Sunday, December 18, 2011


We have a week left until Christmas and I still haven't begun my Christmas shopping. This year, for the first time in many years - I'll be doing the majority of my shopping the good old fashioned way... going in to the stores. While I recognize this might take more effort on my part, that's the price to pay when you don't want to pay for expedited shipping.

I'm hoping to kick things off, Tuesday, and am really looking forward to it.

(Charlie and I have dates planned through out the week while children are in school!)

(Dates!! Romance!!)

For the past three days, in an attempt to heal thyself from the inside out, I've been fasting and my diet has consisted of 100% freshly squeezed juice. Today, I drank approximately eight pounds worth of carrots and two pounds worth of beets and fully expect I'll have a reddish-orangish hue, tomorrow. I also called my pharmacist sister, Beth, in a panic because my current symptoms are eerily familiar to what I had this past June.

Immune system? Immune system?! Wakey-wakey!

Beth told me the biggest gun antibiotics we can throw at this, so tomorrow, I plan to call my doctor and beg (demand? threaten?) that they please call in a script for Cipro or Levaquin before I'm driving myself to the Urgent Care Center at 3:30 AM. Again.

There is no way I could miss any of the dates with my husband.


In our 17 years of marriage, there are certain highlights that arrive via mail each and every Christmas season. Those highlights include:

A package of home baked goodies from Steve and Kathy. Nonna's (Kathy's mom) biscotti is the best we've ever tasted and it makes our hearts very happy.


A package of Harry & David pears from Jeff and Susan. However it is that H&D precisely time the arrival of those pears so they are ripe the very next day, is delicious magic and you've never seen children eat fruit so fast.


An abundance of wonderful cards from friends and family. The annual greeting sent by Aunt Nancy and Uncle Chick always features a beautiful hand-sketched creation by Chick, with a narrative on happenings over the year, by one of the animals from their farm.


Although Charlie and I have, with the exception of last year, always sent out our annual greetings in December, this will be the second year in a row that we'll miss our self-imposed deadline of distribution the week before Christmas.

Family and friends, please keep your eyes peeled for another Valentine's Day greeting (or maybe we'll move the date forward by honoring Martin Luther King Jr.) Considering we only have six shopping days left, our top priority is ensuring Santa's sleigh is stocked and ready. That priority is in tandem with my priority to get well because I'd really prefer to not hang my stocking on an IV pole.

As for the children, they're doing fantastic and are considerably better than they were just a few days ago. They are young and resilient and incredibly cute....


As evidenced by Henry enthusiastically reading Louie, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."