Saturday, September 15, 2012

kitchen band

Sometimes, the noise in our home is deafening.

But in a lovely, melodic way.

Or as lovely and melodic as children banging on pots and pans with various utensils can be.
Although we have our differences of opinion on certain music (Barry Manilow, me; Blackberry Smoke, him), Charlie and I love music and have it playing almost all the time in our home. This past week, my husband heard that the Wiggles are coming to our area and he has expressed to me that he really likes the Wiggles. As in, he will listen to them quite frequently (every day) without objection. So when he heard that they were coming to Virginia - he immediately looked in to tickets. Today, he was tickled as he told me that he'd found two awesome seats right down at the front.  "Two tickets? " I asked. "What about the kids?"  That's when he gave me a surprised look and asked, "Oh. So ... do you the kids will want to go, too?"
(An important message to our Wiggles fans William, Elizabeth, Carolyn & Henry: Your father, Charlie, might enjoy our music more than you!)
I dunno. The Wiggles? Maybe. 

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