Saturday, February 23, 2008

live blogging: sleep school day 3 / nap 1

After having woken up at 5:15 - with intermittent whining and babbling for an hour and a half, Henry fell asleep and woke up again 7:05.

I scooped him out of his crib, nursed him for 20 minutes, fed him breakfast at around 7:40 and then let him crawl around while I got dressed, unloaded the dishwasher, got the triplets dressed - rushed to move potty chairs out of Henry's path - and made the beds.

I then got Henry dressed, changed his diaper (probably should have done this early, but oh well) and he nursed for a few more minutes before I put him in to his crib, wide awake at 8:35. He began to cry as I lowered him, but immediately put his head down. When I went to check on him two minutes later, he was asleep.

At 9:15 I happened to look up at the clock and wonder if he was going to sleep past his 30/40 minute mark, and just then - I could hear him stir. Within a minute, he was back to sleep and continued to sleep until 9:45.

Now, we're off to the park and then - to a doctor's appointment for Elizabeth. That might be a little tricky because the appointment is at 12:20, and I really want to have Henry home and in bed for his afternoon nap by 1:00.

Oh my heavens, he is so cute and happy and well rested!

While I'm typing this, he is crawling towards me as fast as he can. Pictures to follow later.


  1. I have to say, I am LOVING hearing about the "sleep school"! While we are pretty easy-going in many other aspects of our parenting, we were (and ARE) pretty anal about our kids sleep. Bedtimes are constant, no missing naps, etc. We went through alot of the same issues as you have/did. While it's a hard road to take (letting them fuss it out, etc.), I think the rewards are amazing for both the kid and the parents. We have to take the hard road and stand firm. Keep it up - it seems like it is working!

  2. This brings back SOOOO many memories of when I was trying to sleep train my 2 year old twins. I remember at that time reading your blog post about how you sleep trained the triplets. That was my inspiration for laying down the 'tough love' with my babies. It sounds like things are going well and Dr. Weissbluth would be oh so proud of you!!!

    Keep up the good work!!

    Melissa in MN

  3. Totally just found this link very randomly, and thought I'd pass it along in case you DID want to see Jon and Kate on Oprah...

    LOL. After I noticed a link to it, I just had to share it with you after reading your blog! (I haven't personally watched the video on the link yet, so if it's not the full interview/not so good don't shoot the messenger! hahaha).

  4. Okay, yup. I've checked out the video and this isn't the whole interview. But hey! At least you could see a bit of it, hahaha. You have more time for short clips than long ones anyway in your busy life. LOL.

  5. You'll probably have Henry all squared away by the time Charlie gets home! Don't you just love happy well-rested babies? I stand strongly behind my statement that well-rested babies don't cry when they go to sleep! You probaly won't hear a peep out of him once you get through this! Sucks about the doc's appt though!

  6. Sounds like Henry is going to get an A in sleep school!

  7. I wish I had paid more attention to sleep patterns and stuck firm to them when Ava was a baby. The only things I really remember without photos from her babyhood are the fact that she NEVER slept and ALWAYS wanted to nurse!

  8. Sucks when they get stuck in the bars of the cot. Did he eventually go back to sleep with his leg stuck or did he manage to free himself?

    I know three swallows does not a summer make, but it sounds like you are on the way. I guess the next bit, now that he kind of knows what to do, is to be consistent for a few more weeks until it is a real habit.

    Well done everyone!