Thursday, December 31, 2009

to my Hayward family

I just learned that my Uncle Paul - husband to my mother's sister Ann - and father to some of my many awesome cousins Peg, Regina, Marie, Sally, Susan, John, Paul and Tommy, passed away earlier this week. It was only three months ago that I last saw my Uncle Paul, at the memorial service for my Uncle Bill. I caught a photo of Uncle Paul and Jim laying on the bed and watching a Red Sox play off game and you've never seen two 83-year old men, happier.

(That is - until the Sox lost.)


To all of the Hayward family, we are holding you in our hearts and fondly remembering your Dad. My Uncle Paul was a very funny man and always made me smile.

We are with each and every one of you in spirit.

Please give your Mom our love.


  1. One of many cuzzins!12/31/09, 11:24 PM


    Thank you so much. I love that picture of Jim and my Dad. It is 'so' him...kicking back and watching the game.

    My Dad was a good man and life just won't be the same without him. We're doing okay here, but we're all very sad. The rapid onset of his illness and cascade of events leading up to his sudden demise, caught us all off guard. We really didn't have much time to prepare ourselves. But, thankfully we all spent time with him. Taking turns to stay with him around the clock during his 10 days in ICU. We worked together as a family to bring him as much comfort as possible, and that is consoling to each of us.

    Thank you for your kind words about him. I'm glad you recently had the chance to spend some time with him. My Dad enjoyed seeing you and was very impressed by you. He thought you were smart and funny and still very cute!


  2. Hi Jen,

    Thanks so much for your kind remembrance of my dad.

    Papa had a great time visiting with Your mother, Jim and you that night. {especially after they tuned into the ball game}.

    He was a character and he will be greatly missed by us all.

    Peg O.

  3. Marie Shaw1/3/10, 7:26 AM

    Thanks Jenny for the lovely tribute to my dad.

    He was pleased to know he made your blog when that picture appeared! There was no question for him a few months back when he had to make that sad trip to SC that he would go. Family was what kept him going. My dad was ALL about family and kids. He got the biggest lift when he saw the next generation having kids upon kids upon kids. What else is life about but to enjoy them, right?

    We said our sad farwell to my dad yesterday as the snow lightly fell and the trumpet sounded taps. It was a poignant ending for a lovely man. (He loved the snow too!)

    It was a testiment to the life my parents led that so many of their family and friends braved the elements to support us.The church was full on this snowy blustery day.

    One of my colleagues mentioned how many people of the older generation were in attendance at the services. I explained that my parents were very active senior citizens. My dad played cards with friends every Thursday, called Bingo for their Senior's club twice a month, was involved in many retirees groups and had a standing dinner date with his friends after 4pm Saturday Mass every week. It was really amazing to see so many of HIS friends in tears at his loss.

    In hs 83 years he touched many lives with his kind heart and giving manner. We will surely miss him but will be reminded of his spirit through the energy of our children. Which is what he would want.

    May we all be so lucky to have such a fortunate, long, active and happy life.

    Thanks again,