Wednesday, December 31, 2008

wednesday weigh in

Alright people.

This is it.

The last day of 2008.

Last night while I sat polishing off the box of chocolate covered Joe-Joe's and noticed that there were 150 calories PER cookie, I decided that this hibernation I've been enjoying must come to an end. So this morning I did yoga. This afternoon I'm going for a jog. I have a 5K race with my friend Lorie in a month that I must get ready for.

This Saturday, the running group I had been a part of earlier this summer is starting up again. And I'm going to do my best to be there. I need that commitment every week. I need to know that people are waiting for me. I need to be held accountable. If this past month has taught me anything, it's that when I have no goals or aspirations, I am very much the kind of person that will hide in a bathroom and eat a half a box of peppermint bark.

This morning during breakfast, I told Charlie that one of my goals for 2009 is to be physically active every day. I will do yoga. Or swim. Or bicycle. Or walk. Or run. Or jump rope. Or lift free weights. Every day, I will do something. Maybe it will only be 15 minutes. Or maybe it will be three hours.

But every day, I will do something.

I will eat fresh fruit and/or vegetables every day.

I will drink a lot of water.

I will get sleep.

I will cherish this body of mine.

I told Charlie that I'm not really that concerned with reaching a target weight because I think it's more important that I feel good about myself. Then I made the mistake of asking my husband if he thought I needed to lose weight. His eyes diverted and he said, "I think you look great."

At first I thought how sweet his response was. But then I realized he hadn't answered the question. So I prompted him again. His nostrils flared like they do when he is trying to suppress laughter and he repeated, "I think you look great."

And although he didn't say it, I imagined he was thinking, "Considering you have consumed five boxes of Joe-Joe's over the past month and two gallons of egg nog. Oink. Oink." Holding a syrup-coated pancake on my fork I threatened, "Charlie. ANSWER THE QUESTION."

He gave me the look of a deer in the headlights that said, "Don't do this to me!" Then, when he could see I wasn't going to relent, he shrugged and said, "Well. I think we could ALL stand to lose a little weight. We could all stand to be a little healthier."

I retorted, "Oh yeah? Well I'm not talking about all of us. I'm talking about me. Where could I stand to lose weight?" Fearing that he was going to point out some area I hadn't even recognized before ... like my shoulder blades ... my husband sweetly pointed to the top of his head and to the bottom of his feet and said, "I think we could both tighten up from here to here."

You've got until midnight tonight.

Tell me how you are doing with your goals.

Tell me why you are proud of yourself.

Share how you are going to make 2009 the best year ever.

And Henry, who at 17-months old, enjoys sitting with his sisters dolls while listening to Meat Loaf on my iPod, will help me to select a winner of a new personalized Product Red iPod shuffle.

They are so cool. You really need one.

(iPod that is. Although toddlers that play with their sisters dolls are even more scrumptious than chocolate covered Joe-Joe's.)


  1. I have realized I might never get to my target weight but like you said, I just want to feel good about myself. That is my goal for be able to look in the mirror one morning and say, "Damn, I did it, I look good".

    I don't know how quickly that will happen considering I have 3 boys under the age of four running around and all I want to do is pull my hair out. However, I know it will eventually happen...hopefully before 2010!

    I have done fairly well this holiday season considering all the awesome food that is around. I haven't lost any weight by any means, but I haven't gained any either. I'm already headed the right direction, I just hope I don't come to a fork in the road covered with yummy goodness that leads me to take the wrong path!

    Happy 2009!

  2. Hi! I tried calling yesterday to find out some info for the triatholon in October. I'm in a slight state of panic over the "tri" "ath" "o/lon" part.... Okay so it's a few months away but.... I have to start "overthinking" this whole thing --- then I am sure to be ready!! (overthinking must be genetics) Anyway, call me when you get a chance. (ha, ha)

    We started a biggest loser couples contest! Held over the next 12 or 16 weeks. (can't remember final date) The "losers" buy dinner for the "winner". We will weigh in as a couple -- so no one knows the "true" weight of one person! Its a great idea.(hope I can maintain to be a part of it).

