Thursday, August 02, 2012

we're nothing if not romantic

Our 18-year wedding anniversary is in a few days. Charlie's been asking me if I've picked out an anniversary gift for him yet and the truth is ... I have!  But I haven't yet divulged that his anniversary gift is actually a gift that was due to me by my company for celebrating my 10-year anniversary as an employee.  I'd actually celebrated the decade mark last year, but had neglected to peruse the gift catalogue and order anything until a few weeks ago, so now it will fortuitously arrive just in time for me to give it to my beloved.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!!

Tonight, Charlie told me that he was planning to take a few of the kids out shopping on Saturday morning. He needed a few hours away to pick something up, which is code for, "I need to go shopping and buy you a present." A few days before any event be it Christmas, birthdays, Valentines, is always exciting in our home because I know that we'll try to hide whatever little surprise that we have planned for each other and inevitably, one of us will slip up and the other will clue in and .... OK, maybe this doesn't sound like much fun, BUT IT IS. We're both like little kids in a candy shop when it comes to surprises.  

So when I used Charlie's laptop tonight, I saw that he'd had a number of different windows open, and as I went through closing them - I saw the image below. At first glance, I thought it looked like a necklace, draped across a telescope?  My second thought was his little surprise is out of the bag!!  Of course, he's buying me a necklace for our anniversary!!


But then I realized that the window he'd had open was Home Depot and this thing is a flush valve for a toilet.  I'm guessing this isn't going to be my anniversary present, although it certainly would be a practical gift that I'd use every day.