Saturday, November 14, 2009

size matters

Our triplets were born at around the same birth weights.


But with time, they have grown at variable rates. For the first year, William was the largest in the trio, with his sisters always a few pounds less. But once the kids hit around two-years-old, Carolyn has shot up like a weed.

While we strive to make mostly home-cooked foods, with a lot of variety and we offer the children a little bit of everything that we are serving, the kids have totally different eating habits.

Elizabeth will eat anything, but in very small portions.

William is partial to yogurt. But he will also tolerate drinkable yogurt and frozen yogurt.

Carolyn loves carbohydrates. But not just any carbohydrates. Her forte is bread and cereal. She won't touch most vegetables and the only way she'll eat a potato is if I have it cooked as baked wedges.

A few weeks ago, when I woke up early for work, I happened to walk past the girls' room and noticed that there was a funny looking bump in their bed. When I pulled back the covers to investigate, I found Carolyn with a loaf of bread. She was hiding at the foot of her bed, under the quilt, eating the entire thing.

The heels, the crusts and everything in between.

I've written before that I've noticed Carolyn is outpacing her siblings in the growth department. Because where William and Elizabeth can both still wear size 4 clothing, Carolyn fits comfortably in a size 6/7. And sometimes, size 8. But considering Charlie comes from large stock, with one of his nieces measuring 6 feet 2 inches tall, I've always thought that our daughter was graced with tall genes.

During our annual appointment on Thursday, Elizabeth was 43 inches tall and 37 pounds. William was 44 inches tall and 39 pounds. Carolyn was 48 inches tall and 58 pounds. William and Elizabeth are both an average height for five-year-olds. Elizabeth is slightly below average for weight, William is right on target. Carolyn is completely off the charts for both height and weight.

Our pediatrician was surprised. Shocked, almost. He said that in all of his years, he hasn't seen that kind of variable size distribution across a set of multiples, who had all started out at approximately the same size.


To the general public, the triplets don't look like triplets anymore. While William and Elizabeth could possibly pass as twins, Carolyn looks like she is two or three years older.

This is starting to become a very delicate situation for me.

I've become hypersensitive to the way that I am treating the kids. For example, whenever I see the kids after a day away and they coming running towards me, I'll scoop Henry, William and Elizabeth - individually - and swing them around in the air. With Carolyn, I kneel down and embrace her in a tight hug and cover her cheeks in kisses. I wish I could still lift her up and swing her around. Sometimes, I still try. Even though it hurts.

I've become hypersensitive to her feelings. Because while the girls could once share clothes, they no longer can. As such, outfits that they would wear, interchangeably, that now only fit Elizabeth, is sometimes a point of contention. I've taken Carolyn on her own one-on-one shopping trips where we've bought all kinds of new clothes, just for her, but that doesn't stop her from wanting clothes that she once could wear and that her sister still does.

(Take THIS you little peanut!)

Sisterly Love

I've become hypersensitive to what she is eating. While I know that she is growing faster than her siblings, I know that she requires more fuel. But, this is a fine line - because I've also noticed that she is growing wider than taller and I'm slightly concerned about an eating disorder. So I'm limiting the bowls of cereals that she can have for breakfast - I'm reducing bread at dinner - and I'm trying to offer everyone more fresh fruit instead of crackers with lunch.

I've become hypersensitive to keeping the kids active everyday. Riding their bikes - going for walks - swimming - playing tennis - running around after a soccer ball in a huge field. I've tried to expose them to all the various events that Charlie and I participate in, so that they appreciate the world of sports and what it means to live a healthy life.

I've become hypersensitive to my own thoughts and actions. I strive to treat the children all the same and I don't like to talk about the size difference across the triplets when I'm in a group of people. But if it comes up, I will say that Carolyn is beautiful and she is blessed and lucky to be tall, because one day, she'll be able to reach items on the top shelf.


While I believe that each child is growing at their own HEALTHY pace, I don't want for my daughter to have a complex about her body. I know that most girls do at some point in their lives, I just don't want it to start when she's five.


  1. I think she is beautiful! They all are for that matter and children of God's design. He does not often use the cookie cutter method when making people, Individuals are more His style.
    If you are concerned about her need for carbs I would suggest a blood sugar test to see if she is processing them properly. It is probably nothing to more than their own individuality but it never hurts to check out your worries. I am diabetic myself and I know how quickly insulin levels can get unbalanced.

