Wednesday, May 14, 2008

10K training. With triplets

I took the kids to the park today, thinking that maybe if I brought a few balls with me - they could chase after the balls - while I ran laps around the soccer field. Although they love to do this every other time we've ever been to the soccer field ... today, chasing balls wasn't an activity they were willing to embrace.

Instead, they wanted to catch a ride on the front of the jogging stroller while I ran back and forth. If it wasn't their turn to ride on the front of the stroller, they would run screaming after me, "Don't weave, mommy! DON'T WEAVE ME!!"

Although I did my best to convince them that I would never leave them in the park (which now that I think of it, is contradictory to what I told them yesterday - when it was time to go and I said I would leave them if they didn't get in the car), I only managed to run back and forth across the field twice before my children were worked in to a three-year-old hysterical crying frenzy. Yet, once I stopped running, the kids were perfectly content to look at beetles scurrying through the grass. And fill our potty chair to maximum capacity.

In the middle of a field.

They could have sat and looked at beetles while I ran laps around them ... but, no. That would have been much too convenient for me. So, I pulled out our trusty kite and ran with it while the kids chased after what I told them was Mr. Ray's shadow, and that is how I finished my 20-minutes of running.

Running after three kids is much different than running with three kids.

To accomplish the latter, all it takes is a little ingenuity, a portable potty chair, and the ability to not trip over kite string.


  1. oh lordy lordy. is that a photo of your well-used potty chair? and its contents?

    glad i haven't eaten yet ;-)

  2. you're awesome. the poop in the potty was crazy, but thanks for the visual

  3. You are just a great story teller! I think there would be a huge market out there for a book from you. Just bottle up this whole blog and get it book ready! I always get a laugh out of your posts. Sometimes, I've wept as you have shared things...but mostly your humor shines.

    Think about could stay home. It would be a best seller I believe.

    I am serious! You have a way with words that catches the reader.

  4. Have I mentioned to you? They "slurp" your blog into a book.

    It's good reading! Granny is right.

  5. "the ability not to trip over kite string" a rare talent indeed. I always feel like Charlie Brown with the kite eating tree when I try to fly a kite.

  6. Motherhood is all about ingenuity. :)