Wednesday, June 10, 2009

what's in you wednesday

Charlie is scheduled to compete in the San Diego International Triathlon at the end of the month.

He will be part of my company's team which means he will be racing with my boss, Dave, and several of my co-workers that will be comprising a relay team. The larger picture here, is that my company will be competing against several of the consultants that do work for us and the smack talk that is flying around right now is unbelievable.

What is it with men and competitive sports?

As for me, I'm not planning to compete in this particular race because ... uh ... someone has to watch the kids. And that's as good of an excuse reason as any.

Even though I'm not participating in this event, I did get out this past weekend and go for a bike ride. At one point, I noticed that I was averaging five miles per hour and it felt like my legs were on fire. The next day, I took a stroll up a small hill to our neighbor's house and had to stop several times to lean against a tree or else I would have toppled over.

A week after the marathon and my legs feel like lead.

And my toes? Don't even get me started on my purple toes.

(You really should thank me for not posting a picture because I almost did.)

According to my boss, who can run a marathon in 3 hours and 12 minutes, it can take a full month for a body to heal after a marathon, even if that marathon takes a person almost seven hours to complete it.

Which honestly, I think that a seven hour marathon is more grueling to the body than a three hour marathon because remaining on the course for that period of time is brutal. Therefore. Without question. Someone who can tolerate four more hours of punishment, undoubtedly requires more time to recover.

(That's my logic and I'm sticking to it.)

Now, it is because I need a longer period to heal - that the next event I am planning to take on is the Ovarian Cancer Research Triathlon in October. And then, if I can get a team pulled together, (Jessica, Jeanmarie, Debbie, Dawn - I'm looking at you. Who else? Holly? Heidi? Terrell? Joy?) I'd like to complete the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk in November.

That's sixty miles. In three days. But from what I understand, there will be rest stations and bathrooms along the route. So Lorie, you can just banish the thought if you think being heavy with child is your free pass out of this.

OK, let's see, what else did I have to write about?

Cancer sucks.

And for those that have been following our sweet Deana's Caringbridge site, you know that she is scheduled to go in for a stem cell transplant on June 19. They will be using Deana's own stem cells. However, this transplant is Deana's best and quite possibly, only chance for recovery.

Thanks to Jessie, I know that from June 8-22, the National Marrow Donor Program, Be the Match Registry is hosting a "Match Marrowthon" and are seeking to add 46,000 new members to the registry which gives thousands of patients a second chance at life.

While adding a new member to the registry costs approximately $100, during this campaign, the registration fee is waived for the first 46,000 new members. People who are interested need to sign up online and will be sent a simple kit in the mail to complete their registration.

I signed up to be a bone marrow donor 12 years ago, but Charlie registered tonight to receive his free kit and the entire process took about 10 minutes. You can follow this link and even though it tells you that you will need a credit card, you don't. IF you are one of the first 46,000 people to register.

(So quick! GO!)

I didn't know this, but only 30% of the people who need bone marrow can find a match within their own family. If you are on the fence as to whether or not YOUR bone marrow might actually save someone's life, please check out this post. And this one. And this one.

And this one.

And then, for the love of humanity, please go here and register for your free kit.

There was something else... I'm sure of it.

Oh yes!

Ice cream.

It is so good.


  1. Congrats on completing the marathon! I did the Disney Marathon with my mom (and TNT) a few years was a great experience. I have also completed the Kansas City Breast Cancer 3 Day. I just wanted to warn you, though, both my mom and I thought the 3 day was much harder than the even though there are restrooms and food stations along the way, it's basically like completing 3 marathons in 3 days (They don't tell you that oftentimes the course is more than 20 miles a day and that you will most likely walk more than 60 miles).

    I'm sure you'll do great, but just wanted to give you a heads up! Best of luck with your training!!!

  2. Speaking of bone marrow donation: there is a special need for those of Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino descent. Because the match is based on our inherited tissue types it is particularly important that the marrow registry has a great diversity of donors, and these people groups are sorely under-represented in the registry at the moment. Cancer certainly doesn't discriminate, so please consider signing up for the registry! Thanks for bringing up this important issue Jen.

