Thursday, September 11, 2008

wednesday weigh in

Hi. How are you doing?


Well... I learned a few things this week.

I learned that it's not a good idea to eat edamame and drink a big glass of milk before you exercise. I also learned that when you're just starting out, if you put too much thought in to exercise, you're more likely to not do it.

That's right.

The more you think about taking a break for yourself, the more things will get in your way. For instance.

I'll fold a load of laundry first. Oh, now I should put that load of laundry away. But before I do, I'll just dash in and use the bathroom. OH LOOK. We're out of toilet paper. Saaaay. When's the last time this bathroom was cleaned? The floor is filthy. Are all the floors this filthy? Oh my goodness, they are. I'll just run the mop over them really quick. Did I pay the bills? Did I mail that thank you note? Did I remember to call the dentist? Oops. It's dinner time. Darn. I can't exercise after I eat. Double darn. Now it's dark.

I guess I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Shucks if my life isn't just so darn busy.

Contrast that with walking past the basket of unfolded clothes, by the bathroom that is in need of a new roll of toilet paper, across the dirty floors and directly in to your room where you put on a pair of shorts and exercise shoes, pick up a jump rope and flop around for the next 15 minutes.

Don't think about it.

Just do it.

When you take the break and are doing whatever it is that you do, try to clear your mind and keep the focus on you. For me at least, whenever I let thoughts surrounding work or my evergrowing to-do list seep in to my mind, the more likely I am to stop exercising, or cut my workout short, so I can go home and tackle a task that will be replaced by a new task as soon as I finish it.

Unless you are in prison with nothing else to do, or you are a workout fanatic, no time will ever be convenient. There will always be something else that you could be doing. But whatever you do, don't fool yourself in to thinking that you shouldn't be exercising because you don't have the time. Because when you take that time for yourself to workout - when it's just you doing something good for your body - the rewards are immense.

You will find yourself able to function so much better in every facet of your life. Provided, of course, you don't strain a muscle and hobble around for a few weeks.

I learned this week that having good music when you feel like you don't have it in you to take another step and are about to bonk ... can make all the difference in the world.

One second I feel like my lungs are about to explode and I must stop and lay down motionless, the next second, I hear the introduction to Chariots of Fire and I have new found energy and am unstoppable. My stride is back, I'm smiling, I'm running across a beach in white shorts.

Even though I can clearly see that the shadow my body has cast on the ground is jiggling, I pay it no mind. There is no flab. Just lean muscle.

I also learned this week that when my husband downloads Quiet Riot on to MY iPod shuffle and I'm out running up a really big hill and am in DIRE need of some good tunage to help me reach the summit, the absolute last song that I want to hear on MY iPod is Bang Your Head.

It kind of makes me want to bang his head.

Now because I think goals are important to keep me progressing, I have registered for a super sprint triathlon on October 19 to benefit Ovarian Cancer Research and the Surf City 5K run on February 1.

With any luck, I'll be able to convince some of the women in my family to join me in 2009 for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk in honor of my sister, Mary. Location to be determined. But possibly Boston, July 24-26.

I'll be having another giveaway at the end of October following the completion of my SECOND triathlon, so come on ... challenge yourself!!

How are you doing with your goals?


  1. YIPPEEE! You signed up for our 5K! You guys will have to stay and watch the Superbowl with us that afternoon! It'll be fun..woo!

  2. This week, not so good thus far. I have been painting and have not exercised (other than up and down a ladder a kazillion times). Today is the day to get back on track though! I can tell a difference, I don't have the energy that I normally have. Isn't it weird? Exercise makes us feel better (or it does me) and yet we put it off.

  3. Much better for me.
    Yesterday, I had decided I wasn't going to walk because by the time the kids got home from school, I was still running crazy with chores.
    Then my daughter started making plans about her class homecoming float (and since she's an officer, she MUST be involved, which means I will be involved) and after 20 minutes of planning with her, I suddenly knew I MUST get out and exercise NOW. Not only did I walk, but I ran a little too.

    Nothing like the schedule of a teenager to make you want to leave the house in a hurry.

  4. Try adding "Bust A Move" to your Ipod. It came up on my Ipod last week while I was jogging on a treadmill and I couldn't run fast enough. I felt as if I had all the energy in the world!

  5. Jody: The bust-a-move is on my iPod. But Charlie added some of his workout mix which involves a whole bunch of music that doesn't go very well with mine. I'll be listening to ELO and then on comes Iron Maiden. Why must he do that to me?


    This is part of his ploy to get a shuffle. Because see? SEE?! We need FOUR iPods in this house.

  6. I highly recommend first thing in the morning for exercise. I leave the house at just before 5 each morning, for my run. I just get up at 5:55, put on my clothes and head out the door. Then I am home before my boys are even up. I find that if I try to exercise later in the day, it's too easy to make excuses not to exercise, but when I do it first thing, then it's done and I feel good all day long!

  7. I started walking before I blog, and before I take a shower and put my make-up on and blow-dry my hair EVERY DAY, just so I can show up at preschool looking fabulous.

    I'm trying to kill myself.

  8. Okay, so it's Friday, but I'm going to say all of this here and hopefully it'll put my butt back into gear.

    I have not done any training this week or last. I got tired and felt like crud, so I didn't. And I was going to start this week again, but my trainer said take another week off. Which allowed me to re-injury my ankle.

    I'm going to start again Monday. Provided it hasn't flooded.