  2. I highly recommend that you read one or more of the books written by Ellyn Satter. She is a pediatric nutritionist who specializes in preventing eating disorders, and her advice is fantastic and very practical. I would start with "Child of Mine" -- I read this right when my twins were transitioning to table food and it has been an invaluable resource ever since. I think it's almost inevitable that food issues will arise -- given our country's ridiculous problem with obesity, fast food, and instant gratification, coupled with an impossible ideal of thinness, for women that is -- and Satter's goal is to help protect children from either extreme and to foster independence and confidence with respect to eating and body image. I think you would really love her philosophy. Good luck :)

  3. Gosh, they are so beautiful. I would try to get Gracie out on her bike and walking more also. Auntie has the same problem being bigger, and older than me. However, it has not hurt our relationship.

  4. Jackie - I agree, she is beautiful!! Thanks for the tip on the blood sugar test. Since she is so tall, the doctor didn't seem to think that there was anything to be alarmed about - but I'll run it by him.

    Anon - thanks for the book recommendation. I'm heading over to Amazon ... right ... now.

  5. MOM!!!

    You are SO going to get it.

    Auntie. Auntie?

    Are you there??

    Did you see what Tweedle Dee had to say?!

  6. Your girls are beautiful... It sounds like you are doing what you can and your children will grow and mature at their own pace...

  7. I am sure she is going to be tall:) She is nearly as tall as my 2nd grader. My kids all wish they were going to be as tall as their 6 foot tall aunt, I am 5'3".

  8. Wow on the timing of your post... I just went on a field trip with my 7th grade daughter and 3 classmates to UCSF to talk with some experts on eating disorders (this was as a followup to a book they read called "The Body Project"). One thing they showed us at the seminar was this youtube video.. let me see if the link works: If that link doesn't work, go you Youtube and search for Tri Delta Fat Talk week. My daughter has also always been off the charts for height (not for weight) ... at 12 years old now she's taller than me and I'm 5'6". So far she's usually enjoyed being the tallest kid in the class.

  9. Me again :) Just found out that Ellyn Satter has a website, too:

    I can't recommend her enough!

    ~ Leslie ("Anon" feels so lonely!!)

  10. Yikes! That's a tough one. I've usually always been on the overweight side while my sister has always been slender and that's been hard for me. I can't imagine how hard it would be for twins. It sounds like everything you are doing it great and supportive. Good luck.

  11. Having just gone through Gastric By-Pass Weigh Loss surgery this year... and a long long history of over eating ...not just the bad foods like chips and chocolate (Which are not my problem foods)but carbs and more carbs for me and I can relate to the loaf of bread in bed scenario. I have come to realize that my food addiction is more than just an addiction. It is also the way I was made. Inside of me felt diferent than what I consider a normal eating person feels. I now realize this with every fiber of my being because I can make normal choices now. I am not saying WLS is the only answer (Not by a long shot).
    I was always very active as a child VERY active and yet overweight. I was on diet pills from the age of 13, I was everything you've heard about the loss/gain syndrome and although I am no expert I know that my Mother had this same gene or default but she used it to obsess over her weight and was bulimic (Stuff and purge or stuffed and starved) and maintained a low weigh.
    I saw my nutrionist this week and told her the carb monster had reared it's ugly head the 1st time since surgery.She suggested that I have a serving fruit mid-morning and mid afternoon and that will (Should) cut the carb(Read BREAD) craving. I never had the healthy food balance in my life to see and replicate a balanced eating situation or history like you have at your home and I agree that speaking to the Dr. and seeing her height and weight bloom at the same time is encouraging.
    I was a giant kid in 6th grade 5'2" and 111 pounds and the biggest kid by far in my class. My parents poked and made fun of my weight and size and ultimately I never grew over 5'2" and was the shortest of the 3 sisters in my family. They honestly felt that shaming me into stop eating was the answer ... duh it was not. I don't blame them. I try not to blame anyone even me and am feeling very blessed at this point in my life that surgery was available to me and I am down 133#'s at 39 weeks out. I still have a lot to go but it's a huge accomplisment and it will be a battle to my dying day. Is it genetic? Yes, I think it is but it's lots more than that. Healthy is the goal. Healthy and fit, active and involved. Sorry I didn't mean to go on and on. You two are such great parents I can feel that through your blog. Keep doing what you're doing your children will prosper.
    XO Ruth

  12. Doesn't it just drive you crazy when you see all those magazines with photoshopped models all at eye level for little kids at the grocery stores? I just can't handle it--I see our ten year old daughter eyeing them and I just want to scream.

