Saturday, December 19, 2009

adios, amigos!

A few months ago, we took the children in to have passports made up for each of them.


Because... we had been contemplating a cruise to some exotic destination. But for a number of reasons, the cruise didn't work out. Still, we thought it was a good idea to have passports for the whole family, just in case we had some totally off-the-wall idea to load up the car on less than 72-hours notice and take off to some foreign country.

(You know, it's happened before.)

When our friends came over the other night to talk with us about the work that they were doing in Mexico and they asked us to join them - Charlie and I both eagerly said YES. This would be a fantastic experience for us - and an incredible opportunity to expose our children to another culture - another existence - and we hoped that it would nurture the compassion that is starting to bloom in their growing hearts.

And wow - how fortuitous that we already had their passports!

This was MEANT to be!

But then we went to bed and we slept on it. And when we woke up, we looked at each other like we were OUT OF OUR MINDS to even think about taking our precious children in to Mexico. Not because we don't think it would be a wonderful experience for them (because I'm certain it would) and not because we don't think that they would be helpful (which I'm think they might be) but because we're a whole lot nervous about voyaging in to a foreign country that at least on the news, is portrayed as an increasingly corrupt and murderous hell hole.

So, we decided instead that I would catch a ride with our friends and drive across the border to do a recon mission. And since I'll be traveling with people who go down several times a month, I feel a lot more safe knowing that if we get pulled over by the Federales someone can communicate with them effectively. Because I'm certain that if it was up to me something brilliant like, "Donde este ... uh ... pinata?" would probably come out.

Charlie will hold down the fort when I leave at 6:30 in the morning for what they tell me, may be an 18-hour day of traveling back and forth across the border. Despite what might take upwards of SIX HOURS travel time, I'm really excited about visiting and unloading several truck loads worth of supplies at the orphanage.

With me I'll have my two water bottles and passport and camera with 8GB memory card. And a First Aid kit because I never leave home with out it. And an Uncrustable. Or five. And maybe some Dove squares. Because I'm a little addicted.


Say a prayer for me, won't you please that I make it down and back safely? And also, that I don't get thrown in to some Mexican prison for trying to smuggle a dozen or more orphans out of the country.


  1. Good luck Jen. I am so excited you are going. I absolutely cannot wait to hear how it went.

  2. Hopefully, the wait time at the border to get back in to the US is under 2 hours!! Good luck!

  3. Wow~ what a great Journey! Travel safe! I think that i would have made the safe decision about the kids...

  4. Awww... little kids on passports! That's about as far as my brain went, LOL.

  5. Prayers coming your way both for what you're doing and for your save return to the loving arms of your family.

    I think you made the right choice about not taking your merry quartet this time. When they're a bit older and you've scoped out the scene and feel more comfortable with it it will be an incredible experience for them in the fine art of giving and sharing their good fortune with others.

    You and Charlie are such incredible parents I am so glad that God in her infinite wisdom choose you two to be the parents of your amazing trips and Henry.

  6. WOW. Very humbling. Since you may be "taking the children" back home. We'll take a few. As you know we got our approval letter to adopt last spring but nothing yet. We may be 110 before it happens! I think we should start calling you Kathrine Hepburne - wasn't she a great humitarian? Keep up the good works ;-) Love, Marg

  7. Prayers and safe travels to you, Jen.

  8. I'm glad you chose to go ... and to leave the clan at home :) Will pray for you!

  9. keepinchinup12/20/09, 5:29 PM

    Hi Jen, This is "keepinchinup". I just noticed your post and wanted to thank you for your thoughts and your mom's thought's.
    I definitely am having a hard time right now. I have a family (husband and 2 kids).
    I've kind of come to a point in my life that I'm reflecting on me and who i am and needless to say, i realize it's not pretty. I want more than anything to change. To have love in my heart and forgiveness.
    My children and husband are beautiful and I realize that I would love to be a part of their wonderful world. I know it doesn't make sense. it's just how i feel.
    I feel that there is no hope. I feel like I'm desparately trying to lift myself up and failing. Thoughts bombard my brain that I don't want to have. Heaven knows I don't want to feel like this. It's frustrating.
    I do understand that I probably deserve to go through this but I just want complete forgiveness and a change of heart. I would do anything. Trust me. I feel like we can't pick who we were born to be and goodness sakes...can i change now?!!!
    There is so much beauty to life. and i feel like I've been living for myself and not others. I think i never enjoyed the simple things in life. I look at my motives and say wow that was selfish. Is it too late to have a complete change of mind and heart? it's what i honestly want more than anything....

  10. Praying right now Jen. I didn't know if you'd do it with the kids, but I just knew you would do it. Can't wait to hear your experiences on your return...

    Praying now...