Thursday, November 12, 2009

what's in you wednesday (with an edit at the end)

There are so many ways I could start off this post.


I could start off by writing about the awesome article I read in the December edition of Runner's World magazine about the truck driver, Jeff Clark, who discovered the statistic that the life expectancy of an over-the-road trucker that sleeps in his truck is 61-years-old. Instead of becoming another statistic, Jeff traded his life of eating cheeseburgers and drinking Mountain Dew for raisins and running. Thus far, he has shed 30 pounds, finished six marathons, and is encouraging other truckers to do the same.

Or ... I could start off by writing about another awesome article I read in the December edition of Runner's World magazine about two teenage boys, Phil Carlitz and Andrew Hudis, who organized a marathon in a remote province in Thailand to raise money and awareness for a group of refugees. The article goes on to say, "This past July, they traveled back to oversee the Rustic Pathways Tribe-to-Tribe Marathon. They had hoped for a few dozen runners, but 500 people—including people from Australia, Japan, England, and the United States—raced in the marathon, half, and 5-K. About $10,000 was raised for the orphanage. "In a country where a shirt costs 60 cents and you can eat for a quarter, that money goes pretty far," Hudis says. "We are putting 25 teenage refugees through high school." Just as important, the race raised awareness about the plight of the Karen people."


Or ... I could start off by writing that yesterday morning, I discovered a bag of Halloween candy that we had purchased but had never handed out because it had been lost in the back of my closet. Since it was early and my crazy mid-afternoon craving hadn't kicked in, I threw the bag out. But last night, I seriously contemplated digging the bag of candy out of the trash and eating one or two (but not more than 15 pieces) because I was feeling desperate and those little bite-sized Snickers are SO cute.

Since I've returned to work full time, I haven't been exercising at all as much as I had been. Add to my lethargy a dose of gluttony and since I've almost completely weaned Henry, my little fat vacuum has all but vanished. Suddenly, I've got a layer of insulation that wasn't there two months ago and cute wittle Snickers bites with a chaser of chocolate milk very well might help my depression.

But that's when I read the articles about Jeff and Phil and Andrew.


And that's when I remembered that if I don't put myself FIRST and make time for my exercise routine EVERY DAY, it isn't going to happen. See, I know that life gets busy and I could (and have) come up with a million good excuses not to workout. But I know that the more I exercise, the more compelled I am to take good care of myself. In contrast, the less I exercise, the more compelled I am to sit around and try to rationalize why it is perfectly acceptable to dig candy out of the trash.

So tomorrow morning, and every day for the next week, I'm going to get up and TRY to run for 30 minutes, before we eat breakfast. And next Friday, I'm going to go on a 3-Day sixty mile walk. And I'm doing these things because I want to be healthy and strong and do something good for humanity and be a positive influence for our children. And also, because I don't want to feel a roll of flab flop over my pants and worry that they'll split up the back when I bend over to tie my shoe.


Please do share. What are you doing to take care of yourself?


Edited Thursday morning: Do not make me call you out. Because I will. I know who you are. That's right, I'm looking at YOU...








Oh, look and look a MAN! Come on Jon, what are you doing to take care of yourself?

How's the running going?


  1. I started a yoga class, and it's the best thing I've ever done. Even without the long-term benefits, I leave each class feeling better than I did when I came in, and that's amazing.

  2. I'm doing a damn thing, like you WERE, I'm full of excuses and I sit on my ass and get even more depressed!! Maybe I should subscribe to Runner's World to get inspired!! I have the Ipod you sent full of songs but yeah...

  3. Great post! I have gone back and forth with working out since the girls were born 19 months ago. I have been struggling to get back into my pre baby shape, lean and thin. Putting it off, putting it off. Not anymore!
    I started the 30 day shred last week, and I add 2x a week running for 30 minutes. And add Weight watchers in there...I feel better about myself already. I think we so have to take care of ourselves, in order to take care of our family!