    We will have issues I think because our three daughters are different body types. I think it is harder to have your girls the same age though. You sound like you are doing a fantastic job!

  13. all three are beautiful, of course! as someone who had an eating disorder starting at age 11, and was hospitalized at age 14, I can tell you that you are so good to be ON IT, mama. many parents are really checked out...and as you know, an eating disorder really isn't about the food, anyway. i think sports are great ways to get a positive outlet for kids who might otherwise develop body issues- for tall girls, there is volleyball, swimming, rowing (especially)- and other sports that celebrate "tall girls."

    I think the messages parents send says a lot. I have made it a point to never discuss my weight in front of my child- never to say the word "diet"- and our kids don't watch any commercials or network tv. i know that's not always realistic- but just being there for kids is the most important thing.

    some girls mature very quickly and grow tall b/c of hormones in milk and dairy...but if you're drinking/eating organic or non-rsbt then that's probably not an issue...and it's probably not an issue anyway since both your girls eat/drink the same food and are different in size...

    hang in there. you're doing a great job!

  14. Hi Jen!
    I vote for moving to SC. (I am mostly a lurker, but commented one time because I discovered we have Wintrhop (and Phelps dorm) in common. We live in York. I've never lived anywhere else, but I know lots of people who have moved from the west coast, and can't believe how much house you can get here for the money. I teach preschool, and one of our families moved here from the California coast. They were able to buy a house outright here with the profits from the house they sold, and they were actually living off their profits and not even working for a while! Where in SC would you be located? Oh, and as for the traveling around the state, keep in mind how SMALL our state is. You can travel just about anywhere in the state in under 4 hours! Can't wait to hear what you decide!

    Your fellow Winthrop grad and triplet mom,

  15. You are so right Jen!

    ZING! LOL Nuthin' like sisters.


  16. I have 48" 5 y/old too. Her Dad is very tall and he taught me what to say to the daily comments, "Yes, she's tall and beautiful" or "Yes, she's just the right size". I hope that hearing this daily will help her feel OK with her height.

  17. Girlfriend, I have the same problem with my kids. My daughter is 5 1/2 and she is heavier than her 9 year old brother and she's only about 2 inches shorter. At her 5 year checkup she was off the charts too. Meanwhile her brother is barely ON the charts. HIS TWIN is about average for size. When they were 4 and she was 20 months, I was at McDonald's and someone asked me if they triplets. A few months after that I had my DD and one of the boys in a cart at the gorcery store and someone asked if they were twins.

    The best way to avoid body issues is not to say anything at all. AT ALL. If anyone comments, just politely re-direct them. As big as my DD is, I was BIGGER at the same age (I have my baby book to prove it)...but my dad is 6'6" so whaddya gonna do?

  18. P.S. Your pedi was wrong to comment the way he did. They are fraternal multiples - no more genetically similar than any other siblings. If they weren't the same age I can guarantee he wouldn't have noticed at all. The fact that they were born at the same time means nothing genetically.

  19. I think it is normal to be concerned, but I wouldn't lose TOO MUCH sleep over it. All of your children are beautiful! And I don't think that it's abnormal for Carolyn to miss wearing her old clothes... or rather that her being upset about it has to do with a developing body complex. My Nadi-B is the same age as your triplets and honestly, everytime we have to pass her clothes off to my niece she has fits! "I STILL WEAR THAT!!!!" And everytime my niece shows up in one of B's old outfits she gets all huffy. So it's possible that Carolyn's concerns simply have to do with her age and learning that sometimes, we just outgrow things and that's okay and normal.

  20. Your children are all beautiful individuals.

    That hiding food is habit is definitely a genetic trait. I seem to remember Noni hiding Hershey bars {The really big ones} in the freezer under the liver.

    Your Mom is in BIG trouble!

  21. They are all such peaches! But I have to say Carolyn Grace throws the best ideas/parties!!! ;-)

    She definately has my Mother and Aunt Carolyn (Martha Stewart wannabe's) in her blood! She's always ready for a birthday, Easter, Christmas - sometimes all within the same day!! :-) The best friend to everyone! My kinda girl indeed! (although I never did get that Easter basket - alas! I forgot to check under her Mother's bed...hmmm);-)

    Although I'm not sure of the accuracy; recently, I read some children who have certain cravings for specific foods actually have an allergy to dairy/wheat/gluton/etc. May be worth checking it out.

