Friday, May 16, 2008

while we're on the topic of unorganized thought

I haven't really posted anything cohesive for a while. You know, where the entire post follows one topic or train of thought. Sure, I could - but then I'd only be updating my blog once a week and that definitely won't do.

Now that I'm working again, I'm trying to juggle my career in with everything else that I've got happening. To date, I haven't yet reached the "cruising altitude" where I am successfully implementing days of flawless execution. Instead, it feels like I'm caught in a pocket of turbulence and there is dirty laundry and bushels of clothes that the children have outgrown but have yet to be organized - flying everywhere.

They are covering up my car keys, wallet, and cell phone with the dead battery.

I can't go anywhere, buy anything or talk to anyone. One might think I'd be able to get a host of things done under those circumstances, but I haven't been able to summon the quiet peace of mind that is necessary for me to create any kind of cohesive post (regarding organization, perhaps? Four weeks later?). Yet, because I have so many things to report on (and so little time), I'm clumping everything together in one blog entry and calling it good.

But also, over there, << , on my sidebar, I'm posting little mini blogs (140 characters or less) through Twitter. I know that there is a whole lot more that you can do with this program than what I'm doing ... but for now, this works great for me. It's like a rapid river stream of consciousness. Because when I've got a lot on my plate, I like to distract myself with more ways to not get things done. That's just the way I roll.


On to the subject of nicknames.

For my children, William goes by Will, or, more recently, "Will the Pill." Elizabeth goes by Beebay, or Zizbeth. Although, come to think of it, these aren't nicknames as much as they are her siblings trying to sincerely pronounce her actual name. Carolyn is Gracie. Or, more appropriately, Gwacie, to William and Elizabeth.

I'm all for nicknames and although we largely use our children's formal names, sometimes I will call them an abbreviated version of their name. Some people don't like nicknames because they think it is too confusing for the child ... which I can understand.

Then there are people that have nicknames that are completely unrelated to the child's name at all. Sometimes, I'll call our kids "Love Bug" or "Little Peanut" just because these are terms of endearment for me.

Yesterday at the park, a four-year-old boy was playing with our children. His mother came over and introduced him as "Pooh Bear." I thought that was really cute, because he did kind of resemble Winnie with blond hair and a round belly. But all along, I was thinking, surely that's not the child's real name... that's got to be a term of endearment.

But at one point, he started to run away from his mother and in to the parking lot. She was calling after him, louder and louder to the point that she was hollering "POOH BEAR!! STOP!! RIGHT NOW!! POOH BEAR!! IF YOU DON'T COME BACK HERE, WE ARE GOING HOME!! POOH BEAR!! DO YOU WANT TO GO HOME?!"

If there is one time I would unequivocally use our children's full name, it would be when they are running full speed in to a parking lot. So, if that is indeed his name, unless he opts to go by "PB", something tells me that not only is this kid going to be ruthlessly teased, it's going to be tough finding "honey" when he grows up. Much like the girl I met whose name was Syphilis. No kidding, it was pronounced "Sih-phyllis." Her mother picked out the name after reading it on a sign in the doctor's office the day she learned she was expecting.


Have you heard of the Sinus Rinse?

It's similar to the Oprah-endorsed Neti Pot, but purportedly better??

Earlier this year I had the flu. It lasted, with variable intensity, for almost 12 weeks. For three months, I was sick. I fell ill a few days after I crowed about how to STAY HEALTHY!! and was so sick I could hardly pick my head off the floor. Then, I had bronchitis and a sinus infection so bad I thought for sure I was on my out.

One day, while I was at the pharmacy aimlessly searching for something to make me feel better, I spotted the Sinus Rinse. It was right next to the Neti Pots that I'd heard my mother talking about (after she saw them on Oprah. Of course). So, I picked one up and read the label.

I made the purchase - brought it home - followed the instructions - rinsed my sinuses - had the sensation of snorting a nose full of sea water - and felt better almost instantly. Within a few days, I was 100% better. Charlie started to feel sick a few weeks ago and I convinced him to use my Sinus Rinse. Which he was vehemently opposed to because Charlie does not like sharing ANYTHING that pertains to personal hygiene. But because he was slipping fast, he gave it a shot. He did it again over the course of the next three days and boom, the cold never manifested.

This could be purely coincidence, but I think not.

The argument that I've heard as to why nasal irrigation works, is because colds and flus originate in your nose. Nasal irrigation helps to mechanically clean out the "nooks and crannies" of your nasal passageways, which can provide relief from colds, allergies, and a host of other sinus troubles.

