Wednesday, June 16, 2010

let's just consider it a less popular source of protein

So today as I'm busy working, Charlie gets Henry up from his nap.

My little one wanders in to the room where I'm seated and I reach out and pat his head as he walks to the window, directly behind my chair. He stands there playing and babbling somewhat incoherently as an almost three-year-old is prone to do.

Suddenly, I hear him very audibly say "YUM!"

Although I'm distracted with work, an alarm goes off.

Yum? What yum?

I spin around to look at him and he greets me with a huge smile. Placing my hands out to pick him up I ask, "Henry? What are you doing?" and he laughs, "I EAT 'EM!"

"Eat 'em? What do you mean you eat 'em?!"

He nearly shouts at me, "Mommy! I eat da bee!"

*Suppress gag reflex.*

I doubt it was actually a bee. I suspect it was a dead fly, stuck in the window track. But that is precisely why Mommy will not be obliging Henry with his great big slobbery kisses for a few days.

Or at least until the image of my adorable toddler son macking down a dead winged insect fades.


  1. What, did you pack the *real* food already?

  2. Aaaah, Henry! He's all boy.

  3. Blech! We had a teacher at school that is quite bizarre (and lucky me, she'll be moving to my team next year) that helped her kids catch and freeze worms that they ate later. Seriously. Can we say ewww?

  4. Just have him swallow a spider to catch the fly.
    Of course then he'll have to swallow a bird to take care of the spider, and then a cat to catch the bird, and then a ...well, you know how it goes.

  5. He'll be fine. I ate a cricket when I was six months old and crawling. My mom found one leg hangiing out of my mouth.

    And - depending on who you ask - I might have turned out just fine.

  6. ewwwwwwwww yes gag reflex indeed. A bee sounds alot better then a fly, oh yuck!

  7. Ummm... eww.... kids are gross!! I'm not sure Zack has eaten anything gross in awhile. The last thing might have been dog food and he spit that out a couple chews in when he realized it didn't taste quite as great as he was expecting.

  8. What a doll, it will be great when y'all are closer.

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