  4. yes candy out of the trash, done it. I'm not overweight or anything but love love love sweets. Thinking of doing a mini triatholon. Here's the thing, I have seen doctors over the years and just concluded that if I was a wild animal I would have gotten eaten. I can't run, I would like to, but I physically can't breathe, which is the same when it comes to swimming. tired inhalers and such nothing changed it. I keep thinking I can walk to 3 miles (I couls power walk no problem) bike riding, well its not my thing but it could be done, but I am very very scared of the swimming, I might panic I basically can breathe with the pressure of the water and really can only dog paddle, apparently I dont' tread water right either (who knew) but maybe on my back would work. Oh the craziness, first I have to find out if this benefits anything I hate to spend money if it won't be helping anyone but torturing me.

  5. Since my husband and I both work full time outside the house, running at 5 in the morning is the only way I've found to get regular exercise. The advantages are that I don't feel like I am losing time from the kids (twin boys who will turn 5 in January), and I only have to get ready for the day one time. I get up at 5 and am out of the house by 5:10 and home by 6 am.

    But, in order to make exercise a priority for both me and my husband, I've had to let other things slip. My house (smaller than yours) often has toys strewn all over the place, and it is generally cluttered. We keep up with the laundry by doing a load every day, and with the dishes and grocery shopping, but beyond that, our house is a free for all. Thanks goodness for a weekly cleaning lady.

    Keep it up. You'll feel much better once you start exercising regularly!

  6. BTW, could Henry be the culprit for the lost shoes? I discovered my older son's Nike's in the garage/diaper trash the other day. There is only one person in this house that would do something like that and he's almost two years old...

  7. Yikes!
    I did myself in yesterday by eating a whole sleeve of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies and four mini Hershey's dark chocolate bars and now my arthritis is killing me (that damn chocolate does it every time!)!
    I'm inspired, but unfortunately that's about as far as I've gotten. I hope to have better reports for you, soon!

  8. Take care of myself ... hm, US Weekly? Counts right? And *(shh, but ...) have considered eating cake out of the trash (did NOT but thought about it ...) so that part of your post made me laugh. Thanks for that ( :

  9. After my horrible disease left me in a wheelchair, I totally vowed to get off my ass and do something. And I've been walking without a cane or crutches for 11 days. :) Yay me!

    Once I can get further than 100 yards without feeling like I'm dying, I'm totally going back to running. I swear, with sitting around for two months and steroids, I'm completely out of shape.

    And I was an athlete! I could totally Ski to Sisualik (fish camp 11 miles away on the arctic ocean) and I doubt I can even buckle my skis without pooping out.

    Sigh...good luck. Run for those of us who wish they could, but can't quite do it yet.

  10. Oh, it's like that, huh? Well, about my current running status ... um ... uh ... er ... I had a hard time letting go of summer, slipped into a bit of a post-summer funk, and then caught a cold that I'm just getting over. Mom-in-law just got us a new family membership at the very-close-by-YMCA as an early Xmas present, so I'm planning to drag myself back into the gym sometime soon ... and to alternate weightlifting (more like weightstruggling) with some running. Dreading the discovery of just how much ground I've lost by taking weeks off ... but I'll just have to suck it up.

    Good luck with your own endeavors, and thanks again for calling me out in front of the entire Internet! ;)

  11. It was great talking to you guys on the phone the other night! Yay...finally!!! I promise to do the walk with you next year! That's what's in me today! I don't know how, but I'm doing it! I might need to invent a jogger-breastfeeding-Bjorn to carry baby William around! Or, come to think of it... maybe I'll just follow you guys in my minivan!

  12. Since I had my eye surgery, I have not been able to swim and so, I have not done anything. However, You have motivated me to get going and do S O M E T H I N G. (Beside play bridge.) I find I get a little testy when I do not take care of myself.

  13. Have you totally lost your mind??? You threw a bag of Snickers bars out??? Go get them out of the trash!!! :O

    ~Shocked ~Cindy! :O

  14. I bought the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders new workout video today. I think I will try that. I started the South Beach diet Monday. It is time to lose the baby weight! (since she is two)

  15. I cannot believe you threw away all that candy! And then found more that you'd missed...I'd call that a sign that you need some chocolate ;)

    Um, exercise...I chase and carry two active kids regularly. My arm strength has never been better.

    We don't have the glorious year-round summer that you have and I'm about to slip into my winter just-try-not-to-get-TOO-out-of-shape mode. In the spring I'll be happy to talk about exercise goals. Next year, both kids will be big enough to tow in the bike trailer and I'd love to do one day (75 miles) of the MS150 next August. Considering my bikes have never been as neglected as they were this summer when I delivered a baby and healed and slept whenever I could, it's definitely something to work toward.

