Monday, October 26, 2009

yowzer, is there a dermatologist in the house?

The world is big, but the web makes it small.

Not long ago, I crossed paths with a woman named Maija who lives in Alaska, just north of the Arctic Circle. If not for the internet, I would never know of this woman, nor she of I. Maija's existence up there in the great white north is so different than my own, that I love to read her blog and get a glimpse in to the rugged life that she lives.

Yesterday, Maija posted about a serious health condition that she is facing. I could stay up all night Googling "blisters, oozing, painful skin rash" and come up with several diagnoses that would probably all be incorrect. Or, I could just link to her blog with the plea that if anyone who has any medical training (or has experienced something similar themself) has the slightest idea of what might be ailing this woman - and what she can do to get some relief - that they please step forward and lend their advice.

Bonus points if you live close enough that you can drop in and bring her dinner.

Here's a link to her most recent blog entry. Brace yourself.

A huge amount of thanks in advance for any advice offered.


  1. Ow. I wouldn't even know where to begin to help, other than prayers. I can do that!

    Praying for a quick diagnosis and healing right now...

  2. It looks to me like this gal has a seious staph infection. I hope she finds some help soon.

  3. i read her blog too, and pray that she finds a solution soon.. poor lady is having a rough time of it.


  4. DUDE, YOU TOTALLY BLOGGED ABOUT ME! ok, so i am typing with one finger, but i am still typing right? thanks. you forgot to mention that i will tottaly (if i ever have use of my hands again) make someone who is correct a sealskin/beaver hat, or slippers, or whatever else i can if it helps! haha...thanks again, i shoulda stuck with all caps cause this incorrect way is driving me nutso!