Friday, January 16, 2009

my, what big eyes you have

This is a picture that Carolyn sketched of me.

I have no arms, legs, hair, ears, nose, or mouth. Nor do I have a double chin. But I do have beautiful eyes and a head that is disproportionately larger than my body.

I absolutely love four-year-old art. Especially since I'm not at all offended when my child sketches me to look like a limbless alien.


  1. You look awesome sketched by a four year old. But, my oh my, look at her eyes. They are like a beautiful blue ocean!

    And BTW, why are you letting little Henry grow up so fast? I can't believe he's getting to be so big!

  2. I agree! I find it fascinating to see how my 5 year old portrays the world, what is important to her, how she is able to communicate that through her drawings. Amusing and interesting. :)

  3. Do you wear glasses? Maybe that's why the eyes are so big?

  4. Ummm... has Carolyn seen the movie, Wall-E??? If she hasn't seen it, perhaps she's had a "close encounter" of some kind? ;-) The similarities are amazing!!!


  5. Keep lots of photos b/c it is so cool to see their art evolve.

  6. You look mah-velous. Obviously the overly large eyes represent the fact that you SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING all the time!