen what cancer can do to people and families first hand in my own extended family and in my friends' families and I want nothing more than to find ways to beat it. I think it's awesome how much you raised for your marathon (and that you ran a marathon, I don't even want to think about running for that amount of time)!

    I can't wait to read more of your blog (as you write it instead of years or months later... your children aged very fast for me since I read all your entries over such a short period of time)!

  4. Maybe you can kill at least 2 of thoses birds with 1 stone. If you send those 3 cherubs to kindergarten, then Henry will have more posts just for him.

  5. My vote: Pre-K this fall! You'll be doing yourself a huge favor! Our local "Public" school has Pre-K (and guess what? It's free!)

  6. 10) Will Weaning Ever Happen? Alternate title, "Hurry up Henry, you're going to be late for work."

    LMAO! You are too funny.

  7. O. Pick ME! I'm dying to hear about
    Kindergarten/Home school.

    I've had some thoughts about TRYING to get my youngest motivated for school.

    But he's more interested in licking the window with the dog.

  8. The weaning part would be a great post! The driving 101 is very clever...wonder what that about!

  9. Henry has tons of pictures of just him! People are weird. I actually think the triplets may feel overshadowed by Henry... that kid has moxie!

    Oh and I will listen (well read) any of the above topics... just keep writing!

  10. Aunt Grace told me about ---ahem---Henry and how sweet he is
    (NOT). I guess you are in for it.

  11. Your funny. With your organizational skills - you'll have US ALL educated in no time!

    You had me so motivated. i reorganized my kitchen today. Tomorrow the laudry room, closets and kids rooms next!! AND I'M stopping before the line! (well not really but I'm trying!) Marg.