  22. Wow. It's like you read my mind. You HAVE NO IDEA. It is freaking me out.

    Sarah is also in a size 6/7. I spent the whole entire morning going through last year's winter clothes and saving just one of our matching sets for Amanda. I had to go out and buy all new jeans for Sarah 2 weeks ago. She is so much taller and bigger than the other two.

    Of course the whole thing freaks me out constantly because Greg has been overweight his entire life. I have often wondered why in the hell his mother let him get so big as a child, then he would tell me stories about stealing his father's change and riding his bike to the party store and buying junk food and shoving it in his mouth before anyone saw him.

    So, yeah, I am over here trying to balance out the fact two of my children have metabolisms like hummingbirds and two of my children are cavemen and are built to survive famines.

    I limit their servings, sizes, and snacks. Greg actually backs me up on it. We don't do it meanly or anything, but the fact is that they can't eat whatever they want and they have to learn that now or they will be plagued with a lifetime of being overweight.

    But it's so hard because the other two could eat all day long.

    Sigh. I feel your pain on this issue. This is going to be a problem for us, probably forever. Amanda is going to be the "perfect" girl and Sarah is going to be her "dumpy" sister and then I'm going to have to kill people.

  23. I just checked her BMI and she is only "at risk of becoming overweight". She is still only in the 92.7th percentile. You have to be in the 95th percentile to be "overweight". I know this because Austin was off the charts for awhile. The kids drink water with their meals. Milk and juice is a treat. When I cut out juice, Austin got right back into a better BMI. Just a thought on how to cut out a bunch of empty calories. Not that I freak out over this stuff or anything. Heh.

  24. Ohhh.... thanks for checking the BMI, Michele. I didn't even consider that - and it is reassuring that she isn't in the 95% percentile. I really believe that once she gets involved in sports - she is going to slim down and all of this will be a moot point.

    Re: the juice and milk > we do serve them a small cup of OJ every morning (fortified with calcium & vitamin D) and 1% milk with dinner - but the rest of the time they drink water. I'll fill up their little water bottles and they carry those things around all day.

    That's so interesting about the parallel between our girls. Seriously, the similarities are almost spooky.

  25. My three girls are all tall, the first two are in the 90% and my youngest (only 14 months) is 98%. I already have trouble with childcare workers with the youngest because they assume she is older and capable of more. But while I sometimes worry that one of them will be extra tall (DH has a female cousin over 6' tall) I worry more about my middle child who seems to have picked up my habit of eating to stave off boredom. This parenting thing is so stupid hard sometimes.

  26. That "peanut" picture and caption made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! Seriously! I needed that! Thanks!

  27. My eldest daughter (now 9 and a half) was always born the same weight and height as her sister but their growth has been very different. The older was always tall for her age and "well built" and always hungry. However, she started showing signs of puberty around the age of 6 1/2. I hot footed it to the doctor hoping to get the onset of puberty delayed but she told me it was pretty normal these days for little girls to be showing the first signs at 6 or 7 and for periods to start at 8 or 9. Thankfully, although she now needs a little crop top and is fully developed there has been no sign of the dreaded period just yet. However, it may be that your Carolyn is just one of those girls who is racing for an early puberty.

    My younger daughter, who is exactly your triplets age is much smaller and slighter and shows no sign of growing hips or hair, which the elder already was, even at this age.

    It is related to percentage of adult weight reached.

    we had a chat with the elder daughter about eating and exercise. at 5 the rules were simple - if you are hungry talk to mummy but you will be offered fruit (lots of variety) or veg and hommous or similar.No stealing food. We locked everything but fruit out of her way. We stopped having any shop bought bread in the house and bought a bread maker so we knew what was being eaten and got her active. She hated walking and cycling, in the end we bought a trampoline and that helped hugely.

    She is now tall but not excessively and no longer the pudgey one, and also, no longer the only one heading into puberty at school.

    Sorry it's such a long reply. My heads a fuzzy after a week in bed with the flu!

