Sunday, September 30, 2012

venti-sized fun

Henry started his second year of preschool last week.  Unlike last year when he only attended three days a week, this year, he attends five days a week from 9:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the afternoon. He could be dismissed at noon, but he's opted to stay an additional hour and eat lunch with his friends. After watching him get ready for school these past few days, I've determined that his favorite part about eating lunch at school, probably isn't the actual eating of lunch, but rather the swinging of his lunchbox as he walks out the front door in the morning.

His other favorite part is the drive to school, because his french roast coffee-addicted dad almost always makes a stop at Starbucks.


Just the two of them, sharing a piece of coffee cake and preparing for the day ahead.  Charlie tells me that these quiet moments together is a highlight of his day.

I think it's a highlight of Henry's day, too.

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