Tuesday, May 21, 2013

tweet! tweet!

Charlie and I had promised ourselves (and each other) that we wouldn't tell the children about the bird nest, for fear that they might accidentally disrupt it with all of their child-like enthusiasm.


I didn't actually tell the children about the nest. I just showed them the pictures that I'd snapped off and then they spent the better part of three minutes trying to figure out which plant pot the nest was in.


They finally figured it out when the mama bird flew out of the pot and buzzed them as she flew up to the tree. Rightly so, they shrieked.


We had the kids promise - PINKY SWEAR PROMISE - that they wouldn't bother the nest. And then we had to spend the next seven days watching them every time they went outside to ensure that they lived up their promises.


This past weekend, one week after we found the nest, we lifted the plant out of the pot and what to our wondering eyes should appear ....


But five tweeting birds that were quite difficult to hear!


Earlier the same day, the children discovered a turtle migrating across our driveway.


It's like Nat Geo wild in our front yard!


  1. Little things mean a lot---now is the dog expecting---or is it a male---I hope!

  2. At least your wildlife is cute. Last year we discovered a colony of bats was living in our house. Worst 6 weeks ever.