  28. Sorry my Bad English, I just hope that you understand a little what I'm meaning.
    You would not worry! I would love to have my children in "right" size. I have three boys (they are 10 and 7½ years old) who are too skinny. Your kids are so beautiful and there I come from, your daughter would be one of the cutest, I promise. I come from a quite poor country (Macedonia, Europe, So sorry my bad english again)
    I'm not so very poor myself so I can feed my boys, but in school there are a lot of children that haven't enough with money to lunch.
    So please don't worry, your children are so beautiful, all four.

  29. I wouldn't worry if one is taller than the others. God put them together -- dontcha think he can work out their growth patterns, tooh? They are not carbon copies, ya no... People grow differently! :)

    ~Cindy! :D

  30. I was always WHAT??Oh me oh my, my little sister was always prettier than I,curley hair etc, but thinner???NEVER EVER!!
    Gracie is just beautiful and so pleasent and happy. You are right to be concerned however, I am so proud of you to be on top of everything, I know you will take the recomendations of anonmous with her suggestions of the Ellyn Satter books. The care and attentions you two give to thoes children is just perfect, Gracie is such a lucky kid.

  31. They are all such beautiful children. That first photo of them as babies -- oh my gosh! So very sweet.

  32. To my mind, the most important thing you can do is make sure that all your kids know that you think they are awesome and beautiful no matter what they look like--and, here's the hard part--actually believe it, no matter what size they are naturally. Even if you are feeding your kids excellent, healthy food and keeping them active, there is still a chance that they will end up "overweight" (a dumb term, because over "whose" weight?).

    I say this as the daughter of a mom who, in the 1970s, did not allow Wonderbread or any other white bread product in the house, served vegetables at every single meal, insisted on organized physical activity for me and for us as a family, and still ended up with a fat daughter (me). The thing is that I probably would have stayed fat, but not THAT fat, if my parents hadn't been convinced to let me start dieting at the age of seven. Dieting? Screws up your metabolism, big time. Do it for 25 years and you can be almost guaranteed to end up not just fat but really fat, like me now.

    Whatever you do, don't diet in front of your kids and don't let them diet if you can help it. Continue to eat well, exercise, and do all those great things you do, but don't fall into the diet trap. See below:

  33. My aunt-in-law could have written this post. She has G/G/G fraternal triplets who are 13 years old. When they were infants, they looked much more alike (even to their parents!) than my identical twins ever did. Now, the triplets don't look like they're siblings, much less the same age.

    Recently, one of them was diagnosed with diabetes, and since starting treatment, she has shot up so she looks about a year younger than her sisters, rather than 4-5 years younger.

    She is beautiful. We all come in different sizes, and I've come to not only accept, but enjoy my own tiny stature. My identical daughters have completely different builds. One is built like a gymnast, the other like a soccer player. I hope that I can raise them to be as confident and secure as your kids.

  34. Watch out for the hiding of the food! As a child I was always tall and was heavier than all the other girls (and boys) my age. My mom never said a word about my weight, always talked about being healthy and made sure I had choices of healthy foods, but I would still stash boxes of crackers in my dresser drawers, popcorn under my bed and a bag of rolls in my closet. I had major issues with weight and struggled for a long time (and still do) with my cravings for carbs. I always wanted too much of a good thing. As soon as no one was watching I was sneaking food from the kitchen. I played volleyball and rode my bike everywhere as a kid and was VERY active, but I was still overweight. The food hiding would be the most worrisome thing to me becasue if she's already hiding it from you, she may already feel like there is something wrong with her. And as one of the previous comments to her doctor, especially if diabetes runs in your family, to see if you can get her blood sugar tested. to at least rule that out.

  35. She is beautiful and that is the only thing you need to communicate to her. Maybe it is time to stop with the dressing alike and encourage her to find her own style. It is going to be very hard but you must not communicate any type of concern to her. How about tennis lessons just for her? Make her feel special because she is taller and older looking. Offer healthy foods but just as you occasionally pig out on sweets, have a low cal day and let her have an extra bowl of cereal or small chunk of bread as a treat. Serve salad and a chunk of bread once in awhile. I just think this is a slippery slope and your concerns will get transmitted to her as "something is wrong with you and you need to be fixed". Please accept this from one who has been there.

  36. Great post and i love the punch shot. THey're all so very cute! Just wanted to stop by to say hello too! :)

  37. Her and my daughter can do the twin thing. Maybe I'll send her an atikluk, just for her...for being so TALL! haha.

    Kaisa is off the charts too. Completely a head taller than everyone in her class and she is one of the youngest ones in there.

