Monday, February 04, 2008

month seven: in review

My baby Henry ... my how you have grown in this past month!

Last month, you rolled over for the first time. This month - I have to stop you from crawling right out the door.

It has become commonplace that I will put you down in one spot - and moments later - find you ten or more feet away, in another spot. The only thing that can stop you is the couch, which I can frequently find you wedged beneath.

You are learning to sit up on your own...

And when you topple ...

You do it with grace.

You very rarely sleep in the Bjorn anymore, because you are getting much too heavy and it is important for my back - and your routine - that you consistently sleep in your crib.

The very crib that your father had to lower to the middle setting one week...

And the lowest setting the next week, for fear that you would fall right over the side.

You have discovered your feet and like your mother, love chewing on your chubby baby toes.

You also love food.

You adore food.

Every food that I have fed you thus far, you will inhale. With the exception of squash.

You love looking at Cheerios.

You love grabbing at Cheerios.

You are mastering the pincher grasp.

Your siblings will try and help feed you...

Although, I have to be especially vigilant that they don't actually feed you, particularly after Elizabeth tried to give you a heaping spoonful of your dad's famous Chili.

You love the swings at the park ...

And story time...

But typically, I will lay you beneath the book, or else you'll pull at the pages and although you may not notice it yet ... that drives your siblings crazy.

Oh, how you love the sound and feel of crinkling paper!

Other than when you tear at their books, gnaw on their toys, or pull at their hair - your siblings treasure you.

You are the quintessential baby doll.

You are full of joy and you completely fill my soul.

Of course I can't say that I'm happy about how fast you are growing up...

But you are delighted.


  1. OMG I could just eat him up!!! What a dollbaby!

  2. Well since you accidentally rejected all the comments, I will just do it again. I love these reviews. Henry is adorable.

  3. He is so beautiful and healthy looking and looks like the girls I think.

  4. He is so precious! I love all his little expressions!!

  5. Can I just tell you that the picture of Henry waiting for his spoon with his mouth wide open just makes me smile?

    I need to smile today. And that cheers me up a little. :-)

  6. I think I'm in love...

  7. Ah. Adorable! I could sqeeze him through the net!

    (please don't reject me again... my sensitive side can't handle rejection! LOL!)

  8. Oy. He's so darn cute.
    You're into the toes? Personally it's the cheeks I could munch on all day... and that spot just under the ears... yum... babies.

  9. He is just adorable! Seriously...

  10. Poor William looks so out of place with his blonde hair! They are all so cute!

  11. They are all gorgeous, Jen. I loved going through this post especially. I probably have shots of my son like every one of these photos. I sure wish there were blogs 18 years ago. I'd have put all my son's baby pix up like this too. Alas!