Monday, May 06, 2013

my fourth little duck

This afternoon, I took Henry to his Kindergarten orientation. All of the teachers and staff knew him as the triplet's little brother and gave him a royal welcome when he arrived. We had the opportunity to go for a ride on the school bus ...


Then we met with his future teacher in addition to the Art teacher, PE teacher and Music teacher. When we went to the music room, the teacher read the children a story and taught them a little song.

"Four little ducks went out to play ... over the hills and far away. Mama duck said 'Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack!' and three little ducks came flying back." 

So on and so forth the song went until no little ducks came back to play. Eventually, the sad Mama duck went out to play, over the hills and far away, when she quacked for her babies - they all came back with ducklings of their own. Good Lord, I had to suppress a sob right there in the elementary school music room. Why did they have to pick that song? Why not, "I'm a Little Teapot Short and Stout"?


He was so incredibly good throughout the entire two-hour orientation, which concluded with cookies and milk in the cafeteria. He sat quietly and paid close attention and all I could think (aside from boo! my baby's growing up too quickly!) was how glad I was to have kept him in preschool an additional year.  This year he's definitely ready for Kindergarten.


Hopefully come September, I will be too.


  1. Wow! Henry is going to school---see how quickly things happen? That is what we do--we cut that chord and let them fly---that is our job.I know your sadness---and your joy that you are doing a great job as a MOM.

  2. I so wish we had the ability to Redshirt here in the UK. My son's birthday is on 3rd Aug, the cutoff is 1 Sept, so he is the littlest, youngest and most emotionally immature in his year. My friends son is going to K in Sept and his birthday is 31/Aug, a full year younger than the oldest kid in his class. So SO unfair not to have the choice for those kids who would benefit from that extra TLC and time. So, so glad you had that option for Henry.

    1. Jen - I didn't consider it to be an option, it was just a decision that I made and it makes me really frustrated that you don't seem to have that CHOICE for your child?

      In our case - Henry is so much more mature and mentally prepared for school this year. It would have been very difficult for him, and us, and the teacher / class if we'd sent him earlier. So it's mind boggling to me that your school doesn't allow the parents more latitude in deciding what's right for their child when it comes to when they begin school?

      What if you just don't enroll him? Will you still be able to keep him in preschool? Or will the truancy officer come after you?