    Good luck in the 5k w/your friend. (Proud that I can run at least 6 miles!! Whoo Hooo!) I resolve to stop eating while standing up!!!

    Happy New Year! Best of luck to the ipod winner!!!

  3. I was just thinking of our 5K, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a gigantic bag of M&M's poured yummy goodness into my mouth! Darn those on-sale red and green candies! I now have to kick some booty and get into shape so you're not running backwards talking to me the entire 3.2 miles! Although, that would be fun, too.

    Have a happy and healthy new year! Can't wait to see you Super Bowl Sunday! Hopefully you guys will ALL come up here and stay with us!

  4. How do we win the ipod? Is this here comment all you need? No more toddlers for me, thanks. If I did want another toddler, yours would be my first pick!

  5. Great pic of Henry! So cute!
    I was diagnosed as "pre" diabetic in the Fall, so I set a goal to change my eating habits and to lose 20lbs by Christmas. I took on a new way of eating (the GI diet) and lost 30lbs! Very very proud of myself for sticking to something as I usually start off well, then fall by the wayside!
    My goals for 09 is to add exercise to the regim as although I am a Nursery school teacher and Mum to a 3 yr old I need to add some activity for me!
    Good luck to all of us for a Happy healthy 2009, and thanks to you for making us smile every time you update your blog.

  6. My goal is to get my nasty tonsils out this year. I plan to take as many vacations as possible in between. The big kindergarten is looming over me and we are going to be TIED DOWN. Yikes.

    I'll just sit back and watch you do the rest of the work, you homeschooler, you.

  7. I've been reading your blog for a while after stumbling on it from a link on another blog. I can't imagine triplets + one more. I'm a mom of 2 boys - 5 and 2 year olds.

    Last New Year I made a resolution to eat better and lose weight. I managed to lose 25 pounds and feel pretty good. I started running and have done a couple of 5Ks. I ran a 5 mile race on Turkey Day and apparently inspired my brothers to run it next year. Bets have been placed and one brother was talking smack and said that he will "smoke me like a cheap cigar" next year.

    So my goal is to keep on track with my running and leave them in the dust next Turkey day. (They'd have to show up to the start line first)

  8. I am starting a weigh loss blog tonight. Beginning tomorrow, I will be held accountable, I've pulled the WiiFit out and even bought water. I will take a weekly belly shot. *GASP* I may even decide to do a video post once a week.

    If you can do it with four kids, by God I can do it with my barren womb.

    I went for a walk around the lake today. And, I even ate an apple. Who cares if it was covered in chocolate and caramel, right? It's our anniversary though, and I didn't want him thinking I didn't like his gift.

    I know I can do it. It'll be tough, but I think I'm tougher.

  9. My goals? Well, I have 3 months to get in shape for Hawaii. My elliptical is now not surrounded by furniture, so I can now use it again, which I will do.

    I am proud of myself that I went through a long bout of therapy for anxiety and have come out on the other end very happy about myself, in general. I am proud that I don't get as stressed out as often and as a friend of a friend said, which I use as a mantra now....

    "Let what you do today be enough"

  10. Hmmm... my goals for 2009... Well I have done well losing the weight in '08 (wow-that rhymes), I too would like to make exercise a more routine thing in 09. A couple friends of mine are training to do a half marathon in May, and I'm thinking that might me the goal to set my eyes on! Of course in between running after my 5 and 3 year old! I love reading your blog... it always makes me smile! Thanks! Happy New Year!

  11. You should publish a novel/memoir of your life with you tripplets! Happy newyear! =)

  12. I don't want to enter any contest, but I just wanted to say thank you for making fitness enter my brain every Wednesday when I come here to read.

    I have quite a bit to lose and I have finally convinced my husband to work with me and be my support.

    Starting tomorrow we have a plan. My spouse the planner, spreadsheet maker has a workout and eating plan ready for us. I need that kind of accountability to get me started.

    3 years ago on our anniversary we told each other the desires of our heart, mine was to have another baby, his was for me to be healthy and grow old with him. He gave me mine and now for myself as well as my husband and 4 children, it's time I gave him his.

