Sunday, September 28, 2008

bad hair day

Every one that lives in this house is sick.

Well, except Henry.

So while we were laying on the couch today, we were nearly helpless to stop the newest toddler who is climbing on top of the dining room table and grabbing at the chandelier. We were bribing him with Cheerios and Goldfish to lure him near, and whenever he came within grasp, we'd grab him and hold him tight until he squirmed away from us. Then, we upped the anty to M&M's.

Oh, how Henry loves him some M&M's.

Thankfully, we're such good teeth brushers around here.


Tonight, Charlie made homemade chicken noodle soup. And much like it is imperative to clean out both cavities of a turkey prior to stuffing and cooking (we made the unfortunate error on Thanksgiving in 1998 and didn't notice the oversight until we were carving the bird in front of 10 guests and the knife snagged on the gizzard bag - OOPS), it is imperative to clean out both cavities of a whole chicken prior to boiling.

Did you know that if you fail to clean out both cavities of a chicken, prior to boiling, the heart and liver will disintegrate and turn the water dark brown? Nothing says "GET WELL SOON!" like eating soup that has chunks of various poultry organs floating about that give the dark broth a nice resemblance to raw sewage.

Charlie being the culinary genius that he is, saved the day by straining the soup, adding some organic chicken broth and an assortment of fresh vegetables and herbs that yielded the best tasting concoction I've had in a long while. If not for him commandeering the remote control and subjecting his family to almost TWELVE hours of football, I might have considered throwing him a parade.

OK. I'm still considering it. That soup was awesome.


  1. you had me just about puking in the paragraph about the sewage looking broth...i am shocked you were able to eat it...drained or not...but i am glad it was so yummy. are you sure your tatse buds aren't sick too?! yikes...i am so picky :)

  2. Man, I've missed these reads. You are hilarious. Sorry you are all ill. Glad I'm not the only one who lures one-year-olds with M&Ms. They're magic, they really are. Any mom knows that. (My Henry calls them 'Nems.)

    And I must say that I laughed picturing the Thanksgiving moment of giblet surprise. Ha! Both cavities. Must remember. (Although I always make my husband handle the raw poultry around here. It reminds me too much of a naked baby. And/or the fetal pig I dissected in 10th grade. yeah, I can't handle it.)

  3. Karen in Buffalo9/29/08, 8:55 AM

    I hope you're all feeling well soon and that Henry doesn't get it.
    When is Charlie going to start his cooking blog?!?! If he can salvage chicken noodle organ soup, he must be a genius in the kitchen!
    Stay hydrated!

  4. Every morning, my daughter wakes up with this type of hair. I just can't understand HOW in the word does my daughter end up like this? And everytime I say it's bath time, she says, no hair mommy? just body (she is 2 3/4 yr old? ABSOLUTLY no! Although, it will look great on halloween. LOL!

  5. OMG, I'm laughing. The first year of preschool sucks. Soon, you'll start thinking of sending them a bill!

    I can't believe you ate the soup! Hoping you all feel better soon!

  6. You're so funny. You make the most horrifying experiences sound like a party. Thanks for the good laugh.