Sunday, June 27, 2010

things i'll miss about san diego #3

I'll really miss May when the Lily of the Nile buds begin to appear ...




And June when they unfold their spectacular purple to the world.




After the challenging May I had, these flowers were especially beautiful to me this year.


Where flowers bloom so does hope. - Lady Bird Johnson


  1. these posts are making me want to MOVE to san diego. :) we live in seattle, but take an annual trip to san diego. my three (almost four) year old twins love it down there.

  2. Is that what those are called? Not "purple puff ball" like I've been calling 'em all these years???


  3. I know we don't personally know one another but I've been reading your blog for a long time. Keep your chin up. You are going through a difficult time and there are random strangers out here who are pulling for you. I'm very sorry you lost your baby. I am also very excited to watch the excitement of your move. HUGS from a friend in Kansas!

  4. Yes, but you'll have the cherry blossoms and the daffodils along the GW Parkway that Lady Bird had planted. The bright and cheery daffs always make me smile.

  5. I love these too, although where I'm
    from (Australia) we call them Agapanthus. I have a big crop on my nature strip, unfortunately school kids live ripping the buds off as they walk by. Hope yours don't suffer the same fate!

  6. Hi Jenn,

    I've been keeping up with your blog for a while now and I'm taken back with your memories. I was sad and frightened when I moved from Amesbury but I never had the thought to put it into words and pictures the way you do. I have really enjoyed being included in your memories.
    Life is an adventure and this is a new and exciting chapter in your life. Just think of the new adventures the kids will have. AND... you'll all be able to come to Aunt Graces for the Holidays.
    I'm excited you'll be closer. I know one sister of mine who is really going to love it! Karen

  7. This post reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures, Matthew 6:28: "Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin..." and as I thought about the circumstances you currently find yourself in, I thought perhaps you would find comfort in those words as well.