    I will try to check in every week and record my progress.

    Thanks so much for the place to belong.

  13. Target weight doesn't work for me. I just want to be able to play with my kids better.

    And considering that chocolate does not agree with my nursing baby, I finally have the impetus I need to kick my most evil habit.

    Right after I finish the cherry cordial kisses my US friend sent me for Christmas...

  14. I lost me this year. My company that I love was bought out. I got to stay, however, I was consumed with making everything okay. It did turn out that way, however, it was a process of rediscovery.

    For 2009 I am going to take care of me. That is going to be difficult. However I am worth it. My son will graduate from university this year so I need to show off the Mom he would like to show off.


  15. That's a cutie patootie toddler. I'd take antoehr one! My (last and very spoiled) baby is already 4. I miss the yummy little footed jammies stage.

    As for what I am proud of? We work hard, stay out of debt and try to eat reasonably well. I have a few vices (cough*Mountain Dew and Resses* cough) but we've tried to eat more veggies, less meat, and drink water. My husband is the athlete and he has lost 20 pounds in the last year or so. He looks great! I need to find an exercise that I enjoy and do it regularly. I love your commitment to do *something* every day. Mind if I borrow that?

    Happy new Year to you and yours!

  16. My goal for 2009 is to stop procrastinating about EVERYTHING. Seriously, I put everything off! If there is something that I can move to tomorrow's schedule, well, it's a given that will happen. I never used to be like this and have no idea what is making me like this but my goal IS.TO.STOP. now!

    From now on, my to do list will be visible each day and will have the items crossed off by the end of the night!!

    I always FEEL so much better once I MAKE myself do things so I have no idea why I put things off.

    I also hope to "pay it forward" more. I'm blessed and I need to do little things for others just because I can.

    Love to you guys and thanks for writing this blog. I love reading about your kids and your life!

  17. Best wishes for your goals in 2009! I'm having shoulder surgery in 2 weeks - my plan for now is just to get survive physical therapy!!!

  18. I want to lose 30 pounds and i would like to get to 900 in Geocaches i am at 419 right now

  19. I am VERY motivated! I have been doing much better with exercise, it's the grazing on total CRAP that is my downfall. But, tonight when I did the grocery shopping I didn't buy *any* crap so I can't eat what we don't have!

    Thank you so much for keeping this blog up, I get excited when I see you've updated! Happy New Year Jen!!!! :)

  20. My goals for 2009 are to lose the last 9 pounds to get to my goal weight and to start exercising. I bought jeans last week in my prepregnancy size and I managed to lose .8 this week despite Christmas and enjoyed lots of my mom's filled cookies! Yesterday I filled 2 garbage bags full of pregnancy clothes (and some transition clothes from my last pregnancy, this time I didn't bother, just wore my pregnancy clothes until last week!). My birthday was today but I will get refocused again tomorrow. I really really REALLY need to work in more exercise (well, more than chasing twin 3 year olds and carrying a 23 pound 8 month old around my 2 story house).

  21. 2009 is going to be a rough year for me with my DH being gone and me taking care of 6 kids 6 and under. So my first resolution is to sell our house and move closer to family! Second resolution is to ask for help. Because I am going to need it and I'm so bad at admitting that. Third thing I'm doing is traveling across the country with the kids. (Trips planned to VA, CO, AL, MA, TN, and WA.) And somehow I will find time to get back in shape before my husband comes home. (No triathalons in my future though!)

    I'm putting this out here for all to see that I can be held accountable for doing what I said I'd do!

  22. My goal is to upload songs to my new Ipod and take to the trail and walk my dog out there a few times a week.

    It can only get better in 2009; 2008 was low on the physical exercise front for me.