While at Costco last week, I felt like I'd hit the jackpot when I saw that they were selling a package containing two Sinus Rinses for those families that CANNOT share personal hygiene items for around $18.00. This was a great deal, considering I spent $14.00 on one at our local pharmacy. (Sadly, the Costco twofer deal is only in California).

Because I have a streak of practicality much like my mother who thinks that toilet paper is a great gift, I bought several of the two-pack Sinus Rinse kits and plan to give them away at various birthday parties I attend this summer.

Happy Birthday! Here's a douche, for your nose.


  1. Oh darn! Too bad Shayna's birthday isn't until November!

  2. Oh my gosh! I have allergies and my Dr. recommended the Sinus Rinse. I'm totally addicted to it. I feel like I even think clearer, although that feeling only lasts until I go downstairs to my 21 month old trio. Then, it is back to fuzziness. It is nice while it lasts though!

  3. "Here's a douche, for your nose." I just want you to know that at that, I rinsed my own sinuses by laughing so hard that my Diet Coke came out my nose. Which, by the way, ouch! But it was totally worth it...and now I have to head straight to CVS for some Sinus Rinse of my own.

  4. A douche for your nose. Surely the makers of the Sinus Rinse will want to steal that tag line.

    I'm not one for nicknames so we tried to give our kids names that could not be shortened or changed. So of course our son, Blake became Blakester, the Blakemeister, Blake-n-shake, Steak-n-Blake, and my own pet name for him - Bubby. So yeah, we are firmly opposed to nicknames......

  5. Hi Jen! Wow, thanks for finding me. Since we'd both pretty much left our root forum behind and ventured out into solo territory, it gets kind of easy to lose touch. Which reminds me that I'm only like a year late in wishing you a hearty congratulations on your Henry (love the name!). I'll have to go back in your archives and find some pics.
    If you read back a ways with me you'll see that Edward is now 15 months, Vincent is hedging in on 3, and I'm 2 months pregnant. Crazy world, eh? (I lost a twin pregnancy in January; this is actually my 5th pregnancy!)
    I don't know how you juggle everything. It's like trying to contemplate the edges of the universe. Good on ya, though! You're just setting the bar high for the rest of us. Heh.
    You don't even know how proud you made my husband by commenting on his Wikipedia entry regarding The Wiggles. It's the little things.

    Much love to you and your family! Please come see me again, and I'll be thrilled to do the same.

  6. I laughed alot at a "douche for your nose"! My hubby tried Sinus Rinse this spring- after my mom recommended the Netti Pot (because Oprah said so!)- and he was pretty impressed at how well it worked... after he got over how gross it is.

  7. Can you use the Sinus Rinse thing on the kids? I'm going to get one (or a dozen) now!!!

    All my kids have a ridiculous number of nicknames. We do refrain from using them in public though, because they are embarrassing. Like Austin's name is "Puddie" as in Puddin' Pie. We have a nickname for his nickname. We are LOSERS!

  8. LOVE Sinus Rinse! I have allergies so I use it everyday, have been for years. You can buy the rinse packets in bulk on You can also use 1/4 tsp of regular salt but the packets must have a buffer as they are not so obnoxious as regular salt.

    I'd say yes you can use them on the kids as long as you can teach them to "close" their throat (as in gargling).

  9. My son is three and we just went to an allergist because he has such bad nose troubles. They gave him some medication AND the Pediatric Sinus Rinse so yes kids can use it. They make a smaller size bottle for them. You just get the pediatric box of it! Even if they don't know how to close their throats it still works really well!

  10. Sinus Rinse - I'll have to get the next unsuspecting US visitor to pick me up a pack, it sounds wonderful! I am constantly coldy - I blame the Nursery (Montessori, I should add).

    Our kids are mainly known by their full names - Finlay and Skye. But Finlay is also called Mouse, and Skye is 'Soss' (ref. Sausage. Yeah, classy!). I wanted a cool nickname for Skye (like Mouse), but it hasn't materialised, and you can't force these things. I know that Skye (10mo) will have problems saying Finlay, so I am looking forward to that extra nickname!

    I am a Jen too, but I was always called JJ as a kid, and my full name (Jennifer) at school. I prefer Jen, but my sister refuses to use it!

  11. We used the pediatric sinus rinse on our 6-year-old after she had her adenoids removed and ear tubes inserted. It really helped "clear her out" after her surgery!! I still use it on her occasionally when she is getting a cold.

  12. Jen - That's so funny! I used that Sinus rinse a lot this past year, and I love it! I also like to use mine whenever I've been out in the yard spreading mulch or pinestraw... or doing anything in a dusty environment. It's great!

  13. We love our "Snotty Rinse" - Jack won't use it because he's stupid, but my Olivia and Amelia have no problems with it.