    The only thing I'd suggest, is to make sure you still treat her like a 5 year old. Because Kaisa is a singleton and so much taller and outspoken than most, she gets treated like an older child. People always forget that she's JUST six and acts like a six year old. Yes, she can read third grade chapter books and gets 110% on her 2nd grade spelling tests (I mean, can YOU spell COMPANION?!), but she's still only six. That's a mistake I see people doing a lot with her. So...make sure you treat her like she's FIVE!

    As for the others...they'll have a great person to "look up" to! :)

    And come get to buy clothes for her, and then hand them down to the sibling!? Two for the price of one! haha.

  38. that's tough. sending positive and healthy vibes your way. all three are beautiful (adorable) and precious. i've watched both of my younger siblings struggle with this. it's so hard to watch my parents try to cope with all of the delicacies of knowing your kids aren't ever going to be bean poles but also trying to balance what could become out of control. i can't even imagine it being my kids.

    good luck with everything. they really are beautiful...

  39. I have to pass along our triplets info as I think your family is more common than you or your Dr. might think. I have a girlfriend with triplets where her daughter is the tallest (by 3-4 inches) and the 2 boys the smallest. I am happy to report that our 6 year old triplets: two boys are the same height and weight (within ounces) and our daughter is about 3-4 inches shorter in height and about 5 or 6 pounds in weight. Our boys were born with 2 inches between them and quickly became a matched pair with two different body styles. Like I said before I am just thankful my boys are the same height.Who wants to be the odd man out. Thanks for sharing your concern. Not sure what to tell you about the weight difference and how to handle it. They are 3 individuals. Good luck.

  40. I had never noticed that the size difference was so big until this post! In our family, my 5-yo is "average" at 44 inches and 44 lbs but my niece got the tall genes. She's 6 weeks younger than my son and she's 48 inches tall and over 50 lbs-bigger than my 7-year old! We aren't small people either (I'm 5'10" and husband is 6'3") but the genes just seem to have a mind of their own. My girls are shrimps (not even 30 lbs and barely 36 inches at 3,5 years old.) I'm a firm believer that if they are eating good, healthy foods (and barring any medical conditions) they'll grow just the way they are supposed to grow. And you never know, the shorter ones may sprout up and catch up later!

  41. I read this the other day and didn’t have time to comment.

    I came back to comment because……..I know something about being Tall and I wanted to give you a “TALL” point of view.

    As you know, I grew very quickly and out grew my older sisters…Both of them pretty fast.

    I was never made to feel awkward about this…..My height was celebrated. I was told so often by both my parents how striking my height was. How striking I was.

    If some one points out how “Big” Gracie is((and I cringe using the word BIG….. NEVER, EVER, EVER use big……It is just that bad.))

    Simply say…….Isn’t she striking, she is so tall……I love that about her…..I remember my parents doing that with me ~ I have never wished I was shorter...maybe this is why.

    Keep in mind Tall is good ~ Gracie can do more then just reach the highest shelf. Shoes will look better. Skirts will hang better on her…… Tall woman look faboulus in a Gowns...…Her clothing is not limited ~ For the most part she can wear anything she wants. She can go short and show off her long legs or go long ~ It all works…...

    Gracie will stand out in a crowd, people will be drawn to her first because of her height, then her pretty face but the thing that will keep them there is her beautiful, loving, warm, kind personality.…

    She is a triplet YES but her height makes her different from the other two….She is striking.

    Just my humble but Tall opinion.

    The bread hidden under the blankets……When I read this I thought three things.

    1.) She is missing something….. ((I hate to do this to you but maybe she misses you…..I know… I’m sorry…Your thinking how much more can I do???))

    2.) She is trying to take some control…….You know what they say….A parent canNOT control the Table or the POTTY.

    3.) Why isn’t she hiding Chocolate under the bed like her name sake??? Now that we would all understand.

    Hope this helps...They are all beautiful and wonderful.

    Love ya! and I hope you feel better!!!! You have a walk to do.

  42. Arggghhhh I have one that is 11 lbs heavier/3 inches taller than the other two and my prob is with "strangers". i.e. "Are they twins?" "no, triplets"..."But that one is so much bigger than the other two!" "duh!!! but if you were born at the same time as your siblings you woudn't be the same size either!"....I hate the comparisons. And if you withhold food, it will make them sneak it. Oh, I could go on and on.....I feel ya, girl!