  3. WOW I still can't belive you did the morathon with your legs and feet that go to sleep, thats really awesome! and then to do more. I follow more adoption blogs and unfortunetly some kids that also have cancer, so got signed up yesterday to be a bone marrow donor.

  4. You're an inspiration. I just registered as a marrow donor. Since I'm South Asian, AND the person I am closest to, other than my husband and children, was just diagnosed with lymphoma, it's the least I can do.

  5. Aye, aye, sir! I will report to the San Diego 3-Day Walk as ordered. *crisp salute*


    P.S. Jamie commented that the 3-day walk is harder than a marathon. Boy, I hope she's just doing some of that smack-talking that you mentioned in the post....

  6. Okay Jen, I just totally got wrapped up in reading your pregnancy/birth/NICU stories -- and haven't gotten ANYTHING else done during nap time today!! But it was SOOOOO worth it. I love how you documented everything.

    Isn't it truly amazing how everything can work out -- even with such preemies? We seem to share more than the love of a good red wine : ) E and Z were born 10 weeks early, the last I let myself see how much I weighed I was at 184 (and I'm just over 5 feet tall), I had no idea how sick I had gotten either (also developed HELLP), but I only had two and you cooked up three! Really fun to read and see all the great pics. All four of yours are beautiful (are your girls identical? I read some parts quick so I could see all the pics). Now I want to know Henry's story . . . but I'm out of computer time for now : )

    Sorry to comment on this post, but wanted to make sure you saw it.


  7. oops, forgot to add -- YOU are adorable too, pregnant with three or not. Really enjoyed the pregnancy pics! There so much more I could write : )

  8. Jen, I am a daily reader of your blog. I just wanted to say that I love all that you and Charlie are doing for cancer research.

    My sister and I are scheduled to play in a tournament for breast cancer in two weeks. We lost our mother to the disease when I was 10 and she was 19.

    When I saw your link to sign up for the National Marrow Donor Program, I just couldn't put this one off. I just completed my registry and am awaiting my kit in the mail. I hope that I am able to save at least one parent from having to depart early from this Earth, and having them miss cherished milestones in their child's life.

  9. Woot, Woot!! Hurray for Christina!!

  10. I would love to join the 3-Day Walk in November. As a matter of fact, just minutes ago I signed up for my first race...a 5K! You've inspired me!

  11. I forgot...I signed up for my bone marrow kit also!

  12. Woo-Hoo Terrell!!

    Triplet mothers unite!!

  13. ME???? a relay??? Certainly you know many Hollys who live in San Diego and who have a mutual friend named Heidi.

  14. Jen, Thanks for posting about signing up to be a marrow donor. And for all your other posts!

  15. I gave you and award over at my blog.

  16. Oh Geez! Bone Marrow?? Sounds painful. I'd rather do the Goofy Marathon Jan 9 - 10th (1/2 on Saturday and Full on Sunday). Or something else. Needles? Test? Can't I just donate hair? (yours?)

    Ugh. Marg.

  17. ...what if I get a doctor's note? will that work?

  18. Margaret / Lorie:

    Denied! Denied!

    Lorie, maybe we can get you one of those Segways >> you know, the stand and ride?

    Margaret, what are you talking about that sounds PAINFUL?! Sure, it might not be the same as spending a day at the spa, but if you found out that YOU held the key to save someone's life ... you wouldn't do it??

    I don't believe that for a minute. Register today and I'll send you another six boxes of TJ Peanut Butter Cups. Promise. :)

  19. Oh... I saw October and then the Breast Cancer 3day and for about 5 seconds I was THRILLED at the prospect of you walking with me in Washington DC. Then I kept reading and figured out my mistake ;~) Regardless... I would LOVE to see you walk in the Breast Cancer 3day! It's such a great experience and I swear, it's a total blast!

    Just please don't ask about my training... have you seen how long it's been since I updated the walk blog? Yeah, there's a reason for that.