Sunday, June 06, 2010

somewhere, over the rainbow

As we've been organizing our garage in preparation for the big move, our children discovered the box stuffed with Halloween costumes and supplies. It never ceases to surprise me how much our kids enjoy dressing up and pretending.


It certainly makes me feel good to see our children wearing specialty costumes over and over (and over) again that I thought for sure they'd only wear trick-or-treating once, before rapidly outgrowing before the next Halloween.


For the past few days, they've morphed in to Dorothy, Witch and Scarecrow. Although we've got the Tin Man costume, our five-year-old would prefer to wear the all flannel Scarecrow which is actually sized for a toddler. But that doesn't stop him from squeezing in to it every day. It makes me laugh when he'll say, "Nope! This doesn't hurt!" (squirm. squirm.) Then, with sweat beading on his brow he'll ask, "Now, where can I find a brain?"


As it turns out, our resident toddler has his own opinion on what he'd prefer to wear.


No surprise there.


  1. our dress up box is full of halloween costumes too, and whenever we have other kids over to play, it's always the first box pulled out and disected for play. A well stocked dress up box provides HOURS of imaginative play. I love having one.

  2. What fun you have with your kiddos. Continue to enjoy as they will soon be on to something else. Good luck with your move and new job. Will continue to check for new news on your blog space. Karen

  3. William is doing a great job of pretending he's not in pain LOL.

    PS, this is embarrassing after all these years but I never, I mean NEVER, tell the girls apart
    Who's in the first picture and who's in the second so I can study their absolutely beautiful faces and commit the right name to the right face.

    It doesn't help that we have identical twin girls in our family who their Mother can sometimes not tell apart!

  4. Love that picture of Henry (and the others), but he looks just like a 3 year old there :). We just moved and I want to wish you a heartfelt good luck and happy packing, I didn't realize how much work it was going to be with kids (last time I moved, it was right after we got married, and we fit into a medium sized UHAUL. How times have changed). Good luck!

  5. Muahahahaa! LOVE Henry's expression in that last shot. He's SUCH a doll!

  6. Hi Jen.. I have followed you since the good old Resolve days and read your blog daily.. My husband and 4yr old live in NJ and have been in the process of a "possible" move to Fairfax County VA in the Fall. (He got relocated there in October and we are doing a 2 household life at the moment)
    Not sure of exactly where you are looking, but Belmont Country Club and River Creek homes are the bomb.. Gated, beautiful homes.. Check them out and good luck..Here you are moving across the country and he cant get me to leave the beach in NJ!!