Sunday, August 12, 2012

somewhere, over the rainbow

Tonight, I was looking through some pictures that I'd taken during Spring Break which I've neglected to post. This photo was snapped off specifically for my mother because it captures 8 of her 20 grandchildren. From left to right...


Michael, Elizabeth, William, William, Wally, Carolyn (and camped out underneath) Henry and Wyatt. For four and a half long years, Michael was the youngest grandchild. But then seven cousins came along in less than three years. Wally and William are twins who were born nine months to the day after the triplets ... and Wyatt is their little brother who was born five weeks to the day, before Henry.

It is so much fun to get all of the kids together because they really have a great time. I think it's amazing that my brother and I added seven healthy grandchildren to the family tally in 33 months. I also think it's amazing how awesome Michael is to each of these kids. As a black belt in karate and an aspiring Eagle Scout, he shares with them, he plays with them and he gets only the tiniest bit upset when they break his toys. In my book, he's St. Michael - Patron Saint to the Little Cousins.