Monday, June 04, 2012

Day #4: banana watch

Out of the 21 bananas that we had in our inventory on Friday evening, seven of the bananas were bordering on past-the-point of ripeness. Those bananas were frozen and have since been used in the making of banana pancakes, banana muffins and fruit smoothies. As of this writing, the remaining 14 bananas, have been completely consumed.

There was sadness in the land tonight during dinner, when there were only three bananas remaining and four children who all decided they wanted a banana. It helped get me over my own bout of sadness that my "Banana, Banana, Bo Fana, Fee Fi Fo Fana Banana Rama Blog Fest" was ending two full days earlier than I'd predicted, when the kids split up their bananas to share with their sibling who wasn't fast enough to grab one.  I love to see the love that is in their hearts. The love which isn't always visible and is often hidden beneath name calling, tattling, teasing and other behaviors that are entirely age appropriate.

(So the books say.) 


And even though there was some bruising on the three remaining bananas, that didn't stop the kids from eating them. Why this little bruise ...


I'll just dig it out with my finger ...


Rub it over here on the edge of the table where it will most likely be cleaned up by someone OTHER than me...


And ... well, hello fiber, potassium and iron!


It's safe to say: we're bananas over bananas. And at only $5.11 a share, I'm thinking a purchase of some Chiquita stock might be a wise investment.