Wednesday, September 03, 2008

a quadrathlon

My husband is trying to convince me that playing tennis on his new Wii is really helping to prepare him physically for the triathlon he is scheduled to participate in, next month.

He can skip running one day a week, if he plays an hour of tennis at night.

Wouldn't it be fun if after swimming and cycling and running, the athletes file on to a virtual tennis court where the winner takes best 3 out of 5?

Charlie and I first met on the tennis courts. We played each other for the intramural singles championship in college, 17 years ago.

I'm not at liberty to say who won.

But I still have the champion t-shirt.

(that I swiped from him once we were dating).

Tonight, my husband and I were beat in tennis by my mother who whooped our behinds with one hand in her pocket. Charlie was trying so hard to keep up that he knocked a glass of water clean off the table and nearly cracked one of our ceiling fan blades in two.

Yeah, my 75-year old mother is running circles around both of us.


  1. LOL, his hand is just a blur!!! I think he's got his $250 of the Wii.



  2. Sound like you guys need to be doubly sure those wrist straps are on!

    It's funny who is good at Wii. Our six year old was the boxing champ in the family for months...she would dance. punch randomly, sweat and kick our butts.

    What do you think...are you going to get Wii Fit? We can't decide.

    Have a great day!

  3. Our daughter beats us up with the Wii Tennis. She has this really wicked power serve that makes lots of those little white smoke puff thingys.
    We babysat a 6-year-old boy the other night and of course he was a pro at Wii. It was hilarious to hear him tell my husband how to get it started.

    Oh and go Noni!!

  4. I think your mom deserves the T-Shirt, now!

  5. I love how in the first picture she's just sitting on the couch watching, and then in the second he's still swinging wildly and she's got that calm,"Let me show you how it's done" air about her.
    Tried Wii out at Blogher. It was a lot of fun!

  6. I am unbelievably jealous that your living room is way cleaner and nicer than my living room. I have one baby. He is only three months old. He does not make a mess.

  7. I seriously love your mom.

  8. Y'all need to get the Wii Fit! It is incredibly fun and such a good workout! This coming from a middle age lady who only runs when being chased! LOL You would like it alot!!

  9. LOL -- It looks like they are having so much fun! I have heard of a few Wii injuries though . . . hopefully the glass is the only casualty at your house!

  10. Check out Dance Dance Revolution for Wii as well... it's a more intense cardio workout than Wii fit. -Anita R

  11. I read all these fabulous posts about your mom. I want to know WHAT IS SHE DOING TO BE IN SUCH GOOD SHAPE AND ENERGETIC?????? I want to be just like her! Maybe I should start out by going to bed at 830 *ha*. I really want to know your mom's secrets----and she did have a lot of kids too!!!!

    mom to Andrew, Luke and John 1-08-06

  12. Don't knock the exercise component. We have 4 remotes and 60 games. Every friday night my husband plays a "freindly" game against the kids, everyone sweats profusely. And I use the wii fit every second day when the kids are in bed (I can still hear them this way). It doesn't replace my real exercise, but it's better than watching rubbish on tv. My husband goes away all the time, so I try to practice when he is gone, as we are both trying to beat each other with the different yoga poses, games, muscles workouts etc. You should get it, it is great fun (and exercise).
    Tracey (Jakarta)

  13. I'm glad to hear that it's not only my husband that totally thinks that he's ACTUALLY playing the sport when he's playing Wii. Jon's serve is exactly like Roger Federer's when he's in our living room...Accompanied by the grunting and everything, it honestly scares me.