Tuesday, September 04, 2012

wait a second .... grade

This was the scene two years ago, today, when our kiddos started kindergarten (and I had access to a better camera)...


(Okay, just noticed the clothes were different, so these must not have been taken on the same day. But you get the gist...)


This was the scene last year as they trooped in to first grade...



And this was the scene this morning as they began second grade. 

(Note, Elizabeth is wearing the same shoes that she wore in her photo last year. This was the source of much distress at our home, this morning.  I've promised her that this week, she and I will go shoe shopping for a new pair of Twinkle Toes. And maybe a goldfish. But definitely not a cell phone, which she also really, really, really wants. But has no use for at the age of seven!)



There's no science to prove it, but I'm sure time really does go faster once your children begin school. Whether its their own general maturity, or the influence of other kids, or a combination of all factors - one day, they're itty bitty little things that you don't think will ever potty train, and the next day, they're talking about their eventual move to college and how they fully intend to live ON CAMPUS because then they'll FINALLY be free from a mother who insists that they brush their hair everyday.

The horror! 

I know those collegiate days will be here soon enough. So today, while they're still within my arms reach - they are the innocent victims of incessant hugs and kisses.

And tangle free hair.