Thursday, January 01, 2009

we're off to a roaring start

This morning while I was sitting at the table, blissfully watching our children dance around, I felt a tingling along my neck followed by a sharp ZAP.

And then, I couldn't turn my head without intense muscle spasms.

Twelve hours later, I still can't.

Concerning to me is that I didn't do anything.

I was just sitting there.

Watching the kids.

And now I'm almost completely paralyzed.

Thankfully my fingers can still move.

Despite my intense pain, I told my husband that of course he should go with our neighbors and their friends, all of whom are professional cyclists, on a New Year's Day mountain bike ride to the top of a local mountain. Sure, it's a 31-mile round trip excursion with more than 2,000 foot change in elevation.

ut he could do it. Because he's a stud.

Charlie stumbled in the front door from his ride - five hours later - and told me that he was so tired he thought he was going to throw up. He was totally and completely spent. And since I had been with the children all day, children whom had not napped more than 15 minutes on the car ride home from an outing, I told him that he couldn't be spent because me and my bum neck were spent. Totally and completely spent.

So the two of us laid on the floor trying to out moan each other, while our children emptied our cupboards and threw Cheez-Its at us. We were the epitome of pathetic. Especially when the kids started to plead, "Get up and FEED us mommy and daddy. We are CHILDWEN and we are HUNGWY!"

Yeah, Yeah. In a minute.

Here, have some Cheez Its.

While laying on the floor pondering the curse of age, Charlie told me about the 65-year old man who was talking smack to my husband at the beginning of the ride. The man who commented that my husband needed to take the reflectors off his bike because that was amateur. The man that my husband sized up and decided that he was going to fly past on his way up the mountain while calling out over his shoulder, "How you like my reflectors NOW?!"

The man who it turned out, got a flat tire 3/4 of the way from the summit and had to walk his bike the rest of the way to the top and still beat my husband. (And his reflectors.)

Suffice to say, as we continue this rapid progression in to old age, it will become even more important to be strong. To remain flexible. To remain agile. And now, I must sign off because I have a hot water bottle waiting for me, along with a nice cup of Metamucil, and The Best of Lawrence Welk starts in ten minutes.

But before I retire for the night, I have to tell you that selecting a winner for this third iPod giveaway has been the most difficult for me yet.

There are so many people that are working so hard towards acheiving their physical goals and they inspire me. There is Susan in Missouri who was hospitalized with pneumonia, but is striving hard to keep going, losing upwards of 20 pounds in the past two months.

There is Caroline who started running earlier in the year and then was sidelined when she broke her rib from coughing. There is LilKatie who has reduced her cholesterol and blood pressure levels. There is Sarah L who was running and then found out SURPRISE! she is pregnant. But instead of giving up on the progress she had acheived, she is looking to buy a treadmill so she can stay active in the bitter cold. There is Courtney who has taken on a variety of different activities over the past few months and is looking for the next challenge.

And there's Joy H.

And Wendster.

And In Due Time.

And Momma of 5.

And Heather at Twinsanity.

But the winner of this third iPod giveway is Michele S.

Michele has never once said that she wants an iPod. She has never once left a comment that she needs one. And with all the dough I'm sure she's raking in from her online makeup store, she could probably buy one herself - in between writing about the evils of self rising flour, Aunt Jemima syrup and red M&M's.

But I'll bet FIVE DOLLARS that she doesn't have one.

I've never met Michele, but I know she is all about living as healthily as possible. And I know that she had started working out earlier in the year but from what I could tell, her motivation tapered off. So it is my hope that this iPod will give Michele the enthusiasm that she needs to start working out again. And hopefully, exercise during the day will help her sleep better at night so she spends less time tossing and turning and worrying about her beautiful little boy who in 2007, was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Since Michele is such an internet sleuth and found my home address so she could send me a Christmas card (and send me in to a mild cardiac arrest), I actually have her address - so there is no need for her to send me an e-mail. Michele, you can look for your iPod in the mail.

Or, maybe I'll just deliver it.

Our kids love trampolines and I'd love to take a spin on that scooter.


  1. OMG! I WON??? Woohoo! How did you know I didn't have an I-Pod? Did I even spell that right? I don't even know how to work one, but I am going to learn. This is the year I'm going to really get in shape, or at least as good as you are in your paralyzed state. (Too much peppermint bark, ya think?)

    Yeah, I'm so excited. Do you know what else I got yesterday? My friend Laurie gave me a butter crock. She read your blog and bought two and gave me one.

    I'm so happy. You made MY YEAR! (I'm just not going to tell Greg or he'll be listing it on Ebay before I even get it!) Thank you!

  2. Oh, wait. I love wood floors too. Can you give me those? :)

  3. you rock. Coming across your blog has brought me endless hours of self-amusement. and awkward stares from my husband as I laugh to myself.

  4. Jen, please post a link to the posting where you showed how to tie running shoes. My feet are falling asleep just like yours were!

  5. Congrats, Michele S! I always love reading your comments!

  6. I hope your neck is feeling better soon!

    Congrats Michele S! :-)

  7. You are right, Michele totally deserves it!

    I hope your neck feels better! I'd suggest wine, some Joe Joes and a hot bath but that kind of goes against the whole getting in shape idea, huh?

    Happy New Year!

  8. Jen, You have my sympathy. I slipped a disc in my neck about 2 years ago while taking off a boot. TAKING OFF A BOOT!! One would think that something like this would happen while snowboarding off a cliff right? I had numbness and tingling in my left arm for three months. All in the name of "growing older", right? I hope you feel better quick. I hear that chocolate helps.

    XOXO Anne Marie

  9. Congrats Michele! That is awesome! And thanks, Jen, for the nod. Thanks for the iPod inspiration. I never win contests, so that is why I asked my husband to get me an iPod shuffle. I love it! It makes running so much easier. Thanks again!

  10. Congrats Michelle!

    I know how you feel Jen. I've had that before, too.

  11. Congrats Michelle!!

    Jen you totally rock! That sure sounds like a pinched nerve. I see a chiropractor for that. I hope you wake in the AM pain free!

    You and your dh are inspirations- reflectors, cheez its and all!

  12. I started this book Advent tradition thanks to you too (though I only started 11 days before Christmas...lazy me). I have two copies of a book called Wombat Devine by Mem Fox, an Australian author. It's about the Australian animals getting together to put on the nativity play, and it's very cute. Let me know if you'd like to add it to your collection! (email me on alissa22 at bigpond dot com)

  13. "trying to out moan each other, while our children emptied our cupboards and threw Cheez-Its at us"

    That's about how it is around these parts, except there is only the one child. But still.

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  14. Jen I think it is so great that you are encouraging to others to get healthy. Yeah for Michele!!! You will love it. I am going to try and lose 100lbs this year. Yep that is right ONE HUNDRED POUNDS. It started packing it on with all the fertility treatments and just kept packing and here I am now 100 pounds overweight. So tomorrow before my CT Scan I am taking my IPOD and walking......