Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i'm an addict

Hi. My name is Jen.

It's been two days since I last inhaled a box of Trader Joe's peanut butter cups.

In my defense, I wasn't even PLANNING to eat that box. I had bought a lone box to send to Mandi in Texas. Yet when I came home from the store and deposited a grocery bag on the counter with the box of peanut butter cups perched on top, before running out to the car to grab another bag, Charlie took it upon himself to OPEN the box and eat one. Of course I was so angry I grabbed the box and ate the rest of them while asking my husband in between bites, "What made you think ... hmff chomp chomp ... THESE were for YOU?"

The boxes that I bought today, aren't for me. I'm sending them off to a few of my family members that live in areas where they can't get a TJ fix any old time they want. And of course, a box is for Mandi.

I'm seriously trying to wean myself from peanut butter cups. The past 24 hours haven't been easy, but with a race that I'm training for and all that exercise stuff I'm doing, I figure now is as good of time as any to start working on my diet. In lieu of peanut butter cups, I'm inhaling a bag of Philippine Brand Mangoes every two days. They are nutritious.

And lightly coated in sugar.

It seems that I've got an addiction to sugar. When I don't eat it, I get really grumpy. And when I do eat it - even if I'm grumpy - my mouth is so busy chewing I can't say anything derogatory.

Now here's something that might surprise you.

The kids are killing me. They are sucking the life right out of my body. I don't know what is happening with them, but every day seems to be a little more insane than the day before. Maybe it has something to do with our "new" schedule - or the weather - or their age ... but whatever the case, for the first time, I am thinking that the money we are spending for school in the fall is a DEAL.

What I'm dealing with is parenting to the extreme. I've got three three-year-olds that are dead set on acting their age and a baby that crawls almost as fast as his siblings run - that will not let me out of his sight - or he will wail - louder and more ear piercing than I ever imagined possible from such a small person.

When we came home from swimming lessons today, I was less than two minutes behind them with Henry and our pool gear, and when I rounded the corner to our family room, the kids had broken in to our movie collection. Elizabeth was pulling a VHS tape out of the plastic housing and Carolyn was flinging DVD's across the room. William was running around acting goofy. I don't know how to accurately describe this behavior. But it isn't cute ... it's obnoxious.

When I have them one at a time, they are totally different kids.

When I have two at a time they are totally different kids.

But wow, you get the three of them together and the gates of Hell open before my eyes. I haven't been handling these situations too well, lately. Nor do I handle it well when they pull each other down to the ground and wrestle like a bunch of rabid apes.

I know. I know.

These days will pass and one day I'll miss them. (Highly, HIGHLY doubtful. But whatever.)

Right now, I feel like I'm on a bad carnival ride and all I can do is close my eyes, pray for it to be over, and hope that I don't throw up.

Oh, LOOK! There's a box of chocolate. How convenient!


  1. Thanks a lot Jen! You (and my kids) have finally broken me down. As soon as Hubby gets home I'm heading straight to TJ's to buy/try these peanut butter cups. Like I need a new addiction. Sheesh!
    What makes it even worse is the TJ's closest to my house just closed and I'm going to have to drive a few extra miles.
    Oh yeah, those mangoes are fantastic! My local Costco stopped selling them and have sugar coated dried pears and apples instead.

  2. Maybe, just maybe, my last post will make you feel a little better?


    Maybe not. I know that life can and will get crazier for me. After all, we haven't entered the potty-training nightmare yet.

    My husband bought me a "Chocolate Emegency Kit" the other day, and it is gone, gone, gone.

  3. I feel your cravings! I'm right now going cold turkey off the Trader Joe's Gluten-Free granola, which has some form of sugar in three of the first five ingredients. It's been a week and I'm pretty sure this is going to take a 12-step program to get through the next.

    Sugar. Oy.

  4. I hope your voting for David Cook tonight!!! :)

  5. You know, if your training for a race and burining all those extra calories anyway, why not have a box of peanutbutter cups?

  6. Jen,

    Seriously you crack me up! You have such a way with words. Sorry for the rough times...i do totally understand where you are coming from. So did you eat them? Kidding!

  7. not the kids the box of chocolates. (thought I better add that)

  8. I so wish we had a Trader Joe's here in Dallas. Whole Foods just isn't the same.


  9. You always make me laugh. I almost never comment, but I always read. I also have 4 children, but they are 15,13,11, and 16 months. I remember those days of pure chaos and mine weren't all the same age and stage, but pretty darn close. You have my respect!

  10. I'm afraid if I don't stop reading your blog, I may end up succumbing and heading to TJ to buy those PB cups! Then I'll blame you when I gain my 40 lbs back!!!

  11. I told you that you'll miss these days!

    Tomorrow, Shayna & I have decided to finally purchase some of those yummy looking PB cups!

  12. Jen, Jen, Jen, you can't buy the peanut butter cups. No human being is strong enough to not eat the whole box. I haven't had a box in over a year. I got PBA - peanut butter cups anonymous.

    Listen. My kids are driving me nuts too after all my praise for their sudden goodness and greatness. I spent the last 2 hours furiously figuring out how to get them out of my hair this summer and with people who are being paid to be nice to them. I've got us up to 5 days of scheduled FUN! Mostly FUN for me, because I get to sit on a bench and occasionally look up and nod at them. This is my Plan For Summer Sanity.

  13. Oh Trader Joe's! So much yummy stuff to get addicted to! My sister works there and she's always bringing stuff saying "try this!" and then it begins...I can't stop! Currently (and ever since my babies came home from NICU) my obsession has been their caramel cashew cookies. To DIE for.
    Hang in there. :)

  14. Oh please don't puke on the ride -- PB cups would be nasty to clean up.

    ((((hugs)))) you HAVE to get the childrens book called Five Minutes Peace.

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  16. 3 weeks ago my sister in law found out she was having tripets! I've spent hours on the internet trying to educate myself about what to expect in the months and years to come. I went through an egg donation so that she could finally experience motherhood and now feel slightly responsible lol.
    I ran across your blogging and I couldn't stop reading!!! Cheers to you! Your children are lucky to have such a witty mama!! Keep up the good work!

  17. The pineapple by the same company is better than the mango...just a tip.

  18. Karen in Buffalo, NY5/21/08, 5:35 PM

    Okay...I just sent an e-mail to Trader Joe's with a "new location request." I don't know if I'll be able to wait til they decide to come to Buffalo to try the PB cups. I think I'll see if one of the stores in NYC will ship. If not...I might also be asking a favor of you!!

  19. Oh! How I love YOU! My dear Cousin.

    Just when I was feeling down and a little depressed... I thought to myself..."perhaps I need a 'triplet' fix"...Thanks for a good chuckle!

    Now get some electrical tape - seal the cover TIGHT and send those CHOCOLATE PB CUPS!!

    ;-) Love, Marg.

  20. YUMMY! They are officially my favorite peanut butter cups now!!! I had to try them since you write about them all the time and I have a chocolate weakness...any excuse to buy new chocolate. I've read your blog for about 6 months now and your kids are adorable.
    Tammy, mother of 4 year old girl and 3 month old boy

  21. Thanks for the coffee comment... ;-) Enjoying reading some back story on your blog.

    3 children (for me) is a lot! There is a lot of screaming and chaos at our house too.