Thursday, June 18, 2009


If our children had still been enrolled in Montessori school, this would have been their last week for the semester. But since they are no longer in school, this week marks six months that we've been homeschooling.

The photo, below, is a comparative analysis of an apple that the children colored while they were in Montessori and a picture that they colored while under our tutelage. The apple on the left is an example of what they drew while they were in school this past December. The apple on the right is an example of what they are were able to draw, while at home, earlier this month.

Now it could just be that the children have matured rapidly over the past six months and an improvement in their ability to draw is completely irrelevant. Or it could be that Charlie and I are doing an acceptable job of teaching our children at home and allowing them to develop and explore at their own pace.

However you dice it, by "teaching" the kids at home, we have saved almost $14,000.00 on tuition. We've spared ourselves 240 hours in the car shuffling the children to and from school. And, we've had almost 720 hours together - the equivalent of a month - that we would have missed if they'd been in school for six hours a day.

In that time, we've built dams, bird nests, irrigation systems and tackled some of the largest roller coasters in town.

I'm just really glad we made the decision that we did.


  1. You would have to be one of the few people that I know who I'd think it was cool that you were homeschooling. You have a solid education, articulate and are well-balanced. You ask good questions. You do your research. I could go on and on. : ) That being said, I'm sure the kids have developed by leaps and bounds. Even my preschool teacher is shocked by how different my 4 year old is even within this past month.
    I can not WAIT until I can stop paying my childcare costs...woo hoo a raise!!! That is so awesome that things are working out for you guys! Congratulations!

  2. Wow. 720 hours with you kids that would have been missed- that makes it all worth it. I think you made a great decision too.

  3. And the kids have had a lesson in lifelong learning passed down first hand from their parents.

  4. Whoo hoo for Homeschool! ;-) Definately ooks like a fun ride. Love, Marg

  5. What an improvement the kids have made with their coloring! And the $$$ you have saved and hours you have saved in the car too! That's awesome! Your kids deserve the best. I hope you have a copy machine at home for all that work! That would save lots of repetitive drawing for phonics! You are doing an awesome job of teaching them at home.

  6. Wow - what don't you guys do??

    Sure looks like more than 'acceptable' learning is going on with your kids! Way to go : )

    I have a few questions: Do you have a routine of sorts that you work on school stuff? Any thoughts for how long you'll do this? Any curriculum ideas/websites that you use? What do you do with Henry while your'e working with the trips? I'm real interested here . . .

    I watch another set of twins (18 month olds) and am always curious to hear how others do it.


  7. Your just encouraging me to do the same thing with Chase! I have a few more years but I am so fed up with public schools and private ones are so pricey! Plus the added benefit of actually seeing my children every day and experiencing life with them... I just don't want to give that up! I look forward to hearing more about your homeschooling adventures!

  8. I, too, am so glad you didn't pay $14,000 so they could learn to color apples better. You have no idea. Preschool is SO OVERRATED. I am so glad I ate the $1200 deposit I put on that really expensive school and went with the community center. I would have $22,000 less if I would have gone that route. SHUDDER.

  9. Home School ~ not the easiest thing to do but by far the best! Your doing a great job...It just gets better ~