Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Our family has been gripped with sickness. Within the past week, for the first time in our family's history, all of us have had visits to the doctor and all of us are on antibiotics.

Alas, the Christmas Spirit is strong ... even in the sick bay!


Despite the crazed hand-washing and Purelling and Lysoling and vitamin-taking and humidifying, with three first graders and one preschooler, we reside in a petri dish of germs. We've been battling one thing after another since before Halloween, but it has exploded in the month of December. The sore throats and the headaches and the stuffy noses and the coughing.

All I want for Christmas is for Santa to take away the phlegm.

Every time I catch a cold (e.g., bronchitis, sinusitis, complainalotitis), I'm convinced it's the worst one I've ever had. But maybe they really are getting worse? Are viruses stronger now than they were 30 years ago? And if so, will they continue to strengthen with time? Will my grandchildren pick up a cold and be incapacitated for six-months?

Louie is the only one in our family who isn't sick. Although he can't whip up a batch of Jell-O, we're trying to teach him how to fetch us boxes of Kleenex. He's shown in the picture, below, wearing a Santa hat like a blanket. One of the kids stuck this on him, and he quickly collapsed in to a two-hour nap.


To his left and right are little black stuffed animal dogs that the children have donated to him. These are his favorite toys (along with our socks, hats, gloves, mittens, little fingers or anything for that matter that he can get his teeth on in the two seconds we're not looking at him), probably because they remind him of his litter mates. Although he's nearly doubled his size in the past three weeks, sometimes when I look in his crate, I can't immediately tell which one is him. And sometimes, I'm just in sheer disbelief.