Saturday, September 13, 2008

favorite thing friday

A few months ago, I asked your opinion on baby carriers. I then spent the next several days looking at all of the various carriers that people suggested.

After pondering for a few days what would be the best baby carrier for me, I narrowed it down to two. And then, I happened upon this summary.

Once I learned that with the Beco Butterfly, Henry straps in to the carrier, before he is placed on my back, and then I read a few posts regarding questionable Ergo business practices, I settled on a Beco.

I selected the Sara print because I thought that the colors were more "manly" and something Charlie would opt to wear as opposed to the vibrant flowers I had been considering. Then, I forked over my credit card information and waited on pins and needles for my new baby carrier to arrive.

Once it did arrive, I ripped open the box, spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to wear it, another hour or so trying to figure out how to put Henry on by myself, and then I fell in love and have been happily baby wearing ever since.

I love this thing.

Although I can wear Henry in the front and the back, I usually wear him in the back. Sometimes he will put up a protest whenever I try to strap him in, but once he is settled on my back, he is positively content. Until he's not. But typically, he's content for a long while - especially if I'm walking around doing things. It's just when I stand still for longer than 10 seconds that he'll take to SCREAMING in my ear.

In fact, I pulled apart our entire garage and cleaned it from top to bottom, with Henry on my back. All told, he was on my back for a solid three hours and he was happy as a clam the whole time. He fell asleep while in the carrier - and although his head was bobbing around, he snoozed for at least an hour, undisturbed. The Beco comes with a sleeping hood that I have tried to use with little success, so perhaps I just need more practice.

The bobbing baby head syndrome really seems to bother Charlie. But since it doesn't seem to bother Henry, it doesn't bother me.

This baby carrier is like another set of arms for me.

While I'm wearing Henry I can vacuum. Wash dishes. Cook dinner. Grocery shop. GO TO THE BATHROOM. Play hopscotch. And if he gets fussy on my back, I can move him around to the front and he sits snuggly against my chest. All the while Henry, who if not in the baby carrier - would very well be chasing me around and chanting "Wahhhh Wahhhh Wahhhh!!" is usually smiling and happy.

He loves it.

I love it.

My almost four-year-olds love it.

Anyone with an infant or toddler would love it.

Especially if they bought it from The Portable Baby because she is having a sale and select prints on these carriers which normally retail for $139.00 are selling for $89.00.

Yes, that would be $50.00 off.

Now, I must go finish packing because we are leaving for a camping trip first thing tomorrow morning. It's just an overnighter in a tent, but the volume of gear we have stockpiled next to our front door, might lead one to believe we were living for a year in Antartica.


  1. Ack! I have the 4th Gen Beco and we love it. I don't need a Butterfly, I really don't need a third carrier, and we're investing in a Runabout this weekend (my 8th stroller!)... but tomorrow is my birthday and that is a scary low price. Ack again!

  2. You're tempting me so much!!

    How long could you carry a toddler in it? How much do the trips weigh? And does it take long to switch from Henry settings to triplet settings?

    Tell me more, tell me more, tell me more! :)

  3. After thinking I researched carriers thoroughly but realizing later on that I did NOT, I bought an Ergo last month. It is great for front-carry, but there is no way I can put my baby on my back by myself, which defeats the whole purpose of having a carrier in the first place! I think I will be returning our Ergo and buying the Beco.

  4. yeah, i agree with Anne! i tried to check out the website, and since I'm distracted by the toddler who wants my attention, I cant seem to find the weight limits.

    Said distracting toddler is a whoping 32 pounds, and I haven't worn him in a backpack type carrier since he managed to somehow slip through the leg holes and almost choke...very bad experience!!!

    But I would really like to be able to do things like go downstairs and get laundry out of the washer without catastrophe befalling every single time :)

  5. Glad you love it! We love our beco, definitely a lifesaver - and DH wears it too (he won't touch a moby or a ring sling). Can't wait to use our beco with the new baby in the next couple of months.

  6. Oooh that's it. You've tempted me. Our baby is due in January and now I want one of these. They do sell them in Canada, but at $140!

    I need to find someone in the states to whom I could have the company you named mail the product to, and then that person could mail it to me (and I wouldn't have to pay duty & taxes, etc).

    Hm....will have to hit up my brother in Chicago!

  7. we have one of the Beco carriers and it has saved me last summer when my daughter was 11 months old and we spent a month visiting my relatives in Europe. We rented an apartment on the 5th floor of an old building with no elevators. My husband didn't join us for almost 3 weeks so I was left to my own devices with my daughter. I did all the schlepping of her and groceries and everything else up and down the stairs with no problem except some massive weight loss, but that I do not call a problem. Then when my husband and his brother came, they did the carrying and didn't for a second mind that my Beco had a pretty feminine print. Our second one is due in three months and I don't plan on getting a double stroller. I am a baby-wearer through and through so my baby will just be nicely strapped to me while my daughter will hang out in her stroller. Weight loss anyone?

  8. Do you have the original version or the new one? I need a baby carrier BADLY. My 30 lb 15 month old is about to break my back.

  9. But does your CHIROPRACTOR love it? Goodness!


  10. As a mom of 1 year old triplets, I'm thinking this might be an investment! Especially if your 4 year old can go in it! Does it kill your back? I could take out a DOUBLE STROLLER and carry one kid on my back...oh joy. I think I may need this!

  11. AWESOME! I am so getting one when/if number two ever comes. I had a Baby Bjorn and LOVED it. I wore that thing ALL the time!!!!
    And anything that lets me go POTTY in peace has to be good!

  12. I can wear Henry - who weighs about 25 pounds - for at least an hour or more and it doesn't bother my back, anymore than a 25 pound backpack would.

    The Beco has a waist belt that helps to transfer alot of the weight from your shoulders to your hips, so ergonomically, it is a better situation than lugging around a toddler in your arms for an extended period of time.

    When I wear Henry in the front, it does seem to bother my shoulders after 30 minutes or so, but I could never wear the Bjorn for long stretches of time, either.

    I've worn the triplets too - but only for fun and never for as long of a stretch as I would ever wear Henry. Elizabeth is around 32 pounds, William is around 37 and Carolyn is about 42. I can't recall exactly, but I want to say the carrier goes up to 45 pounds.M

    There is no adjustment that I have needed to make (or if so, very minimal) when wearing the triplets and Henry. Any adjustments that need to be made are done with a belt-loop strap that is very simple and quick.

    When you have a baby that NEEDS to be held, this is definitely something I would recommend. It certainly beats the alternative of carrying a squirmy baby in your arms for an extended period of time.

    To Debbie - this is 10X better than the external frame Kelty backpacks we both have worn in the past, in terms of comfort, ease of loading baby, manueverability, and weight. This thing is up there with the Podees as something I cannot live without. Oh yes. It's that good!

  13. this has NOTHING to do with this post, but I HAVE TO TELL YOU:

    I finished my 10k!!! 1:01:17. Go me! I can't believe I did it. And even more unbelievable? I'm not going to stop running. I think a monster might have been created!

    You can read my story (if you want):

  14. Thanks for posting about this! A friend asked me which carrier to buy for a mom & dad. I was thinking an Ergo but now I will reccomend a Beco! Thanks.