Tuesday, January 13, 2009

freckles (and a frown)

Someone asked me the other day what type of camera I use.

I actually use two cameras. But typically not at the same time.

I have a Nikon D40X digital SLR and a much smaller Canon PowerShot SD 870 IS. This Canon replaced the Canon PowerShot SD 850 IS that was dropped in to a hot tub in Louisiana. I usually grab whatever camera is the closest, but if I want a clearer image - or a better zoom - I will rely on the Nikon. I really like both of these cameras and some day I hope to read the instruction manuals. Because I seriously have no idea what I am doing, nor the time to figure it out.

So if you think any of my photos look good, it just shows how easy to operate these cameras are. A preschooler could do it. Although preferably NOT when standing near a hot tub.

(Edited to add: The sad face is because her brother sprayed her with the hose. Even though she had sprayed him first. Lesson learned: Being a sprayer is fun. Being a sprayee? Not so much.)


  1. That is a great picture whether you know what you're doing or not...though I suspect you know more about that stuff than I do! lol

  2. Thanks for the info!

  3. I have a Sony A300 and I've learned more through trial and error than with the user's manual.

    I love the freckles. :)

  4. I think freckles are so adorable. I love that they just start to appear gradually... like little surprises. My oldest started getting them last year.