Thursday, June 14, 2012

zoom, zoom, zoom

Tonight is the the night before the last day of 1st grade for our trio.  I'm not sure how it's possible, since it seems like only a week ago, I was writing about it being the night before their first day of first grade. Nonetheless, after tomorrow - they'll be on their way to second grade.

And then it's just a blink - blink - blink ... BAM!


All too soon, I know we'll be staring at their empty rooms and wondering where the time went.

Mah babies!

This week we bridged sprinted (across a real bridge!) from Daisies to Brownies ...


Notice, I spaced the petals wrong so oops, we now have a STEM!


Look at those big kids in their brown sashes!! 


AND, we bridged from Tigers to Wolves.



Charlie and I have really enjoyed leading the troops this year and watching these awesome little people grow up. These awesome little people who are able to stand still and look at a camera.  I never would have thought it possible!!


This week, we received an exorbitant amount of paperwork from a year worth of school work. We stealthily recycled 99% of that material ... except for a few gems (I have a puppy, I have a sister, I have 2 brudr, I love my feieu [OK, so I have no idea what that means and will require a translation] ... I LOVE ME.)


.... and hung up several new pictures in our Kiddo Galleria.


Unlike last summer, when I was too bone tired to sign the kids up for any events, this summer in between what I'm sure will be a lot of tree climbing, bridge building, fort making and book reading ...  they'll be on a swim team and dive team. They started their daily practice two weeks ago and let me tell you folks, swimming is a BIG DEAL around these parts.  Charlie has registered and is now trained as an official time keeper.  For the past few days, we've been very busy practicing cheers for our first swim meet this coming Saturday.

We'll be cheering at SWIM MEETS?

It feels like we're entering a whole new world.