  16. Anne - several of my friends just did the MS150 ride and they said it was awesome!! That is definitely a good goal to strive towards!

    Becca - isn't yoga the greatest? I loved it when I took a yoga class. Although I still do my video every so often, it's not nearly as gratifying as the actual class. Do you have a problem with your hands and feet sweating and slipping off the mat? That was the only problem I ever had...

    Denise: Crank up the tunage and just GET OUT. You'll feel so much better once you do.

    Karen, Crazy Mom & Lawyer, Finnskimo & Christina: I think you ought to join us on the 3-Day walk next year. Have you ever been to DC? Now's your chance!

    Leah & Maya: You can ABSOLUTELY do a sprint distance triathlon. I would suggest that you join a swim masters group to help improve your confidence in the pool. You'll get there - and before you know it - you'll be looking to purchase a wet suit!!

    Jon - you are going to LOVE the YMCA. At least we do. We have yet to find a YMCA branch that we don't totally dig. Good luck with that. You'll need to post a video of your Village People impersonation. It's kind of a rite of passage once you're a member.

    Kristen - you are a stronger woman than I. There is absolutely no way I would get up to go running at 5:00 AM. Unless, of course the house was on fire.

    Lorie - you know I'm fully expecting you to be there, right? And of course you can walk 60 miles with a baby strapped to your chest. It couldn't be any more difficult than passing kidney stones in a tent in the desert. Right?

  17. another mom and I try to walk for an hour 3x a week at a nearby park (usually with kids in tow). the 2yd old has taken an interest in yoga, so working on doing that with her at home more often. Otherwise--not so much gotten it together with the exercise plan for the winter--it's the cold, rainy season here, no nearby YMCA (which I hate) and the local fitness club won't let me bring my daughter to the pool unless we go as part of a paying swim class. (something about being too young....) Good for you though on motivating yourself back into action.

  18. My husband is a veteran of several MS150s. I've been on babysitting duty the last few years. I think I could get away for one day, though. (Not to mention, biking 75 miles two days in a row is a bit loftier of a goal than I'd like to set.)

  19. Ah... kidney stones... how I miss the college days! BTW, kidney stone pain does not even compare to childbirth pain! 60 miles - I'm still liking my minivan plan!

  20. We leave Thanksgiving day and fly to the great state of Florida. I am running (slowly jogging) the Space Coast marathon. My mom will be doing the half. Our entire family is going. My sister and her husband and two children, my parents, my grandmother, and my husband and daughter.


  21. A New Beginning:

    That sounds like so much FUN!!! Have a great time - and remember to drink at all the hydration stops!! :)

  22. Confession time, I've been sitting on my duff again. It's an easy habit to fall back into.

    But the weather is supposed to be beautiful - after this freak East Coast Nor' Easter - high 60s and Sunny tomorrow. So back to the park; back to the walking trails.

    I cannot wait to read about the 3-day. And despite a way tougher recovery than I expected, I am hoping to do the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon ( Included the website incase you find yourself looking for a shorter, east coast race, next fall . . .

    Thanks again for the inspiration for my first half marathon.


  23. I have introduced friends and family to your blog and I recently heard "She called you out on her blog!!" ...

    It's been over a week - we were busy taking our 3 to Disneyworld on Florida (much to my families dismay after reading your post about your recent experience!) But, it WAS the most magical place on earth ... although I'm now experiencing a TOTAL Mickey Hangover!

    So ... What's in me these days? After reading that you registered for a marathon and starting a friendship with a great mom-of-2that had completed multiple marathons, triathalons AND an ironaman triathalon ... I registered in March!! I completed the Chicago Marathon on the 11th of October in 4 hours and 22 minutes. And YOU inspired me to register ... THANK YOU!!!

    Since then, I've managed to get up at 5:30am before my husband gets up for work and run in the 37 degree Ohio weather about 3 times a week. Not bad, but not great either.

    My friend and I have been talking ... I need to register for another marathon ... IF I'm not going to go for baby #4 :)

    THANK YOU for inspiring me. And thanks for continuing to make me laugh. And, maybe kicking me in the butt enough to get a new post out on my blog ... which has been neglected since approximately May!