Monday, November 23, 2009

oh yeah baby

We did it!

We walked sixty miles in three days with almost 4,000 other people. As a group of walkers, we raised $9.5 million dollars for breast cancer research, education and treatment. Over the next few days, I hope to post a few of the 350 photographs I took during that time, but for now, I'll give you this...


This photo is actually of Terrell's feet. Charlie thinks that the pictures of my feet are "too scary" for my blog. So you can just imagine what my toes must look like. Especially when you consider the punishment they have taken since May.


If I don't post again until Christmas, please understand it's just because I couldn't find a long enough extension cord to get my foot spa to my computer.


  1. Way to go Jen and The More The Merrier Walkers for Knockers :) Inspiring. Awesome. Amazing!

  2. Jen you are a gem in more than one way! As a survivor I salute your efforts to raise money for research. God knows if the "recommendations" of the last few days are followed more and more women will be diagnosed at later stages. It terrifies me that if these recommendations are followed women like me WOULD have tumors so developed that there would be little hope for us.

    Hope you're feet recover soon and I'd be happy to donate a pedicure your way.

  3. Yea!!!! That's an amazing accomplishment. I bet your feet don't look THAT bad- but even if they do, it was worth it. Amazing job!

  4. AWESOME! Congratulations!!!! Get some pure lavender oil! It works great for bruises and such.
    I bet you like Epsom salts now:)

    You are my hero!

  5. Go you. I'm wishing you quick healing!

  6. Congratulations! What a great job you all did. Way To Go!!!!!!!!!

  7. WTG Jen and the entire More the Merrier Walkers for Knockers team!
    I was afraid you were not going to make it due to your recent health problems. I was going to encourage you not to go and take the chance of passing out, being carried away by an ambulance or just spreading your wonderful sick germs to others. I hoped you knew what you were doing so I kept my mouth shut. Another victory for the pink and more money towards research was achieved by a group of women who have proved they can accomplish anything they put their minds to do (well actually their feet did much of the work). Hip, hip, hurray!!


  8. I'm proud of you. Congratulations!

  9. Ouch!! AND YOU WANT TO DO THAT!! AGAIN?? Geez!

    Maybe we could all go to... Oh. I don't know. The Carribean? Sip Margarita's? for 3 days? Sounds/looks/taste a lot better to me!

    Congratulations! "Oh yeah baby" You guys are Awesome! So proud of all of you.
    Love, Marg.

  10. Congratulations Jen! But C'MON, if Finniskmo will post those pictures of her hands and feet, we are going to have to insist on it. Let us see your pain. LMAO!

    You go girl!

  11. I am so impressed with you. You MADE IT!!!!! Yay. :)

    Oh and the Epson Salts are to soak in. Pore them in a bath and soak. It helps, although I have no idea how.

  12. Congratulations!! I'm proud of you!!! I did the 3-Day in Dallas in 2005 and it was an incredible experience. And don't worry, your feet will be good as new in a month or so. :) Kidding! You rock!
    -Laurie Garrett

  13. WoW! Congratulations to all who walked for the cure. And, thanks for raising so much money.
    A Big thanks to Charlie for making it possible for you to go and do this.

  14. Way to go! That is absolutely awesome!

  15. Way to go! I thank you and my little girls thank you. Hopefully breast cancer will be a thing of the past when they grow up because of people like you helping to fund cancer research!

  16. You rock! God bless you!

    PS: Is that foot spa any good? My mom always complains of pain in her feet at the end of the day and I was wondering if these are any good?

  17. YAY! Way to go! Post a picture of your feet and I'll post one of my "Frodo" preggo feet! LOL! Oh, and my cankles, too!