Monday, December 14, 2009

the 2009 family photo

Charlie posted this picture of our family on Facebook, yesterday.


My cousin Anne Marie wrote me a note asking why I wasn't wearing red? My first thought was because I'm the black sheep in the family. (Ha, black sheep!)

My second thought was to pull up the photo from last year and see what I was wearing. And low and behold, much to my dismay, everyone is wearing the same exact thing.

But! But ... the girls love their Santa dresses from last year and they still fit. And Gymboree was having a HUGE sale and I bought William a size up in his red corduroy shirt. And Henry fits in William's 3T corduroy shirt. Both of which match Charlie's red corduroy shirt. I'm in my one and only Christmas sweater which is so festive! And if you look REALLY CLOSELY, you'll see that this year Henry is wearing black corduroy slacks as opposed to black corduroy overalls.

Family with Santa 2008

Still, the outfits are pretty much identical.

Hopefully, no one holds on to pictures from years past to compare how people have changed. Because if they do - they'll immediately notice that our clothing is one thing that hasn't changed.

Although look - I did wear a RED sweater in 2007.

Santa 2 2007

Why can't I just send out this picture every year?

Santa 2005

I really don't see it getting any better than that.

Although this one is pretty good.


And this one, too.

Santa with kids 2008

What takes the tacky cake? Sending out the same picture every year - or wearing the same thing every year? Oh never mind. Don't answer that. Instead, would someone please send me a reminder in early December 2010 to wear something a little different than we've worn for the past (almost) three years in our holiday photo? You might even give the suggestion to do something REALLY crazy like take a picture without Santa.

Although, who remembers how well that went last time?

(That's my eye and eyebrow. To the far right.)

(Yet one more reason to move close to family. They tend to work better than a tripod.)



A post about our date night will be coming up soon. But first I must go do something called WORK. Which is necessary if one wants to eat. And have new clothes for holiday photos. Sometimes, it is so difficult to be responsible.


  1. THAT Santa pic (with just the triplets) NEEDS to be a holiday greeting card. like a hallmark card. seriously. best santa picture ever!

  2. Great Post! So hilarious. I thinkt hat the pictures is GREAT! Though it does not top that one of Santa holding the three screaming kids! SO FUNNY!

  3. Okay. Wait a minute. Back up here, Chicky. ANNE MARIE got a card? God love her but...I haven't gotten one!!

    Who else out there has one besides Anne Marie... Mom?? AUNTIE?? What about you Peg? Regina? Kathy? Amy?? Lisa?

    Oh yeah. "It's in the mail". How many times have I heard that one!!

    Time to play a sad song from Grease, eat chocolate Dove bars dipped in peanut butter, mull over words of wisdom from the wrappings and drink a DC. Love Marg.

    PS Next year hopefully ya'll be closer so we can go shopping before the big picture day. ;-)

  4. Gorgeous pic! Who cares what you're wearing. Everyone is looking at the camera ;)

  5. Please NEVER stop posting your trips picture with Santa (the screaming one)! I've enjoyed that one for years now...and told many about it!!! Seeing it each year just makes me smile. There IS no better picture with Santa in my opinion. What a great look Santa did in that photo too! Have a great year. At least you have a picture with all looking the right way...and with pleasant faces. I cannot find one this year with just the four of us that fits those two categories. Oh well.
    A in OH

  6. You crack me up. Maybe by next year, you'll know how to make dresses and you can make your own. ;)

    Or you can just put the girls in some cool leggings and let them wear the Santa Dresses again, just as long shirts! hehe...

  7. eh hem...I think my shapeless black dress with sheer long sleeves from Talbots has been to the company xmas party 3 times, 3 years in a row...the first year it wasn't worn by me...was pondering when someone would actually start noticing. I must make a note on my calendar as well...

  8. Hey ~ why change something that works! You all look great. You look great with your hair down but I wear the ponytail, too! Tam

  9. Oh they are growing toooooo fast. How wonderful and healthy you all are. Let us give a big shout of praise for that--who cares what you are wearing--it lookd great.

  10. OMG --
    LOVE the picture of the girls terrified and crying in the arms of a trepidatious Santa giving an alarmed "Ho!" You could not have staged it any better. That picture made my day! Thank you.

    :) Cate @ Tundra Topics

  11. I love how you can tell both boys have the same ears and they are their daddy's ears! It is so interesting how the girls both look so much like you and both boys look like your husband. How does nature figure that stuff out?

    Both pictures are beautiful. My boys have worn the same clothes (in different sizes) for the last three years...make it a tradition?

  12. I absolutely love your duplicate photo. My girls fit in their Christmas dresses too, but not their shoes and I didn't get around to buying new shoes this year.

    Can't wait to hear about the babysitter and your night out. For the record, I took home four extra kids after school today. Two of them are my neighbor's daycare kids. So while she is getting paid to watch them, I am watching them for FREE. Where is my 50 DOLLARS?

  13. Jen, thanks for the reminders of all Christmas' past. It always makes me remember how much they've grown and progressed over the years. The black sweater is fine but one tiny question. Why is Henry gritting his teeth? Or is that this year's version of a smile?

  14. bwah hah ah hahahah! I'm with everyone else. That pic of santa with the triplets is hilarious! His face cracks me up

  15. I love all the pictures but, Lord forgive me, that one of the screaming toddlers is my favorite.

    You could do what we did and have the photo in black and white. Then nobody knows what color you're wearing. Our card is posted on my blog right now.

  16. Maybe if you want to mix it up a bit, you could think about sitting on Santa's right side. Not only are all of you wearing about the same clothes, you're all practically posed in the same position.
    I love seeing the comparisons. Keep 'em coming.

  17. oops. guess one should read the first line of a post before commenting....."pic posted on facebook". *gulp* another anonymous commentor eating (chocolate) crow. ;-)

    Triplets w/Santa face - always a classic favorite.

  18. Did you guys get our card? I am definitely NOT wearing the same thing as last year... LOL! Did you like how the boogie board is positioned perfectly! HA!

  19. One of many cuzzins!12/15/09, 9:48 PM

    You're so lucky to have 4 little children ALL cooperating, smiling AND looking at the camera!! Their Christmas attire looks adorable and festive and oh my gosh, why in the heck did you have to tell us that you all wore the SAME clothes last year? Here we've all been thinking that you're P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Now you've totally blown your cover. I'm so disappointed.

    I hope Santa makes everyone's dreams come true...and he brings a few new outfits!!!


  20. You guys all look great! Just think of how many years Santa has worn the same clothes... :)

  21. OMG, those are the best Santa pics ever, ahahhahaha, I laugh until I cry every time I see them. The first one with the triplets...Santa looks scared out of his mind!