  23. mamabunnytam@yahoo.com1/1/09, 2:23 AM

    We just returned from our trip to Henderson, Nevada to visit in-laws. I decided while I was gone I was going to accomplish some goals (like lose weight and get a flatter stomach). I was feeling a bit fluffy. In order to do this I needed to get my then 8 and 1'2 month old son on a regular schedule and napping in his crib. My 4 and 1/2 year old started going to preschool with her Grammy, who teaches, in the mornings. And I dedicated my time to crib training.
    I started having free time again. I then started eating less and healthier and walking/jogging. I would tell myself to only eat to maintain my blood sugar/metabolism instead of eating for pleasure all the time. I worked up to 1000 crunches every morning and night. Granted they weren't all 100% "full-on crunches".
    I was getting a much flatter stomach and lost 10 pounds. But then I pulled a muscle in my stomach and I'm scared it's a hernia. My husband doesn't think so. We'll see. My goal is to get it checked out at the doctor and start sit-ups again if I get the green light and am healed:) I also keep pulling a muscle in my knee every couple weeks which makes it hard to jog.
    Good luck with your goals. They are very similar to mine. I think I'll do more water aerobics instead of jogging so I'll have less impact on my weak knee.
    I like Joe-Joe-s, too:) Although I haven't tried the peppermint bark yet. If my husband was a peppermint fan I would have the excuse to buy them...maybe I don't need an excuse:)

  24. Where am I? Frustrated and depressed. I used to work out regularly with hand weights and never felt better. The trimmer figure that came along with it was just a bonus really. Baby #3 put the kibosh on all that and a major move in the following year, along with a five-month overseas visit to family completely ruined my rountine and banished it. Now I'm sitting here feeling worse than I've felt physically, motivated as ever to make a change and get back to my old routine, after a myriad of health problems this past year, but I'm in the throws of the worst morning sickness I've ever experienced with baby #4, fighting a nasty lung infection, chronic back problems and painful digestion problems. ARGH! I feel like absolute hell and want to take charge of my body again, but right now, it's all I can do to keep from puking or coughing up a lung.

    Jolly, eh? My biggest goal right now is to survive this and hopefully, this time next year, Jan. 1, 2010, I can post a comment saying that I've regained control of my body and am on the right track again. The hell with losing weight. I just want to feel GOOD again!

    I'm not commenting to enter the competition. I live in Europe, so out of your postal range and, anyway, I honestly don't have a clue what an ipod is. I just wanted to vent a little. Thanks for the space....

    Happy New Year and good luck with your own goals!

  25. 2009 will be the greatest year ever if for one reason only. I learned in 2008 that I can do anything I want to do. If only I try. I've lost 20 pounds since September 1. I've signed up to run a 5K for the first time in my life. I feel like I've become the person I've meant to be. So, 2009, bring it on!

  26. Jen, you crack me up!

    DH and I started in Sept so I could go off depression meds, doing Couch to 5K. The day before our first 5K in November I fell and severely sprained my ankle and really worried that that was it... so I pushed through it and continued doing the bike at the Y and he continued to run without me, but not as intense. After 2 wks I slowly started running again....SLOWLY..1 min on Day 1. 3mins the next time... 6 the next..

    AND FINALLY!!! today I ran 2.5miles again on the road. It took way too long, but considering I sabotage myself and use excuses, I am just proud that DH and I were out there again.

    DH is down from 350lbs to 320lbs!!! and I am down from 175 to 160! We went from not being able to walk fast without huffing and puffing to easily running (albeit slowly) post sprain 2.5miles. And more than that, my kids encourage us to "go get healthy" now too.

    Also we have been slowly eliminating foods from our diet (I am a big convenience cooker). As of today, well I feel like we cant eat anything LOL..but more importantly, the kids are working on less chemicals in their food, and more veggies and water. DH and I are off fast food.

    Thank you for the kick in the butt you gave me. Because you did, unknowingly. And after 10 yrs on anti depressants, I have been off for 3 months and feel better than I did ON a lot!!

    Our goals.. 5K for Valentines day, 10K for Easter, 1/2 Marathon in June/July. DH and i both want a 20lbs weight loss. (he wants more than that, but for next 3 mo)

    Umm I do have to say that for all the GOOD you have done for me... THOSE FREAKING JOE JOES.. OMG! Dang you woman! I left them at someone elses house last night since I'm now off wheat! And PB Cups. Ugh! No other great unhealthy foods please!! ;)

  27. Tell Charlie the correct response to "Do I look fat?" is "Do I look stupid?"